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Veer tells that next performance is of his mum with his to be dad. Sonali asks Ranveer why he is marrying a mum of a boy. Suman wears the cut heel slippers. Chal Chal Mere music plays. Ranveer gets up and gives his hand to Suman. She smiles and gets up. Suman’s foot gets twisted because of the cut heels and she falls. Ranveer asks if it is paining. Suman says yes. Nupur asks him to call doctor. Suman says I don’t need doctor as you are with me. He sprays medicine on her foot. Sonali says it seems her ankle is twisted. Dadi asks how did you fall down. Suman says may be because of the sandal. Ranveer checks the sandal and thinks it is cut intentionally, someone don’t want us to dance. He asks Suman to come and makes her sit on chair. He asks somebody gives the mic angrily. He asks who are you?

Come out, you have problem with me. Suman says these are guests. Ranveer says someone is trying to harm you, locked you in the store room after making you unconscious. Suman tries to stop him. Bade papa asks him to say.

Ranveer tells him everything and says that person doesn’t want us to dance, but I won’t let him succeed. Sindhoora thinks why he is looking at me and wonders if contractor told him everything. Ranveer asks if you have strength then come infront of us. Guest asks Bade Papa, why they called him. Bade Papa says he supports his family. Guest asks him to call police.

Ranveer says whoever is involved, he is not afraid of police. He says we will perform on the stage. Suman says but. Ranveer asks her to understand. Sindhoora thinks she will stop him from going to stage. Ranveer says our love is not weak and asks her not t say no. Suman nods. Everyone claps for them. Sindhoora thinks what to do now, and thinks how to stop him from going to stage. She tells Ranveer that Suman is in pain and asks him to take her inside. Ranveer says please. Suman says we shall not dance. Ranveer says not today and asks her to come. Sindhoora says what is the guarantee that person will not attack you if you both go on stage, and asks him to understand. He lifts her and takes her to stage. Sonali holds Suman’s dupatta and go on stage with them. Tujhme me rab dikhta hai plays. Ranveer dances with Suman. Kalavati is upset. Suman manages to dance with much difficulty. Sonali smiles.

Contractor calls Sindhoora and says you heard it right. I am going to shoot your son. Sindhoora tells that she can’t give him money now as she is bankrupt and that’s why shifted here. Contractor says Mittal family is rich. Sindhoora tells that she don’t have money as her devrani keeps the money. Contractor says you are a cheap woman to get your son’s life in danger. Sindhoora asks him to give her time, but he refuses. Sonali smiles looking at Suman and Ranveer’s dance. Contractor aims gun at Ranveer.

Sindhoora tries calling him and thinks what to do. Sonali sees goon aiming gun at Ranveer and pushes him, and gets shot at her hand. Everyone panics and gets shocked. Sindhoora shouts Ranveer. Bade Bhabhi takes Dadi inside. Veer worries for Suman. Kalavati says nothing will happen. Ranveer asks Suman if she is fine. Suman asks him to see Sonali who saved them. Suman asks him to tie handkerchief on her hand to stop bleeding. Bade Papa asks him to take her inside. Veer asks if that aunty died? Kalavati says she is fine and nothing will happen to your Maa also. Manan catches contractor and puts him on gun point. Sindhoora thinks how I will stop him from opening his mouth. Sonali opens her eyes and asks Ranveer if he is fine. Ranveer tells her that she got shot by gun on her hand. Manan asks Contractor, why did you shoot at my brother. Sindhoora gets tensed and thinks what to do?

Bade Papa asks who is this girl? Sindhoora pretends to faint to divert their attention. Ranveer attends her. Suman says whoever is involved is someone from us. Ranveer looks at Sindhoora.

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    So much cute dance..
    But i hope brides are not swaped as i have feeling.

  2. Sabiha

    I hope that Ranveer finds out about Sindoora and then kicks her out of his life. Hi shraddha, Summer, Mega and everybody else.


      Hi sabiha.
      How are u?

      1. Sabiha

        Hi I am fine what about u

  3. I think Ranveer will find culprit soon who attacked on suman
    I think he or she works for sonali or Sanjana not sindoora
    Because she hires goon for kil Suman,so I think it is not Sindoora
    But who is this masked man?
    And last Sonali think Ranveer still loves her how stupid she is
    Ranveer only loves Suman because he told that if he can marry only marry Suman
    But Suman loves Ranveer also?Anybody else tell me what you think
    My opinion is yes,but I think she doesn’t realize her feelings for Ranveer


      I think masked person is sonali as she wants ranveer back in her life as she is obssesed for him. And sanju is so active on social media, so she fooled sanju and entered as her guest..

      1. happy u shared ur view

  4. I doubt on Sanjana completely for troubling Suman because she is jealous of suman
    And Ranveer also doubt on her
    Sumveer dance is so cute

    1. me too

  5. Ranveer soon find out who is behind all this
    He doubts on Sanjana,sonali and Sindoora

  6. epi was nice but don’t like sonali respect her for saving both but no liking

  7. But Shraddha Sonali sitting with Ranveer
    I think masked person is not Sonali


      No she was not there. And i have 2 valid points for it.
      1. If u see clearly, when ranveer and suman were looking at each other eyes sooo romantically, sonali seat was empty it was just glimps.
      2. when ranveer Asked suman to remove hher sandle and relex, sonali was eyeing sandle.

  8. I don’t like next week promo
    I waiting for haldi ceremony when Ranveer dressed as a woman it’s interesting

  9. Summer

    Hi Shraddha, Sabiha, Ooshi and Friends,

    Finally caught up with this episode. 🙂
    At first i thought it could possibly be Antara, because just before she left the room, she asked Suman if she is ok by herself, would she be afraid alone? But then i think, her character is always portrayed to be kind, considerate and senisble, besides her betrothed has affection for her, so there is no need for Antara to feel threatened or jealous. After watching this episode, my suspicion lies with Sanjana/Sonali. I think they are both working together. As Shraddha has mentioned, when Suman looked adoringly into Ranveer eyes, you notice that Sonali no longer is sitting beside Ranveer. All you see is a pair of hands in black gloves sawing the heel of Suman wedge slippers.
    When Ranveer confronts his guests Sanjana looks very guilty. Sindoor is not in this equation this time. Sonali did not show much guilt on her expression but to me, Sanjana did. So, I am wondering if Sonali manipulated Sanajana which led her to do the dirty work, so the blame will not fall on Sonali?
    Sonali appears more crafy and perhaps smarter than Sanjana. So, i wonder during casual conversation Sonali will conveniently slip this peace of information and Sanjana look to seize opportunity so that Suman and Ranveer will not win dance competition.
    Looking forward to Monday episode to find out the culprit! 🙂

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