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Secondly, please don’t hype over the AWASTHI’S, you barely know who they are. Just relax and let me unveil the story and if it would have been possible to continue the story without them, then I wouldn’t have introduced them at the first place. Be patient and I ensure you guys you won’t be disappointed. Chillofy peeps and keep reading.


A seven star hotel,

An elite restaurant,

Maybe even a private beach,

Could have been expected at the most,

But this!

An absolute


The words were ringing in trio’s mind who were escorted by Shivaay to the place of their dinner.



Were the words inscribed. Shivaay looked at trio’s bewildered faces with an ear to ear smile.

Shivaay: How’s it?

All turned to him with their wide eyes while he just chuckled.

Anika still being enchanted in the breath taking beauty of cruise: What’s this?

Shivaay chuckles: Well, today is it’s inauguration ceremony, so I thought why not you, my lady does the honours for me.

He said in English Accent bowing a little for more of dramatic effect.

Anika slaps his forearm playfully and smiles widely.

Sukanya: Papa, you are so sweet. You named it on Atharv’s and my name.

Shivaay smiles and moves his hand over hair: Let’s go now.

As they approach the cruise few men and women wearing formals approach them.

Manager John: Good evening, Shivaay sir.

Shivaay: Good evening, John. Are we ready.

John: Yes sir. Good evening ma’am and sir.

He greets Anika, Atharv and Sukanya who respond back with a smile.

Shivaay leads the family towards the main entrance and his staff follows close behind. They are presented with bouquets as they reach the entrance, that has been decorated authentically for the inauguration ceremony.

Shivaay forwards the pair of scissors to Anika, who takes from him and cuts the ribbon and the entire crowd cheers and claps loudly.

All of them enjoy their dinner in a private cabin enjoying the view outside. After dinner Shivaay forwards his hand for Anika who is surprised and looks at him confused.

Anika: Shivaay????

Shivaay: Come on Anika just come. Please.

Anika nods and takes his hand while Sukanya and Atharv follow closely behind the duo. Shivaay escorts them to the dock where only few people are present and all of them are already pre-occupied in their own work. A music band is playing slow music.

Shivaay forwards his hand for Anika: May I have pleasure of dance with you my lady.

Anika chuckles and nods while Sukanya and Atharv clap for the duo who chuckle seeing the kids excited.

Shivaay nods at the musicians and they nod back changing the song and a singer comes forward and starts singing in melodious voice.

Shivaay pulls Anika towards himself and places his one hand on her waist while the other is entangled with her hands. While song starts playing.


If I told you this was only gonna hurt
If I warned you that the fire’s gonna burn
Would you walk in?
Would you let me do it first?
Do it all in the name of love

Shivaay locks his eyes with Anika, as the surroundings become numb for the duo. It’s just them and as if every single word of the song is a promise they are making to each other.

Would you let me lead you even when you’re blind?
In the darkness, in the middle of the night
In the silence, when there’s no one by your side
Would you call in the name of love?
In the name of love, name of love
In the name of love, name of love
In the name of…

Shivaay picks Anika up while she places both her hands on his shoulder and he twirls with her in his arms. He slowly places her down, while she turns and his hands snake around her stomach and pull her closer. Then he twirls her around till she again faces him and with the rise in beat the twist and twirl with each other keeping their eyes locked.

If I told you we could bathe in all the lights
Would you rise up, come and meet me in the sky?
Would you trust me when you’re jumping from the heights?
Would you fall in the name of love?
When there’s madness, when there’s poison in your head
When the sadness leaves you broken in your bed
I will hold you in the depths of your despair
And it’s all in the name of love
In the name of love, name of love
In the name of love, name of love
In the name of…

Shivaay encages Anika in his arms and she flows with the music and taps her feat along with it.

I wanna testify
Scream in the holy light
You bring me back to life
And it’s all in the name of love
I wanna testify
Scream in the holy light
You bring me back to life
And it’s all in the name of love
In the name of love, name of love
In the name of love, name of love
In the name of…

The song comes to an end with both of their eyes still locked and looking into depths of each other’s eye deciphering only LOVE.

Anika bends towards Shivaay’s ear and murmurs: Only for you.

Shivaay closes his eyes as he feels her words before they part away on hearing everyone clap for them. They smile back at the applauders.

