Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi takes a shocking decision

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rani thinking of Premlatha’s conversation with Rivaaj. She recalls Rivaaj taking a promise from Premlatha. She burns her hand while ironing the clothes. Premraj tests himself wearing the goggles and says how Rivaaj is managing the work without the sight. He tells that he is seeing Ravan becoming Ram for the first time. Premlatha says he has lost his intelligence with the blindness and says she will make Rivaaj gets his vision even if she has to pluck Rukmani’s eyes. Premraj gives her Hakim number. Raghav cares for her wound and asks her to show the hand. Rani says she is his Rani and is fine. Raghav blows on her hand. Rani smiles looking at him. He moves her hairs. Rani asks him to change his clothes and goes to get water. Raghav smiles. Rani goes out and sees Rivaaj walking. Just then he finds him gone and thinks where is he? He comes from behind and calls her. Rani asks how did you know that I am here. Rivaaj says his ears have become strong and he heard her anklet sound. He asks if you are following me and says you can’t trust me even now. Rani says I saw you walking alone, so walked with you so that you don’t have any problem. Rivaaj says I will go to my room and says good night.

In the morning, Rani spots Rivaaj walking in the garden area freely and talking to someone on call. She records the video on her mobile and thinks this recording will prove that he is acting to be blind. Dadi comes out and sees Rivaaj looking in his mobile and asks what is he doing? Rivaaj says Mama saved some numbers in speed dials, he couldn’t figure out what is the third number. Dadi says I will help you. Premlatha takes Rukmani to the kitchen and tells her that this jaadi buti is best for Rivaaj. Rukmani makes kada and keeps the cloth on her nose. Premlatha says it is not smelling bad. Dadi comes there and asks her to work with Rukmani. Premlatha says she doesn’t want to interfere in her work. Dadi scolds her and blesses Rukmani. Rukmani gets vomiting sensation and goes. Rani sees Rivaaj going. He tells that he wants help to go to his room. She says she will take him. He asks her to tell and says he will go. Rani says 15 steps and then left. Rivaaj walks up to 15 steps and collides with the pillar. He says stairs are not here. Rani says she has counted with her size and makes him reach two more steps and go to stairs. She comes to Dadi and Raghav and serves them tea.

Dadi says your heart is big to forgive Rivaaj. She says you have a big heart, but Rivaaj became late to become better. Raghav says there might be some goodness hidden for him. Dadi says you are right if something wrong happened then the good thing has happened too. She says she is feeling his goodness now. They hear him shouting and runs to the room. Rivaaj tells that he was using eye drops and it is irritating. Rani checks and says it is ear drops. Premlatha asks where is Rukmani? Rivaaj says she is not here, it is better if she goes far from me. Premlatha wipes his eyes and asks if he is feeling better. Rivaaj apologizes to everyone and says this is my punishment. Rukmani is resting on the couch and wakes up. She thinks how did I sleep here? Premlatha comes and scolds her for sleeping and tells that Rivaaj is in pain after keeping the wrong medicine in his eyes. Rukmani says she was tired and got a nap. Premlatha thinks about her symptoms. Dadi hears her.

Shivraj comes to hall and asks Rivaaj if she is fine. Dadi says I have made arrangements for him. She says she has taken a decision and named half of the property on Rivaaj’s name. Raghav nods his head in approval. Rani is shocked. Rivaaj smiles a bit.

Precap: Premraj tells Premlatha that Rivaaj got his life set. Dadi asks Raghav if he has any objection. Rivaaj says I have objection.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. So at what point would rani’s mother become aware of her marriage? Has both rani, and rukmani + rivaaj given up on school completely. What’s tashi’s story though, her character just basically exists at this point?

  2. Today I feel like Dadi is with Rivaaj..the way she alerted Rivaaj when Rani was watching… I got the doubt… Beside she also gave him property … Strong suspicion on her…

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