Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag and Prerna get safe

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Prerna saying promise me, you will love me the same way. Anurag says no, I will love you more than this, promise me, you will never leave me. She promises and hugs him. Mahi ….plays… He says none will come between us, no relation, no person and no misunderstanding, we will get engaged tomorrow in front of everyone, like you wanted, so are you ready to get engaged to your husband. She smiles and nods. They hug.

Ronit says they will be here, go and find him, they like to run away, I want them here, I promise get them here, I will pay you double money. He takes the knife from the goon. He says this way goes to main road right, they would have gone there to take lift. He stops a truck. He says you can earn much money if you want. Driver says yes, I will take you, sit in the back side. Ronit and goons get inside the truck. Ronit says this time, I will kill you both. Anurag and Prerna walk on the road. She says a truck is coming, go and hide. Anurag asks why. She says they won’t stop seeing us together. Ronit sees her and says get this girl in the truck. Goon sees police and says police is here. Prerna says drop us to main road, we will take taxi, my husband and I….

Anurag says yes. Driver looks on. Anurag says its okay, go. