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This Episode is dedicated to the birthday girl ???? Kiya ????
Many many many happy returns of the day to my Simran ?????

TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)??
Missing ??
Shot 11 …..

The Episode starts with twinj droving off to the guest house where rest of the people were staying while twinkle was scared seeing his reaction on someone’s else suicide while Kunj was continously venting out his frustration ..

I don’t understand yaar why she had done this …she was a very amazing girl from the time I shifted in Mumbai I have seen her Kunj said …

May be Kunj she was stressed about something twinkle tried suggesting him .

Stressed ? Seriously twinkle still no one has the right to take their life Kunj said ..

But we can say that she is wrong na Kunj sometimes we don’t have control on our emotions …may be someone has betrayed her or someone has left her twinkle again tried reasoning him so that he understands ..

Ahhhh you also left me but did I committed suicide no na Kunj said he was badly frustrated and he didn’t realised what he spoke in the mean time they reached the guest house …

Kunj took off his seat belt while twinkle was thinking about his words Kunj noticed her ..and snaps his finger before her ..

Twinkle we reached he said ? While she looked at him ..what happen ? Are you fine ? Kunj asked and she nodded in yes UN willingly and they went inside ..

Manohar Usha bebe and Suhasini who already left with Abeer was present along with Ragini Neil Leela and rt they all were having tea …while Meher amaira Yuvi Karthik Ishaan ansh Sameer kiara was in lawn enjoying the weather playing games ..soon twinj and Abeer too joined them ..

So guys what you all are doing ? Abeer asked breaking the silence ..
Nothing just playing Meher said ..

Ohhhh what baby Abeer asked ..while all hooted and Meher hit on his elbow ..
Abeer bhai is your marraige arrange or love ??? Karthik asked ..

Arrange Meher replied ..
Love Abeer pouted and all laughed ..

Actually it’s arrange only guys after our engagement me and Meher had 2 years gap and then we fell in love Abeer said ..
Ohhhh all said together ..

I am sure Abeer bhai wedding would have been Rocking Yuvi said ..

Yes it was Abeer replied side hugging Meher while twinkle Sameer and Kiara was busy talking to each other and playing with Ishaan while the rest listening to mehbeer story ..

Meher bhabhi ? Your wedding clothes also was designed by twinkle bhabhi ? Amaira asked ??? ..

Arey no twinkie wanted to design my clothes but she was just back from hospital that time she didn’t even enjoyed our wedding properly Meher blurted out while Kunj and his siblings along with ansh looked at her ..

Why ? Kunj asked curiously why she was in hospital ??? Abeer Kunj asked him ..

Mehbeer looks at each other they didn’t knew what to say …

Wo she caught some infection and was Ill so that’s why Sameer replied joining their conversation …while Kunj looked at him burning ..

And how do you know that ? Kunj asked ?

Obviously I know I am her bf bro Sameer said teasingly he and Kiara knows everything about twinkle but never asked twinkle who was the guy as they thought it will freshen her wounds ..

Kunj burned in jealousy and hummed and looked at twinkle and Kiara ..who joined them too ..

What’s going on Kiara asked ?
Nothing much …let’s have lunch guys I am starving Sameer said ..

All nodded and went to join elders they sat while Kunj was angry ..bf my foot Kunj murmured ..

They all sat and was having their lunch when Ragini said ..
Are tomorrow is karvachaut she said while everyone looked on suprised .
Yeah I forgot Leela said ..

Leela you shouldn’t Suhasini replied ..
Sorry maa but it slipped off my mind she said ..

Even mine I always wanted to celebrate it with my daughter in law and now when twinkle is here I am hell excited for it Usha said and twinkle eyes widened while Sameer and Kiara smirked at her and Kunj looks on disturbed ..

Yeah then let’s prepare for it bebe said all nodded and had their lunch ..

Soon the evening passed and they asked twinj to stay with them Kunj opposed it but later on convincing by his siblings he agreed ..

Meher twinkle and Amaira Kiara was instructed to wake up early to have their sargi twinkle was given a beautifully decorated basket which contained a dress for her with the matching jewellery and dry fruits by Usha …they were instructed about the fast

You all understood ? Usha and Leela asked They nodded and went in their respective rooms ..

Twinkle walked to her room and closed the door behind she sees Kunj walking to and fro disturbed ..

