Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 1st April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani and Raghav spend some romantic moments

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 1st April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raghav asking Rani to come. Lawyer gives papers to Rivaaj. Rukmani shouts Rani’s name and asks why didn’t she go? Raghav asks her not to talk badly with Rani and tells that she will feel bad, and he will also feel bad, as she is his best friend. Rivaaj comes and asks Raghav where did he go? He tells that he gets worried whenever he is not infront of him and looks at Rani while telling those words. He scolds Rukmani and tells that Rani will stay here. He then asks Raghav to come and assures him that Rani will not go anywhere. Raghav comes and greets lawyers happy holi. Rivaaj signs Premnath Mama. He gets up and puts cockroach on Raghav’s shirt. Raghav doesn’t get afraid and brushes it off his shoulder. It falls on Premlatha. Raghav takes the cockroach in his hand and asks Premlatha not to worry. Lawyers tell that Raghav is fine now. Rivaaj recalls Raghav getting hysterical and tells him that Rani is leaving. Raghav gets angry and throws the things. He comes to Rani and says you are not going anywhere. Rani says I am not going and asks him to relax. Premlatha tells that my son….Mama lies to Lawyers that Ravan tried to throw Premlatha in holika dahan fire. Raghav comes to Rani and handcuffs her. Lawyers leave.

Raghav comes to Premlatha with Rani. Premlatha asks where was you when Lawyers came? Raghav asks if they don’t have any work to do other than coming here every month. He tells that today he enjoyed a lot, he became Krishna and then enjoyed free auto ride and then he got married. Premlatha laughs and asks whom you marry? Rani says he thought we got married. Premlatha says you will not marry her, but a good girl, but asks him to grow up first. Raghav says how much he shall grow. He comes behind Rani. Rani asks him to keep their marriage a secret. Raghav says why he shall only hide the secrets. He says if she tries to go then he will shout and tell everyone that she is his wife. Rani asks him to be quiet. He looks at mangalsutra in her hand and says who wears it in hand, and asks her to see Rukmani. He shows chain which he is wearing and calls it as his mangalsutra.

Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his chain. Yeh roam roam ke dhaage plays…..Rani looks at him. Raghav rests on her lap and tells that he has many small friends, but didn’t have any friends of his age, and tells that now he has friend and wife too. He asks if she will love him without sharing (unconditional). Rani thinks of the happenings and tells him that she will be back. Raghav asks him to promise. Rani promises and goes. She thinks everything from the start and then her marriage with Raghav, and Pandit ji telling that no Ravan of Kalyug can break this ghatbandhan. Rani comes to the inhouse temple and tells that she came here to safeguard Rukmani, but now she herself became a part of the house. She asks her to show the way and asks her to sign how to safeguard Rukmani. Pages in the Bhagawat Gita turns and flower fall on it. Rani reads that one shall change with the situation to make the things better. She thanks the Goddess to showing her the right path.
Shivraj comes home and asks Rivaaj and Premlatha why lawyers didn’t see any changes in Raghav’s condition. He says how can this be possible when I, myself have seen improvement in him. Rivaaj says Rani was going so Raghav shouted loudly and became emotional. Rani comes there. Shivraj asks who asked Rani to go from here? Rukmani says I asked her, as she came to help me, now I can handle everything alone. She says she has to go one day. Shivraj says we have no problem with her stay here, and says infact Raghav’s behavior improved since she came. Rivaaj says yes, she has done so much for Raghav and brought her back when he went missing. Shivraj asks Rani to stay for few more days. Rani asks him to bless her and tells that she will feel lucky to save them from trouble and says she will stay.

Precap: Rani apologizes to Rivaaj and Rukmani for doubting on their relation. She says we will make a new start.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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