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Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mariam has done her duties towards her brother Jibraan. Jibraan starts believing Mariam, that Mariam saved his life. He becomes Mariam’s friend after she shows her genuine concern for him. He realizes she is good hearted and asks her to become his friend, by forgetting all the past. Mariam agrees to her and wants some relief. Jibraan and Mariam play together and laugh. Aayat wants Mariam to be away from Jibraan. Jibraan and Mariam share their sorrows. He says you can play, run and jump, but I can’t do anything, I feel bad that I can’t even walk properly. He realizes that Aayat always punishes Mariam without any reasons. He promises Mariam that he will explain Aayat that Mariam saved his life and always helps him.

Savitri Devi:
Sanchi and Veer try to unlock the mystery of the locked room. A spirit haunts people to kill them. Whoever enters the room gets killed by the evil spirit. Sanchi and Veer don’t realize that the mishaps are happening because of the spirit. They consider it as accidental deaths. Sanchi soon begins to realize about the spirit, who is much powerful and leaves people hypnotized. Veer and Sanchi share a cute moment, while the evil spirit watches them. The spirit Naintara will has come back to seek revenge. She scares people by her deadly intentions. She has tolerated much injustice during her life and wants to ruin others’ lives now.

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