What happen ? Twinkle asked breaking his thoughts ..
You are not keeping this fast Kunj said ..

Why ? Twinkle frowned listening to him .
Why means what ? This all rubbish you don’t need to do this ..Kunj said ..

It’s not rubbish it’s for you long life twinkle remarked ..
Whatever I’ll live till you let me live ?Kunj said while twinkle passed him death glare ..

Enough of this I don’t want you to keep any fast Kunj said ..

Arey you can’t order me give me any valid reason why I shouldn’t keep this fast twinkle folder her arms ..

Fine …you are such a foodie you can’t stay an hour without munching anything how you will keep fast Kunj said while twinkle coughed ..
Shut up that’s was in past twinkle said stammering ..

Acha now you are not foodie ? Kunj asked moving closer to her you can stay a day without having anything ? Kunj asked raising his eye brow while twinkle nodded confidently ..

Still I don’t want you to its all rubbish Kunj said ..
If you don’t believe let it be I want to keep it and I am keeping it twinkle said ..

You won’t listen to me na ? Kunj said while twinkle nodded in yes ..
Fine do anything but then don’t cry infront of me okay Kunj said and twinkle nodded ..

He went to sleep while twinkle too after keeping the alarm ..it was 4 when twinkle alarm rings and Kunj sees it ..

Twinkle wake up he said shaking while she was not moving after lot of stirring her she looked at him ..

What happen Kunj ? She asked ..
Your fast ! Kunj said ..
Ops I forgot twinkle said ..

She went to washroom and changed into the dress Usha gave her looking pretty while Kunj was awake too soon twinkle went downstairs and joined Meher amaira and Kiara who was half asleep she sat beside Kiara .

Why I have come here yaar this Sameer maasi is not leaving me Kiara murmured while twinklee laughed ..

Acha hua baby she said ..
Acha toh tere saath bhi hua let’s see how you will stay without food Kiara teased her ..

Not again twinklee said they all had their meals and went back to their rooms ..
The time passed quickly and it was already late noon and the girls condition was damn tired Meher was okay as she had been okay now while twinkle amaira and Kiara condition was worse ..

Kunj sees twinkle he smirked and went and sat beside her ..
Want something ? He asked while twinkle looked at him ..

Na Nothing she said ..
Acha hai ?waise I’ll tell you today’s menu Kunj said ..

We have laccha paratha butter chicken palak paneer tikka masala aloo tikki pulao and ..Kunj was going to say ..

Don’t dare say a word or I’ll murder you she said Gritting her teeths ..

What ?????? You kept fast for my long live now planning to kill me babajiiii Kunj said dramatically ..

Shut up Kunj don’t irritate me twinkle said ..

I am telling you now also leave this thing come in room have something I won’t tell it to anyone after all tera pati hu itna to chupa Sakta hu Kunj said smiling while twinkle fakes a smile ..

I just want you to leave I won’t have anything till moon comes …twinkle said ..
But I am only your moon na Kunj said while they looked at each other and recalled something …

Flashback shows :::
Twinj were sitting in their college canteen while twinkle was munching the burger with fries and Kunj was having sandwich with coke …

Twinkle aaram se twinklee no one will take your food …Kunj said slowly having his food …

I can’t I am starving Kunj that lecture uff boring I didn’t had anything from past 2 hours twinkle said …

Ho ho ????twinkle but what if you have to keep fast for me after wedding what you will do ? Kunj asked ..

Fast ? Which fast ??? Twinkle asked ..
Are I don’t remember it’s name when I was small I saw maa keeping it for Papa Kunj said ..

Achaaaa that one ? Twinkle said ..for husband long live Haan uhmm twinkle said ..

Haan that one only Kunj replied ..
I won’t keep it simple ? twinkle replied him back ..

Your SaaS will beat you if you don’t Kunj said ..
If I had to keep it also I’ll do and break it seeing my moon twinkle said ..

What ? Kunj asked ..
She held her plate and he saw his face and smiled ..

You are. ….Kunj started to say ..
Superbbb I know twinkle replied ..while they both laughed ..
Flashback ends ..

