En kadhale (My love) episode 7

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The episode starts with someone takes the photo of their kiss. Sania didn’t speak anything. Rahul distance from her and thinks Wat happened to me why I did like that, oh no y did I do, Rahul u shouldn’t done this. He scolds himself. Sania asks why did u kiss me.she starts to scold him. He says sorry. Naina comes and says thanks Rahul and calls Sania. Sania something murmurs, naina can’t understand, she ask Sania not to speak and goes with her. Rahul thinks Wat will happen if Sania says this to Naina. Arjun comes and asks Rahul wat happen. Rahul says Arjun……..
Rahul : Arjun. ..

Arjun : Wat da tell?
Rahul : u shouldn’t scold me.
Arjun : Hmm ok ok.
Rahul : I have kissed.
Arjun in a happy and curious:u kissed.
Rahul : I kissed Sania da Machi.
Arjun : Wat don’t u have sense if Sania says this to Naina means my image will go.
Rahul : Dei I don’t know Wat happens to me.
Arjun : Dei now Wat u will do. Hmm ok leave it don’t think about this. This matter only knows to u, me, Sania.
Rahul : I think.

Next day, photos were send to every student. All girls get angry. Everyone speaks about this. Arjun and Rahul comes to the college. Every one sees them weird. Sid comes and tells to rahul u kissed Sania. See this. He shows the photo. Rahul sees that and keeps his hand on his head and
Rahul : Wats this, who took this photo, if Sania sees this means.
Arjun : Rahul do u have any idea who took this,
Rahul : no.

Naina says to Sania Rahul only controlled u .Sania says I need to tell thank u to him. They two comes to college. All girls see her in a angry mood and gossips. Sania doesn’t understand it and she also doesn’t bother about it. She goes to see Rahul. Rahul sees Sania coming to him. He think Oh Sania she really going to scold me. Sania comes to rahul. Rahul feels nervous.
Sania : thanks Rahul
Rahul in a shock:for y
Sania : yesterday u have saved me.
Rahul : Oh
Sania smiles:bye.
Rahul : ok bye.

Rahul thinks Sania yet doesn’t know about that. Arjun says thank god. Rahul says she will confirmly know about it.
Arjun : Dei u r only thinking about you but also u need to think about her. U r a boy but she is a girl. Everyone will tell wrong about her not u.
Rahul thinks and say:Dei I don’t know what to do, she is happy that I controlled her but she doesn’t know that I kissed her.

Rahul worries for her. In Sania’s class, Aisha says Sania super u done a great job, u didn’t say to me.i am very angry on u .

Sania : Wat I didn’t tell
Aisha:u and Rahul are in a relationship. I thought yesterday itself because when anyone can’t control, he controlled u .
Aisha shows the photo to Sania and Naina.
Sania : Naina Wats this, I can’t believe this.
Naina : Wat did Rahul thinking in mind, is he a big……Some bad words will come in my mouth. I will ask him how can he do like this and will give a tight slap.
Sania cries and says:no need Naina this is all my mistake, I only asked a interesting moment in life and I drank and everything is happend. He doesn’t do anything. This is all my mistake. I only need to say sorry to him because of me, his image was damaged.
Naina says Sania don’t if u cried means I too will cry.
Sania : Naina don’t cry. I won’t cry.

Sania wipes her face. But she can’t control her crying. Naina says Sania I won’t leave that Rahul. Sania says Naina no I am telling know he doesn’t do any mistake.

Teacher comes inside and takes lesson . Sania thinks about that incident. Mam scolds her for not listening.

At evening,
Rahul thinks yet Sania doesn’t know about it aa.
Sania comes but she doesn’t see him.
A girl calls him and says :hey u need Rahul aa Wat did u do to him, any magic. Teach that to us. U only kissed him or u slept with him. Naina becomes angry but Sania catches her hand. Rahul hears this and becomes angry and goes to them:hello can’t u shut ur mouth, the girls like u only will like that not Sania and u don’t have rights to say anything about Sania.
Sania goes from there.


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By Sandy.

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