You are Mine Ch. 5

today was annual day…I and Aisha worked together for the whole day.. working with her made me happy. .Aisha is really cute!!!! whenever she looked at me I lost in her eyes…masha Allah. I falling for her??? can I Zayn Mansuri can fall for a girl like Aisha? she is not my type…

“hey Zayn come out of the dreamy world now” I heared her

“I….I am sorry. ..I ….was” I stammered

“its okey. ..boss called us”

I just nodded at her and followed her..her white long top and a navy blue hijab…she waa looking beautiful in that dress..

We went to sasi’s cabin..

“Let me show the photos guys” sasi said…oh I forgot to mentionabout sasi’s age, he is only 32 and he is a nice person.he always talks to everyone with respect especially Aisha.

We show him all the photos we clicked. .

“Sasi, we will work in my home that oke with u? I asked

“Sure, man…”

We went to parking area..Nivin was there..

“When did u come Nivi?” Aisha was happy seeing him

“Just now…Joseph took my bike for picking up his sister from railway station” Nivin said.he didn’t bother to look at me once! !!

“Okey…Nivin meet my co worker zayn ” Aisha introduced me to him

“Hai I am Nivin ,Aisha’s best friend” we shook our hands

We bide by..I went to take my bike. .I was holding my camera in my hand..I looked at Aisha once again. She was laughing in Nivin’s joke.

I should go otherwise I will fall for her.. my inner voice said;

‘You already fell for her Zayn’

‘No, I am not’

‘Admit it’

‘Shut up’

I drove my bike to my appartment. I texted Aisha to meet me tomorrow.instantly I got her reply okey


Aisha’s pov

The day when Zayn’s car hit me I thought he is a trouble maker that’s why I said Nivin to leave it and when I saw him in my office I was surprised but I didn’t show it..he just said hello and stared at me till I leave sasi’s cabin…I felt awekard…I thought he is a flirt..when he called me at night I mean he called to Nivin’s phone I thought he has some manners with his attitude…today we worked together for whole a day my every thoughts about him vanished…yeah he is an attitude boy but he is not bad.he didn’t talked like other boys always used to talk with guys and he didn’t try to touch me..tomorrow I have to meet course it will be an official meeting.

My birthday is in a week.I told Nivi to don’t make any plan this year..previous year Nivi and my 10 year old little brother Ashin made a plan to surprise me.they both decorated my room at midnight. .they insissted me to sleep in my sister Ashna’s room.

And they wake me up 12’O clock..and we celebrated my birthday. .we all slept in one room..when ammi came to wake us up my room was all messed up..I opened my door slightly. .Nivin and Ashin hide in balcony and my 18 yr old sis Ashna and 14 year old little sis Ashima hide behind the curtains..ammi told me to open the door entirely. .I didn’t so she forcefully enter to my room. .she was dumbstruck. She started scolding me..I knsw they four were laughing at me…on my birthday I am the one who scolded by my ammi. sad of me na??? I won’t let it happen again…


Credit to:Ruby

  1. Ohhh…very nce

  2. What scolding lije seriously awww so rude yaar

    1. pura kamara bikhara hua hai na islie 🙂

  3. Hai ruby,sugamano?
    njan kurach thirakkilayirunnu.ella ff eppozha vaayikaan kazhinjath.ath konda late aayath.sry.ya thante ff super aavunnund.enik thonnunnu thante ff post kurach neram vaiki enn.its ok.engilum daily post cheyyaan shramikkanam.

    1. sugam dr ..enthokeya ninte vishesham? ?? ea story bore avunundo da?

  4. asusual very nice…

  5. Nice episode dear. Oh Aisha got scoldings on her birthday very sad . Waiting for next update. Love u ???…take care…

    1. thnx lakshmi dr…love u too mmmuah

  6. Ruby its gud.. Poor Aisha she got scolding on her B’day.. Love it stories dr. Keep up gud work…

  7. Wowwww rubyyy my sweeeeeet friend it was toooo cuteee, the zayn Mansuri fell for aisha…wowwww, world’s 8th wonder…aisha’s pov was really awesome, she too thinking about zayn…her bday celebration was cute…Poor aisha scolded by mom…awwww…so cuteeeee. ..loved it, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

  8. Ruby dr cn u plz give d link where i cn read all d previous epi of ur stories – humsafar, u r mine & emerald plz dr

    1. you will get it on Google dear…type the story name with chapter number..if u couldn’t find let me know dr

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