Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani suspects Rivaaj

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ruvaaj warns everyone and says whoever he likes will be won by that person. Lecturers talk that he is a son of Shivraj, but he is a nice man. They think how can this snake was born to him. Other lecturer says that he will be punished. Rukmini asks her to submit the form. Rivaaj comes and looks at the new girls. His friend asks the girls to greet Jahan panah as his kaneez. The girls greet him. Rani asks a girl who is he? She says don’t know. Rani proceeds towards Rivaaj when he turn comes. Rivaaj looks at her and says Jahan panah Salaam. His friend ask her to say the full line. Rani says he might be Jahan Pahan, but I am not kaneez. She says I can give 21 tope’s salami and acts as giving Salami. Rivaaj smiles looking at her. She tells that she is tired and getting hiccups also due to thirst. Rivaaj comes to her and asks her to drink water with his hand. He puts water in his hand. Rani walks backwards. He says Jahan Panah wants Kaneez to have water with his hand. She refuses to drink and goes. She gets her purse and says I am not anyone’s kaneez. Fb ends.

Rani and Rukmini are on the bike. Rukmini says few people don’t like pets, but we will bury it properly. They come to a secluded place. Rukmini digs the soil and puts jaggu dada, the puppy and keeps her rubber band inside, says it used to play with it. She says she will miss jaggu dada and will punish the guilty man. Rukmini says are you sure that Rivaaj has done this, and says he is rich, handsome and asks why he will be behind you. Rani says I know he had done this and was outside the house last night. Rukmini sees call from a private number and gives call to Rani. The man on the call asks Rani not to cry. Rani asks him to come infront of him. She sees Rivaaj walking towards her. The man on the call continues to talk to her and he will come infront of her soon. Rivaaj asks Rukmini if she is fine? Rukmini says yes. Rivaaj says I saw you burying the puppy and says he can feel their pain. He asks her to tell who has done this and says he will bury the guilty here. His friends come in jeep. Rivaaj asks her to accept his bye and leaves. He doesn’t talk to Rani. Rukmini says he didn’t look at you and you think he is after you. She says his standard is different. Rivaaj is in his jeep and tells his friends that he wants strong woman. His friend says he will handle Rani. Rivaaj gets angry, but leaves him.

Rukmini asks Rani to come and dance with her. Dadi calls them urvashi and asks why did they fall on the ground. Rani couldn’t dance well and says she is back dancer in college. Rukmini is the lead dancer and says she will dance well. Dadi checks Rukmini’s purse and keeps the perfume back seeing Rukmini’s mother. Rani gets a message asking her to check pillow sample and he will send. Rani gets shocked.

Rukmini tells their mum about some man messaging Rani and says they shall change the number. They buy the new number, but a man collides with Rani and changes the number. Rani determines to get the guilty punished.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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