Kasautii Zindagii Kay 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini insults Veena

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Prerna asking where are you lost, this storm would have ruined your office, I handled it alone and shut the window. Anurag smiles and holds her face. She says after marriage. He says I m your husband, I have a right, I don’t show my rights else… She asks when did our marriage happen, I just said that, I wanted Komolika to get out of your life, you didn’t fill sindoor in my maang. He says we are made for each other, I also want our marriage to happen in front of everyone, we know the truth. He holds her face and says everything will get fine, right.

Mohini and everyone attend guests. Nivedita says girl and guy’s mums exchange gifts. Anupam asks what’s the logic in it. Mohini explains the rituals. She says no one gives gifts to groom’s mum these days, but we have to keep the ritual. They welcome Prerna’s family. Veena comes and recalls Mohini’s words. Mohini hugs Veena and asks her to come in. Nivedita asks didn’t Prerna come. Prerna calls Veena and says I wanted to say that Anurag is fine now, we will finish work and come, Nivedita said rasams should end before 4, can you start that. Veena says fine, come soon. She says Prerna was saying about mahurat. Mohini says we should start rasam. She asks Nivedita about the plate they kept for Veena. Servant gets the gifts plate. The lady likes the costly Banarasi saree. Mohini shows the jewellery. The ladies like it and ask the price.

Mohini says its normal gifts for me, its cheap, just 3.5 lakhs, I wanted to give pure gold zari saree to Veena, I really want Veena to wear this saree. The lady asks the price of the jewellery set. Mohini says its worth 9 lakhs. Veena says sorry, we can’t accept this. Mohini asks her to accept the gifts with love, else how will she accept Prerna as her bahu, its a rasam. Nivedita asks Veena to accept their love. Shekhar nods to Veena. Mohini and Veena fulfill the gifting ceremony. Mohini shows the gold coin to the ladies. The lady says Veena ji, you should have got gold bangles. Mohini says if they can’t give gifts as per our level, its not their mistake, its just a rasam, we are not taking dowry. Veena says I m hearing all this as I can give anything for my daughter, even my roof/house.

Suman takes Shekhar aside. Mohini says sorry, you felt offended. Veena says I know your intention, you want to insult us. Shivani calls Prerna and says come home fast, there is a big problem. Prerna says sorry, I have to go home. Anurag says I will come along, it was Shivani’s call, family comes first. Shekhar asks what happened Suman. She says you ask me to think about this family. He says we can go home and talk. She asks why, everyone should know that Sharma family is biased about bahu and daughter, look at your mum’s ego, she has given the house to Prerna, can you all can’t see anyone else, are our needs not needs. He says you are also part of the family, they are your family as well. She says you don’t know that we will come on road. He says its mum’s house. She says you are her son, you have legal right on it, you ask for your share, we will settle away. Shekhar asks did you get mad. Shivani looks on. Shekhar says Suman was just saying, do you want anything. Shivani says nothing, carry on. Mohini says come with me, I need to talk.

She asks ladies not to gossip about their fight. Veena goes with her. The lady wishes to get such gifts. Dadi jokes. Anupam thinks I m sure Mohini has some plan, I wish Anurag and Prerna get married, else marriage will break off. Shivani waits outside. Anurag and Prerna come. Prerna asks what happened. Shivani tells everything. Prerna says its a big problem. Anurag says what’s the problem if my mum wanted to please Veena. Prerna says you won’t understand this. Anurag says maybe Veena is happy and reason is something else. They argue.

Shivani says stop it now, you both don’t fight now. Anurag and Prerna say sorry. He says fine, I m ready to become your puppet. Prerna says you are good the way you are. They smile. Shivani says from fight to romance, what a transition. Anurag gets manager’s call and asks them to do. Das says the raid happened because of Mr. Bajaj. Anurag says find out his address, contact Mr. Gujral, let me know. He says sorry, I can’t come in. Prerna asks did anything happen because of Mr. Bajaj. Anurag says no, there is an imp issue, reporter is arrested. Prerna says then go and free him. He goes. Prerna says I don’t know Mr. Bajaj, he can’t see anyone happy. Shivani says just like Mohini.

Veena comes to Mohini. Mohini asks why are you talking like this, you are talking to name the house to me, why. Veena says I know I will do this and show you. Mohini says how can you give the donated thing to someone, Anurag gifted the house by paying the price to Komolika, you can’t be equal to us, Prerna will get married and come here, she will hide costly things and give it to you. Veena gets angry.

Mr. Bajaj says everyone has his ways, my style is unique and I like it. He points gun at Anurag. Anurag warns him. Mr. Bajaj says you have nothing except your business that I snatch from you, now your everything belongs to me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mohini you are so egoistic
    Be ready because your company is in ready position to get bankrupt
    Then your attitude will break
    And you will become doom
    Then you realize importance of honesty, sincerity, love etc
    And Anurag better you look after your company’s issue
    Otherwise you won’t have anything

  2. Ngkrishnakumari

    Egoistic Mohini need a tight slap from Moloy baba
    Pliz maker’s make Moloy baba recover from the paralyzed state
    Nowadays can’t digest egoistic, pathetic Mohini dialog anymore
    Today’s she crossed all the limits
    Only Anupamji is the sensitive person
    Who is thinking egoistic Mohini is planning something against Anupre
    Suman is too much….
    Thanks Amena for fast update
    Precap :from Monday onwards same Precap

  3. They had s*x in the jungle when goons were chasing them…and prerna got pregnant…then why this “shadi k baad” wla drama???? Tb kahan gyy the sanskar. I mean seriously…makers..kuch to dhyan rkho k pehle kya dikha chuke ho. How typical??
    Shadi k pehle pregnant ho skte hain…bt kiss ni kr skte???…ekta kapoor’s book of “sanskar”.
    And mohini…omg..she is just unbearable from day1.

    1. Seriously, its crap show!! Also on a different topic, why does everyone spell s*x as s*x ?? It is not a bad word.

      1. Maine poora hi type kiya tha…moderation me telly update hi beech me * lga dete hain

    2. So true….bajaj role is more powerful then the anurag….he looks dumb who does not even know how to handle a business…..

      1. Superb really Anurag is just dumb. He is overconfident also.

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