Wo I have some work Kunj said and went from there while bebe called twinkle to apply henna on her hands …

After her henna was done she was looking tired and exhausted but she wanted to do it really for Kunj …

Sameer and ansh was teasing amaira and Kiara by eating infront of them ..while twinkle was sitting and Kunj was having a fun time seeing her …

Arey yaar this twinkle she didn’t want to have anything by hiding also aahh ye ladki bhook to bardasht Hoti nahi huh ?Kunj said ..

He went out for sometime ….while the ladies were doing the rituals ..

They all having a great time performing it and the men’s were ready to break their wife’s fast …Kunj was nowhere around
Soon it was the time everyone went in lawn twinkle was looking for Kunj while he was stucked in traffic ..

Uff twinkle will kill me today Kunj said he decided to walk as it was lesser distance from there ..

Soon he reached twinkle sees him and her eyes sparkled ..she smiled ..
He joined and apologized for being late while she nodded and prayed she sees his face thoroug the sieve and he smiled ..

Now feed me fast twinkle said ..
Ahhan okay okay Kunj said smiling

He fed her with sweet and water and they both smiled break-ing her fast ..while the rest were done with their prayers too ..

I have something for you Kunj said while twinkle looked at him he took out a box from his pocket and twinkle sees a pendant she smiled …

I don’t know I buyed in hurry if you don’t like we will change it Kunj said ..

No it’s amazing twinkle replied ..she turned and gesture him to make her wear while he smiles and side her hairs making her wear the pendant and kissed her neck while she blushed ..

Their moment was disturbed by bebe who called them to have their dinner ..

Kunj took thier dinner and went to side he fed twinkle and she too fed him while the both had a good time ..

I still can’t believe you kept it really Kunj said ..
Huuuhuhhh twinkle said

Okay I was just teasing Kunj replied pulling her nose ..
While they joined the family ..

Due to some work ushar and nerag had to leave for Amritsar while the others too decided to leave after making a plan to come back after amaira ansh wedding ..

Soon after 2-3 days all left back for their respective places while Sameer and kiara stayed with twinkle they used to spend alott of time together and Kunj used to be jealous of them most specifically Sameer ???…

Soon they went back to Paris too whole twinkle and Kunj were coming back to their normal lifes …

Ahaaa I don’t want to leave this room but now everyone left and I had to go back to my room too Kunj thought standing in twinkle room ..

While twinkle entered and gave him milkshake while he drank ..

Wo..twinkle started to say even she didn’t wanted Kunj to leave but wasn’t having guts ..
Soo everyone left Kunj said ..

Yeah twinkle replied ..
Back to room he said while twinkle giggled seeing his expression she wanted to stop him but couldn’t ..

Both unwillingly went and stayed again to their no personal interference life …
2 months later :::
It was 3 months to their wedding everything was going on smooth twinkle and Kunj were totally back to their professional life past few days they were hell busy in work …it was Aryan engagement Kunj wanted to attain with twinkle but she refused going with him and stayed back …demons tried to meet her but she used to make one or other reasons as she didn’t wanted any hurdle again in their life …

It was since few days Kunj was very disturbed due to work load twinkle was doing very well in her work her design show went successful ..

Yeahhhhh congratulations twinkle said to her staff while they congratulated too ..
Shall we celebrate it ? Sanju(twinkle collegue and neighbour) asked ..

No Sanju I wanted to celebrate with Kunj twinkle said ..
Ohhhh husband Haan Sanju teased twinkle ..

Yeah I am going to his office for a suprise dinner twinkle said ..
Okay I am going back home then Sanju said and twinkle left ..

Kunj was damn frustrated he came back after a presentation and got Manohar call ..
Hello Kunj how are you ? Manohar asked ..

Fine Kunj replied ..
Ohhhh it’s good Manohar said ..
Why you called Papa ? Kunj asked directly ..

Wo amaira wedding is going to be held soon I want you to come back ..Manohar said ..

You can’t control my life …you only call me whenever you need Kunj said frustrated ..
Kunj what happen ? Manohar asked ..

Nothing huh even last time when you all came Mumbai you didn’t stayed with me so I am not coming too Kunj replied ..

But why …Manohar started to say but the call was disconnected Kunj stayed still he was sweating ..

Twinkle came to his office happily unaware with the storm that is waiting for her ..
She went inside and called him ..

