Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj gets scared seeing Anjali as ghost

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rivaaj taking the jeep home. Premlatha asks why are you pushing the jeep. Rivaaj says don’t know what is happening and says he saw her. Premlatha asks did you see any witch. Rivaaj says everything is fine and asks her not to think much. Premlatha goes to bring water. Rivaaj scolds the Servant for not cleaning the jeep properly and is about to slap him, when Raghav comes and holds his hand. Rivaaj asks him not to interfere. Raghav says if you could handle your matter then why would I interfere. Rivaaj says my jeep stopped on the way. Raghav says the Servants are not mechanic. He asks him to give keys. Rivaaj asks if he learnt mechanic work. Raghav says atleast he can try. Rivaaj gives him keys. Raghav asks Rani to start the car. Rani sits inside the jeep. Raghav takes out the cloth from the silencer and asks her to start the car. Rani starts the car. Raghav keeps the cloth in his pocket. Rani says car started. He says shall we go on a drive? Rani asks do you know driving. He says I wish…She sees oil leaking out from his pocket and hugs Raghav, calling him best husband, cutie pie etc. Rivaaj gets angry. Rani and Raghav go inside. Rivaaj takes the water pipe and washes his head and face.

Raghav and Rani go to room. Raghav asks Rani why she was overacting. Rani says when I did the south Indian’s role, nobody could identify me. He asks what about romance? Zero in romance. She asks what you have done if you are on my place. Raghav pulls her closer. They have an eye lock. Dekha hazaar dafa…He keeps her hand on his face and holds her waist. He says like this, with feel, love which is real, very much real. He says overacting, your cheeks are red like apple. Rani gets emotional and hugs him. He asks what happened. Rani says no and wipes her tears. Her phone rings. Anjali calls her and asks what needs to be done. Rani tells the next plan.

Rukmani towels Rivaaj’s wet hairs. Rivaaj thinks about Rani calling Raghav as best husband and scolds Rukmani. He asks if she learnt this from her house and tells that he forgot that she has never seen her mother taking care of her husband. Rukmani is hurt. Rani talks to Anjali and says the plan is risky. Premlatha peeps in Rani’s room and sees her setting the bed on the couch. Snoopy comes inside the room. Rani sees Premlatha out. Premlatha asks Rani to keep Snoopy in her room. Rani thinks Premlatha saw me setting the couch to sleep. Premlatha thinks their marriage can’t stand on the bed.

Rivaaj hears Anjali’s voice and comes to balcony. He sees her hanging on to the tree. The light starts flickering. Anjali laughs. Rivaaj gets shocked and calls her Anjali. Anjali says Rivaaj and smiles. Rivaaj runs from there. Snoopy barks at him. Rivaaj asks him to be quiet. Raghav is holding the rope and asks Rani to tell him time. He says Rivaaj will take 2 mins to come inside. Rani says ok. Raghav tries to get down Anjali, but the rope is stuck. Rani asks him to try. Anjali panics. Rani asks Anjali not to worry. Raghav says I will do something. Rivaaj runs faster and falls down. He gets up and comes near the main door, but goes back. Raghav takes the stone and tries to break the rope. He says Durga Maa, don’t forget I am Jhansi Wala Raghav. Rani asks Anjali to have patience and says we have to do this else Rivaaj will catch us. Rani asks him to hold the rope and searches for some sharp thing. She gets grass cutter and gives to Raghav. Raghav cuts the rope.

Rani asks Durga Maa not to forget that she is Jhansi wali rani. Raghav cuts the rope and takes Anjali down using the stairs. Rani checks the time. They hide fast. Rivaaj comes out holding the Sickle (round knife) in his hand and thinks where did she go? Rani says if Rivaaj sees Anjali then? Raghav plays dog barking sound in his mobile. Rivaaj goes inside. Rani and Raghav come out from hideout. He asks are you ok? Rani says yes. Anjali comes out. Rani says sorry to her for putting her in big risk. Anjali says she is feeling peaceful to see fear on his face and thanks her for bringing her out of her shell. Rani says Rivaaj will be scared of his own reflection.

Precap: Raghav tells Rani that he will take revenge for him and for everyone whose lives are ruined by Rivaaj. Premlatha overhears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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