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recap:rocky entry.om felt jealous.guari is happy to see jealousy omkara.

Let’s begin….
rudra come out off kitchen with pan&eggs.He came near shivikavya and said see now .
To see rudra with pan and eggs all other oberoi’s also shock.
slowly rudra came near om and speakin sweet.But om is still seeing gouri&rocky.
ru:O , just put your hands forward once.

om in that position only put his hands forward and rudra placed pan slowly.
guari is looking om & talke my talking sweetly with rocky.rudra brake eggs and put raw on pan.
all family members are shocked by seeing the happend thing infront of their eyes.Because it became omlette.
ru:now u belive my words om is burning in jelous like hell.
p:oh my mataa. if we can’t take him away.He will burn this rocky now only
on the other side.
gu:ohh rocky u became so handsome.I love ur long hair.

om(thinking):I have better hair than his.
ro:thank u honey.
gu:and ur cheeks also very bubbly.(with that she touches rocky cheeks)
ro:really guari u know in our chidhood when u like my cheeks u give one gift to me.
gu:really I didn’t remembered what is that.
ro:if I say will u give me .
gu:yes I will give u.

ro:one kiss on my cheek .will u give me that.
guari and om both r shocked at a time.But guari saw om’s reaction .
gu(thinking):if I will give kiss to rocky om felt more jelous and open up.
gu:sure rocky.
she gave a kiss on rocky’s cheek and turned to see om’s reaction.rocky also kiss guari on cheek.
om is burning in jelous very much.
p:ok enough of talks.lets go and sleep all .today here only.
all went their rooms to sleep.

In Morning:
all are gathered in hall to talk about shivika & ruvya’s engagement.But two are still didn’t came.
that our cute couple rikara.om is thinking in his room about how to propose guari.
guari is thinking how to tell om about her feelings.
with that thoughts both r came out of room same time.when om & guari coming down from steps.
suddenly guari slipped.But she land on safe hands.(yes it was our omkara. who caught her at right time.)

They share a very cute look.all others saw this and felt very happy.
shivaay & rudra cough intentionally.they come out of their look and felt embarrased.
later all came & sit for breakfast.om thought to sit with guari but mean time rocky occupy that place.
om(thinking):If I will get a chance I will bang these rocky face like in thoughts also he will never dare to think about my guari.
om went & sit in other place.
gu:good morning rocky.
om:she didn’t said good morning to me once also.
ro:good morning honey.(with that he touch guari hand)
om is felt very much angry.guari saw rocky’s hand.

gu:rocky what happend to ur hand.
ro:In morning when I amtrying to cut apple I got cut.
gu:then how u eat breakfast.wait I will feed u.
ro:ohhhh thank u.guari starts to feed rocky.
seeing this om can’t able to control and stand and walk towards guari.
but guari didn’t see him.she is feeding rocky without any other thoughts.
suddenly guari felt a hand on her and turned to see and stand.
But with om’s action guari felt shock.
all other’s also drop their jaws.

precap:what om did.???

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    Prani really i loved this to the core?????How much omkara was burning in jealousy??????egg turned into omlette?????????Really its very interesting to read ur story prani….what om did????i am eager to know…..plsssssss update sooonnnn?????

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