Gathbandhan 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak keeps fast for Raghu

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Gathbandhan 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghu and Dhanak comes to chawl and they see women preparing for fast for their husbands. Dhanak says I will keep fast for you. Raghu smiles and leaves. Someone asks Mai if she will not gift bangles to her daughter in law? Mai says my daughter in law loves cuffs more than bangles. Dhanak comes there and says I dont forget about my duties, I will keep this fast for Raghu’s life. Mai says I dont have time for all this. Woman says elders should bless for this fast. Dhanak says this fast is for Raghu’s life so make me wear bangles. Mai says I dont need your fast for my son.. but if you have taken his name then I will make you wear them. She makes her wear bangles and says I pray that he gets biggest position in underworld business. Dhanak says dont worry, I will pray for Raghu to get everything that is right for him, tomorrow we will do pooja, I promise you, she leaves.

Dhanak comes to commissioner and shows him clip which shows Tawre’s ring. Officer sees her there. Commissioner says this doesnt show anyone’s face. Dhanak tries to play recording but it has some song only. Commissioner says his record is clean and you dont have any proof against him, I give you time to find proof if you can and then come to me. Dhanak nods and leaves.

Tawre comes to Dhanak and says you think you can fool me? I recognized you at dhaba as sardar and I saw your recording, you wanted to play but I played with you, I made you leave from there so I changed recorder, you couldnt find proofs against me but I have found fake proofs against Raghu, in 3 days you will lose your uniform, Raghu and you will go to jail. Dhanak says I challenge you that I will send you to jail in 3 days. Tawre says I am scared.. he smirks and leaves.

Scene 2
Raghu asks Dhanak what happened about Tawre? what did commissioner say? Dhanak says actually.. Raghu says he didnt punish Tawre? your law cant do anything, I will punish him, tomorrow is our first fast together, you take rest. Raghu turns and sees a rat. He hides behind Dhanak and says make him go away. He brings gun out and says I will shoot him. Dhanak smirks and says you cant kill a rat infront of a police officer, he is preying on you, he will hunt you now. Raghu is scared. Dhanak laughs. Raghu tries to catch him but jumps on bed and says you will sleep outside. Dhanak says I am sleepy. She lies on bed. Raghu sleeps on otherside. Dhanak thinks that I will not move away from my mission.

In morning, Dhanak gets ready in saree for pooja. She sees Raghu sleeping. He wakes up and sees her. He turns to leave but Dhanak calls him. She shows him sindoor and says will you apply it to me? Raghu makes her wear sindoor and mangalsutra. Dhanak says will you give me something for this fast? If I get justice for you from law then will you comeback on right path and start following our promises again? Raghu looks on.

PRECAP- Dhanak prays to Devi and thinks that I took promise from Raghu but I need your support. She loses balance but Mai holds her. Dhanak says Devi is with me, are you with me as well? Mai looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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