Kunj ..she said while he looked at twinkle ..
You here ? Twinkle Kunj said

Haan you know Kunj I am so happy today let’s go for dinner twinkle said ..
No I don’t want to …Kunj said .

But what happen ? Twinklee asked ..
Everyone’s leaves me nd go and comes back whenever they want Kunj said frustrated ..

What happen ? Kunj twinkle asked cupping his face ..
See twinkle go from here I don’t want to say anything for which I regrets later Kunj said looking at other side ..

I can’t leave you Kunj twinkle said ..
You already left me once you can leave me now also so please leave Kunj said gritting his teeths looking at other side ..

While twinkle looked at him teard eye ..
She decide to try again ..
Kunj she said ..

I said leave twinkle Kunj replied not turning back having no option twinkle listened him and left from there ..

Kunj sat on the floor …why I always gets panic of being left alone ..I kept myself caved from so many years that even if someone cares I hurt them he said tears running down his eyes …he let his anger and frustration go for sometime he didn’t wanted to go home early and again have an argument with twinkle ..

After sometime it was late and he decided to go soon he reached his apartment and find it locked ..

It’s locked ? Where is twinkle Kunj said he entered with another key and didn’t found twinkle anywhere ..

May be she is in sanjana house he said and went on other floor he rang the bell ..
Hey kunjjjj Sanju said ..

Twinkle is with you ? Kunj asked ..
No she left from office for your office na Sanjana said ..wo actually her designing show went successful she wanted to celebrate it with you first and she went to your place to suprise you sanjana blurted …

Kunj looked on shocked …he recalled his last conversation with twinkle ..
Where did she left ??? The only thought was running in his mind ..

Anxiety rushed out in his nerves what if she leaves him again ? How he will survive this time ..

He tried calling n calling twinkle but her phone was unreachable ..
Screen freezes on his panicked face ..
Soooooo sorry for the late shot ???
I was ill so couldn’t write anything plus ?I had lot of college work to do so I am not getting time too ..
So how’s the Episode ???
Where twinkle went ?
Is she fine ???
What will happen now ?
Will they ever sort out their differences ? Or their fitoor will burn in their insecurity and hatred ..
Stay tuned to know more ???
Sorry to FF writers pls forgive me ..
Do share your views guys …
Happy republic day ??????
Ignore error no proof read
Bye allahafiz ?

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  1. Vibhu

    Ohhhoo … Inki purani problems solve nahi Hoti aur nayi pehle aa jati hai ???
    Damn yaarr .. Kunj Ko pta chlte chlte reh gya twinkle ka suicidal stunt.
    And .. I hope those “Dare devil’s” meet twinkle soon and clear everything!
    Great update Sameera
    But pls post this one soon
    And take care!

  2. Awesome Episode dear ? please post soon

  3. Superb Episode post soon

  4. Yr sammy kya krti h .. i know tu busy but wait kese krungi ye ni smjh aa rha h…????
    Epi was fabulous….????
    Twinj were great …???
    Why they can’t solvw their differences..
    Why they cant talk with each other & clear everything…
    But the point is agr aisa ho gya toh story me bachega kya …???????
    So keep going slowly….???
    Luv u ..???
    Get well soon ??
    & haan post soon ..??

  5. Appi bhut Acha episode ??????waise kahte h sabr Ka fal meethai hota h but I know ki ap agr wait nhi bhi Karti h tabhi bhut Acha episode ???? milta islie Jada wait na Karaya kro appii please ????? amazing episode ???? twinj scene’s ??? and kunj jealousy is amazing to read…. please post soon ?????????
    Allah Hafiz……

  6. Trivisha Choudhary

    Fantastic Episode ? please post soon

  7. Fantastic Episode dear please post soon

  8. Fantastic Episode dear please post soon

  9. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing yaar episode was fantastic…

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  11. Kiya1234

    Sorry babes..
    Thanks first again ??????.. always give me the reason to smile..
    and episode was brilliant love the way kunj and twinkle fighting finally foodie queen kept fast for her husband ????..love that part kunj bring gift for her.. they teasing girls omg???.. flash back was so cute. Anyhow they are together still.Why kunj is frustrated all come out on twinkle. Their old problems and misunderstaning didn’t solve another one come.. amazing writing again thanks and❤️❤️???post soon

  12. Shalu02

    Fantastic Episode ? please post soon

  13. Awesome amazing

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