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Maya is shocked to see Tanya running out of Nihar’s house. She walks towards Tanya and hears gun sound. Nihar gets shot as he was trying to snatch gun from Avinash’s hand. Avinash looks on and makes him falls in the pool from the balcony. He then throws the gun in the pool. Maya rushes to Nihar’s house. Avinash thinks it seems Maya came, it is good as she will take care of Akku now. He jumps and runs from balcony. Maya asks who is there? She thinks Nihar is not here, a man escaped from here, and thinks to leave. She then sees Akku lying unconscious with head injury and calls ambulance. Tanya brings Jhanvi and Shreya and see Maya taking Akku in ambulance. They get worried.

They come back to their city. Jhanvi reads in the newspaper that Nihar Khanna was bankrupt and that’s why he committed suicide. Maya tells them that she is sure that black hooded man killed Nihar. Jhanvi asks who? Maya says Akku was unconscious, so I didn’t ask and asks what you both were doing in Nihar’s house. Jhanvi tells that even they were there, and tells that they heard her conversation with Pushkar for fun sake and then went to Nihar’s house with a hidden camera. Akku tells that when Nihar saw the camera, she asked Tanya to run away and alert Jhanvi and Shreya. Maya says I saw Tanya running and tried to follow her, but then heard the gun sound. They ask about Camera. Akku says she doesn’t know where it is, but one thing she knows that Nihar is killed. Maya asks who killed him.

Avinash comes and says I killed Nihar. If I had known before that he had taken your advantage then I would have killed him when he came here. Maya says you knows everything. Avinash tells that his mummy told him everything. Maya apologizes to him. Avinash says you didn’t do mistake and asks her not to worry as it is open and shut case. Jhanvi says if that camera is found by police then….Avinash shows the camera and says it is cleaned. Tanya says good thing happens with good people. Maya thanks him for the understanding and says I have hidden this fact from you with the thought of losing you. She cries and asks him not to make Neil far from him and says you are his perfect dad and idol. Avinash says he is our lucky charm and our life is incomplete without him. Maya hugs Avinash happily.

Akku thanks Maya for bringing her to Delhi. Jhanvi says we would have done same thing and says we didn’t know which hospital she took you. Maya says we will talk about our future, and gives updates. Tanya tells that she left Tandon house, and says she couldn’t bear after Sumitra laid conditions for her. Jhanvi says you are doing right. Tanya tells that she is starting with a friend and thinking to start Tanya tiffin centre. Shreya asks her to open Tanya kitchen. Akku asks about Dev. Tanya says love never dies, and tells that may be she will get Dev in next birth. Akku says you did right and we fully support you. She asks her to stay in her house and make her service centre here. Tanya asks where you will stay then. Akku says she is going to Kolkata after 2-3 days after Aniket’s exams. They ask why didn’t you tell us. Akku says if Chinu wants, he can come and meet him, I am not mean like him.

Jhanvi says everything is changed for us. She tells that she wants to tell them something. She tells that she is going to USA for further studies and will come back to India for job. Shreya says she wants to go and marry foreign guys. Jhanvi says she wants to confess something and remind them of Aaliya. Jhanvi says Aaliya is my girl friend and I am a gay. Shreya, Akku, Maya, Tanya are shocked. Jhanvi says I want to go to US with Aaliya so that I can stay with her with full freedom. Akku says she was doubtful, and asks why did you hide from us.

Jhanvi says I thought you will judge me and break your friendship. She says I don’t want to lose your friendship and says you are precious. Queens hug her. Tanya asks if she told this to her parents. Jhanvi says she will tell soon before going. Shreya says this is last day for us. Jhanvi says we can talk via internet like soulmates, we will stay in touch. Maya says we can take vacation in an exotic location once in a year, where there will no saas, kids and husband and says we can have some bikini and flirtation. She asks Tanya about her opinion. Tanya says she is not old TT now and tells that they will go to Maldives this year. Shreya says I can’t come this time. Akku says you are rani of alwar, but you have to come here. Shreya says prince of Alwar are coming in November and asks them to get ready for changing diapers. Maya says this calls for bottle opening. They dance on the song Hum Dil Se Queens Hai as the show reaches its climax.

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  1. Annie1

    So sad ..
    Last episode . I wanted to see more of it.
    But one thing isn’t clear that who did attacks on Shreya and Adhi??
    I think because of low trp’s the show ended


    This much sudden end was accpeted. They were always diverted from theme. And no logic to any thing.
    But one thing to say that show had different concept but they never followed.

    1. Agree true

  3. Awwww I will miss you Queens ??????

  4. Queen ha hum should be continue ganga or jai santoshi maa should be stopped rather.

  5. It would be continuin we want to know about shreya akku n tt what happens in their lives its request I love this serial vary much

  6. Summer

    Hi Annie, Shraddha, Aisha and Friends,

    Finally, I have managed to catch up on episodes. Why the sudden abrupt ending? Well, at least it was a nice ending, each one of the queens are venturing in different paths and their life is taking them into different directions. Nice to see TT finally letting go but sad for her at the same time that she has been forcefully separated from Dev. At least it ended on a positive note. So pleased for Shreya that she is with child.

    1. Annie1

      Can u pls tell who was behind the attacks on Shreya and Adhi ?

    2. Summer

      Hi Annie,

      I’m not sure myself. I don’t remember that part of the storyline being revealed, unless i missed it. The chandlier came down and Adi father saved them by pushing them out the way, as a result he was hurt. KT, was in disguise as mechanic. I think i must have missed an episode come to think of it. I wonder if KT got the chance to reveal her fake death and expose the identity? Sorry, I can’t be much help.

  7. I’ll miss my queens n their me tym n wbu Tanya Tandon is she will be in same fate and accepted the forcefull separation from her husband as a universal threat to our Indian women n wbu akko is her husband will remain selfish n in live in relation n wbu Shreyas attackers n do their all family accepted the father of adhiraaj

  8. Yaa ryt if u wanted to end some episodes good to end gangaa or Santoshi Mata who are being so much streched now they should come to end n not queenz hain hum bcoz it had diff story line..aww I’ll miss queens

    1. I agree with u…

  9. Silka Salonee Mohapatra

    Plz don’t stop the serial. The story is incomplete till now.complete it……….

  10. i will miss u queen’s

  11. no one use to comment here if you guys go back to the previous episodes no one ever commented i even asked why are there no comments it was very sad indeed i did not come on for the longest while that is why i did not even know this serial conclude

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