Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 26th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj has a dangerous plan for Rani

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 26th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rani getting pulled by Raghav as her dupatta get stuck to his watch. She holds her dupatta and follows him. Raghav hides under the table and says no crackers. Rani plays music and makes him wear the head phone. He says he likes Salman Khan.. She asks if he is your brother. Rishta nahi hai song plays…..She asks again. Raghav says we call elders as brother. Rani says yes. He dances. Rani shows him steps. He asks if she is wearing bracelet in her feet. Rani says it is anklet. They introduce each other. Rani says sorry for laughing at him at first. Raghav says it happens always and tells about rocky, a cuckoo baby. Rani thinks about her pet Jaggu and asks him to tell about Rocky. Raghav tells that when they were going, some goons came and attacked them, he beat the goons. Salman Khan came there and had beaten them. He says this story is real. Rani says ok. Raghav falls down seeing Rasmalai. Rani holds him. Raghav says I get angry if someone holds me, I am big boy. Rani says I was holding the ear phones. Raghav’s mum sees him with Rani and scolds her calling her house fly and calls her son as jaggery. Rani says she is not housefly and asks her not to call her son as jaggery. Raghav’s mum asks her not to argue and threatens her. Raghav is hiding behind and signs her to smile. The tormentor sees Rani hidingly. Rivaaj gets engaged to Anjali and they exchange rings.

Choli ke peeche song plays……Anjali dances with the dancers. Mr. Shivraj Sisodia asks his wife why she made item song playing and why their bahu is dancing. She says this is fashion. Rukmini says if engagement is such then how marriage will be….Rivaaj and Ankita sit on the sofa. Rani smiles seeing Raghav dancing. Anjali asks Rivaaj if he is happy with the alliance and says you didn’t call him once. Rivaaj asks if she wants to say if he is romantic or not? He laughs and says he waits for the right chance. Rani sees Rivaaj and Anjali dancing and thinks may be Rukmini is right, Rivaaj might not be that man. Rukmini goes to dance floor. Dancers take Rani too. Someone sprays something on Rani’s nose. Rani feels drowsy. Raghav comes to her and asks her to dance. She says she won’t and asks him to dance. Raghav’s friends come and ask him to play with them. Raghav says lets play hide and seek game. Shivraj searches for Rivaaj. Rukmini goes from there, but he doesn’t see her.

Rukmini searches Rani. Rani is going from behind her mother in a drowsy state. She suddenly sees someone coming to her and falls. Man lifts her. She asks the man to leave her. Shivraj searches for Rivaaj and thinks he might be in his room. Rani’s anklet drops down from her foot. Shivraj thinks to talk to Rivaaj and stop the dance and songs. The tormentor takes Rani to a decorated room. Rani is unconscious. Rukmini searches for Rani. The tormentor is none other than Rivaaj. Rani tells in drowsy state to save her and calls Jhansi ki rani. Rivaaj throws white flowers on Rani. Rivaaj gets close to Rani. Shivraj searches for Rani and comes near Rivaaj’s room. He calls him. Rivaaj looks on.

Rivaaj tells Rani that he will settle all scores today and tries to get closer to Rani, when Raghav sees him with Rani and takes all his family member there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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