Atharv: Wooh!!! Love is in the air Suk.

He winks at her and she chuckles giving him hi-fi.

Sukanya: Not only love bhai, romance is also at high tonight.

Both Anika and Shivaay twist their ears to stop the duo from continuing the teasing session.

Atharv: Mumma papa you can’t change the truth by pulling our ears.

Sukanya: Bhai is right.

Anika playfully slapping the duo: Accha ji. Now you will tease us.

Sukanya winking at her: Any doubts mumma.

Anika looks at her wide eyed: You wait till we reach home then I will show you.

Sukanya makes an oops expression.

Shivaay laughs seeing her: Acha let it be. Now tell me what do you guys want to have.

Sukanya without another thought: Chocolate ice-cream.

All chuckle seeing her excietment.

Shivaay: I saw knew it. That’s why I had got you the largest ice-cream here.

Sukanya melodramatically: You are my soul love papa. I love you soooooooooooooo much.

Atharv: Bhena you love him or chocolate ice-cream.

Sukanya thoughtfully: Chocolate ice-cream.

All laugh out seeing Shivaay’s puppy face put all knew the right answer anyways.

They walk to the ice cream parlour but before they could enter Shivaay bangs into someone.

Shivaay: I am sorry.

Man: I am sorry.

Both look at each other and they face turn into pure look of astonishment.

Man with trances of recognition: Shivaay.

Shivaay with excitement in his voice: Awasthi sir.

Armaan Awasthi with pride held in his eyes: Oh my God! It’s the finest day today. Shivaay, how are you my young man?

Shivaay chuckles and nods: I am great. How are you sir?

Armaan: Oh so much wonderful after seeing you son.

He spreads his arms for Shivaay who happily hugs him. While the spectators continue seeing them with confusion. Armaan turns towards the ones with whom Shivaay is and looks at him questioningly.

Shivaay with wide smile on his face: Sir, this my family. This is my wife Anika.

Anika who was looking intensely at the man joins her hands and murmurs “NAMASTE”, Armaan looked at her with complete adoration but an inside of him stirred seeing her as if he felt a deep rooted connection towards her. As she bows down to touch his feet he stops her.

Armaan: No my dear. Daughters don’t touch feet.

He places his hand over her head and blesses her: Stay happy always.

She nods as her eyes water up and so does his.

Shivaay pointing at Sukanya and Atharv: And these are my kids Atharv and Sukanya.

Atharv bows and takes blessings from Armaan by touching his feet but Armaan hugs him.

Armaan: You look so kuch like your father, Atharv. Stay blessed.

Sukanya joins her hands: Namaste, sir.

Armaan takes her in side hug: Oh my dear. You are so beautiful.

Sukanya: Thank you, sir.

Armaan: Oh don’t call me sir. It’s too boring.

Sukanya nods and all of them chuckle.

Shivaay: Anika, this is Awasthi sir. He use to teach me business studies, when I studied in Harvard’s. He has been my favourite professor ever since. Well not only mine even Abeer and Nitya or I shall say entire class loved him the most.

Armaan chuckles: Stop being maska factory Shivaay and come on I need you to meet the rest. They will burst with happiness seeing you.

Shivaay nods while the rest look on being confused. They walk in the ice-cream parlour and follow Armaan upto a table.

Damini: Who the hell takes so much time Armaan?

Armaan chuckles and walks aside giving his family full view of Shivaay who is giving them an ear to ear smile.

Even before Shivaay could walk upto Damini two arms are thrown around him as Pankhuri takes him in a bone crushing hug.

Pankhuri: Shivaay bhaiya….

Shivaay on realising that it’s Pankhuri hugs her back and calls her being surprised: Chutki????

Pankhuri release from hug and nods but soon Shivaay is again engulfed in a bone crushing hug but this time by Vatsalya.

Vatsalya: Shiv bhai….. You here? How are you? I missed you so much.

Shivaay chuckles hearing him and pats his cheeks: I am fine chotte. And I missed you too. How are you doing?

Vatsalya smiling widely at him: I am feeling the best now.

Shivaay finally walks upto Damini and touches her feet and she blesses him by placing her hand on his head: God bless you.

Shivaay hugs her on standing up while she reciprocates it back.

Shivaay: How are you ma?

Damini: Mai bohaat achi hun, tun bata kaiasa hai?

