Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj goes insane scared about Anjali’s spirit

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi asking everyone to do the party decorations well and asks Rukmani and Rani, if they saw the food arrangements. Rukmani says yes. Raghav comes and says there will be fun and many twists in the party and asks them to come and take the mask. Premlatha asks what? Raghav asks her to take it. Premlatha and others take the mask. Tashi hopes Rivaaj becomes normal again. Raghav says nothing will happen to Rivaaj as we are with him and says truth always win. Premlatha wears mask and stares Rani. She says she is the one looking at Rani. Rani falls on her feet and apologizes. Dadi gives her property papers and apologizes to her. Premlatha gets happy and shoots Rani and Dadi with the gun. She comes out of her imagination when Dadi calls her. Dadi asks her to wear mask in the party and asks her to make sure Rivaaj doesn’t do anything. Premlatha says ok.

Rukmani comes to room and sees Rivaaj praying to the God. He has kept many God idols and the religious photo frames all around the room. She says I brought surprise for you. Rivaaj asks where did you go leaving me alone and says if Anjali comes here. Rukmani says nobody can come, I am with you. He hugs her. Rukmani shows the mask and says we will wear this in party. Rivaaj says I will not come. Rukmani says Anjali can’t do anything when everyone is around. Rivaaj says you have become matured and tells that he will come to the party. He tries the mask. Rukmani looks on.

Tashi asks Rani what to wear? Rani helps her select the dress. Tashi says I wish you would have helped Rivaaj and says nobody believe on ghost, don’t know what happened to him. Rani says some people get afraid of their own karma and says the wrong doings take the form of ghost. She says she hopes that Rivaaj’s all tension will be gone in this party.

Dadi calls Shivraj and tells about Rivaaj’s madness. She says he called the Tantrik yesterday. She tells that they have kept the party to make people think that everything is fine in the house. Rukmani brings something and keeps on table. She says don’t know how Rivaaj is believing on the ghost, although he is strong. Premlatha comes and scolds Rukmani. She says she will call ghade wale baba. Dadi asks her to be quiet and not to tell anything to Rivaaj. She says she has kept this party so that Rivaaj gets better.

Rani comes out of bathroom, toweling her hairs. Raghav looks at her and gets mesmerized seeing her. yeh moh moh ke dhaage plays….Raghav couldn’t keep his eyes off her and collides with the door. He signs Rani and goes to bathroom. Rani gets ready and tries to zip her dress. Raghav comes out from bathroom and helps her. The song continues to play. Raghav looks at Rani and touches her cheeks and hair. Rani thanks her. She says party will start in sometime and Rivaaj’s truth will be out. Raghav nods his head. Rani asks him to get ready and says she will call Anjali. Raghav smiles feeling shy about his feelings for Rani.

The guests come for the masquerade party. Shivaj comes and greets Dadi. He greets the guests. Tashi makes him wear mask. They ask where is Raghav? The guest asks where is Raghav? Rani and Raghav come there. Dadi says he is our Shaan, my grand son. The guest says that Rani and Raghav are perfect couple. Premlatha says even my son is very handsome. Rivaaj comes holding Rukmani’s hand. He throws gangajal on everyone and says she will not come now. Premlatha says he is sprinkling perfume on you all. Raghav tells Rani that he is feeling good seeing Rivaaj broken. Rani says he will confess to all his crimes and then our plan will be successful. The guests compliment Rani and Raghav’s Jodi. Some of them gossip that elder son got well, and Rivaaj got mad now. Tashi announces paper dance competition. Rivaaj says he will not do. Rukmani says if you are with me then Anjali can’t do anything. Rivaaj lifts her saying he will dance. Raghav asks Rani to dance with him. Song plays tu Nazam Nazam sa…..Rani and Raghav dance. Rivaaj hugs Rukmani being scared and dance. Tashi asks them to fold the paper and come closer. Everyone is out of game except Rani and Raghav. Tashi announces them as winner.

Raghav tells Rani that Anjali is not found and went somewhere with her luggage. He says nobody knows where she went.

Precap: Rukmani tells that Rivaaj is behaving like Raghav in the party. Rani says we shall get the same doctor who treated Raghav. Doctor comes and is about to give him electric shock. Rivaaj tells Shivraj that Rani called the doctor to make him mad and confesses to his crime.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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