Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj attends Rukmini and Rani’s dance function

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rani running to her mum scared. Rukmini reads the message. Rani is about to tell about Jaggu, but Rukmini says he was crushed under car wheels and died. Rani tells about the mysterious message and call. Rukmini says some other Rani’s lover is coming on her phone. Her mum asks Rani not to worry. Rukmini says everything will be fine if we get the number changed. Dadi taunts Rani. Her mum says she is not a thief to keep eye on her daughters all day. Rukmini takes Rani to dance. Someone is spying on them. Rukmini asks Rani not to tell anything to mummy infront of Dadi, else they will get them married. She says we will get the number changed and asks her not to give number to anyone. Rani says ok. Rivaaj sees his sister laughing with a guy and burning his notes. Her sister tells that she was taking notes from him. Rivaaj makes the man inhale carbondioxide from the bike and says you forgot that Lava will burst in me. His sister tries to stop him and asks him to leave the man. Mama comes there and tries to stop him. Rivaaj beats the man badly. His father Shivraj comes there and sees the man badly beaten up by Rivaaj. He gets angry and asks lal ji to take the man to hospital and asks Rivaaj to come. They go inside. Pandits are doing havan in the house. Rivaaj tells his father that if someone sees them then….His sister tells that he was a professor and she was taking notes from him.

Shiv raj scolds him and says he wears khadi, but wishes to wear silk. He says he is Neta. Rivaaj says he will take care that blood stains don’t fall on his clothes. Shivraj says he can’t understand even now. His mum comes and applies Chandan to his forehead. He asks him to calm down. Mama ji asks him to be patient with his father. Rivaaj apologizes to his father. Shivraj forgives him. His mum asks him to give gold coins in charity for his and anjali’s good life after marriage. She says we have done puja for you, and tomorrow is engagement function. Rivaaj keeps hand on gold coins. Shivraj gives gold coins to the pandits. Mama says girl is good. Rivaaj hopes to get her. Mama says you got her. Rivaaj says you will not understand.

Rani buys a sim and comes out of the shop, when she collides with a man and he changes the sim card. Rani puts the new sim in her mobile and says this new number will be private. They come to the college function. Rani’s mum calls and tells Rani that although she is Dasi in the play, but will be Rani for her. Rukmini gets ready. The host announce that Rivaaj is the chief guest. Rani thinks Neta ji was invited. Rivaaj comes there. Rukmini tells Rani that Bijli will fall on stage. A man makes Bundi sweets fall on Rukmini. Rukmini says my hairs and make up are spoiled. They laugh on Rukmini. Rani asks her to go to bathroom and wash her face and hand. Rukmini goes. Rukmini is in the bathroom and thinks she became laddoo. Someone locks her from outside. Rivaaj sits to see the function. Announcement is made for Rukmini and her team to come. Rukmini sets her hairs fine and tries to open the door, but it is locked. She knocks on the door and says she is locked. Rani tells that she will call her sister. Lecturer asks Rani to come and says you are main lead dancer now.

Rani searches for Rukmini. She sees the man harassing her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Thanks for the update H Hasan.

  2. Cathy

    Does anyone else think the actor who plays Rivaaj is a little to mature looking to pass as a collage student even if he turns out to be a recurring senior? also i’m more then a little annoyed by the title of this show, it’s a bit sacrilegious…can’t replace our Rani and Raja.

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