Shivaay: Bohaat badia hun mai, ma.

Damini kisses Shivaay’s forehead.

Armaan: Ary bhai, sara pyaar apne beta ko hi dikha dongi, vo akela nahi hai yahan.

Damini looks at him being confused and Shivaay chuckles. Armaan flexes his hand towards Shivaay’s family and Damini looks at Shivaay who nods his head.

Shivaay: Ma, this is my wife Anika and my kids Atharv and Sukanya. (now talking to Anika) Anika this is my ma, (pointing towards Vatsalaya and Pankhuri respectively) that’s Vatsalay and Pankhuri.

Anika nods and takes blessings from Damini who gets emotional seeing her and hugs her controlling her tears. Following her Atharv and Sukanya to greet Damini.

Shivaay: But will somebody tell me what is chuttki doing here?

Vatsalya smiling sheepishly places his arm around Pankhuri: She isn’t just Pankhuri she has become Mrs. Pankhuri Deshmukh Awasthi now.

Shivaay pulling Pankhuri towards himself: Chuttki did this man force you to marry him?

Pankhuri chuckles, while Vatsalya makes a puppy face: No bhai….

Shivaay ruffling Vatsalaya’s hair : I am so happy for you two.

Both hug Shivaay who reciprocates to them lovingly.

Pankhuri forwarding her hand towards Anika: Hye Bhabhi, I am Pankhuri your husband’s youngest sister.

Anika smiles and shakes hand: It’s really nice to meet you Pankhuri.

Pankhuri: You can call me chuttki like bhai does or maybe Pankh. I know Pankhuri is too long.

Anika chuckles and nods.

Pankhuri: Bhaiya, Bhabhi is so sweet and your kids are so cute.

Shivaay dramatically rubbing his forehead: Only if you know.

This receives him two smacks one from Anika and other from Pankhuri who both chuckle at the synchrony.

Vatsalya: Anika ji, I won’t call you Bhabhi, but please be my du because my wife has already stolen my bhaiya.

All chuckle seeing his melodrama and Anika nods.

Anika: Why not Vatsalay, I will be your sister, let’s see then how Shivaay teases either of us.

Vatsalaya nods and hugs her: So nice to finally have you di.

Anika nods and hugs him back as the nostalgia was at high for her today.

Shivaay sarcastically: Ye sahi hai tera chotte meri hi biwi ko mere khilaaf kar raha hai.

Vatsalaya: Abhi toh apke bacche baki hain, bhaiay. Dekhte jao Vatsalaya apna charm kaise chalta hai.

All laugh seeing him bow down in his own self praise.

Vatsalya: Hye! Kiddos.

Atharv and Sukanya smilingly: Hello!!!

Vatsalaya: You can call me chachu btw.

Sukanya: We already have many chachus why not try something new.

Vatsalaya: Okay…. Call me whatever you want then I don’t mind.

Pankhuri: Call him maindak and he can only mind if he has mind.

She shows him tongue while he scrunched his face.

Vatsalaya: Look who is talking Miss. Panda.

Damini: Stop it both of you, don’t start all over again. Let’s sit and talk it has been so long.

All nod and settle down.

Armaan: So are you in contact with Abeer and Nitya, Shivaay.

Shivaay nods: Yes, sir. Abeer is presently heading THE MALHOTRA INDUSTRIES and Nitya is travelling and biking. She has almost ditched the law.

Armaan who has been listening to him nods his head in affirmation.

Vatsalya: What about the love birds, bhai.

Shivaay laughs hearing his excitement: Well, they are married for around some 18 years now and have a 15 years old son his name is Manik.

Pankhuri: WOW!!! They were the cutest couple in the university. I so wanted then to be together forever and they are.

Shivaay nods in agreement.

Vatsalya: You know di, (he addresses to Anika, who snaps towards him feeling the word to be so right as if it was meant for her only and nods for him to continue) Abeer bhai and Meher Bhabhi use to be together almost all the time even though they were in different years. Abeer bhai use to skip his classes only to be with Meher Bhabhi and we use to tease her calling her Bhabhi since those days and Abeer bhai use to blush hearing it more then Meher Bhabhi.

All laugh the night out like wise refreshing the memories of past and making few for the present. They part their ways only on the note of catching up soon.



Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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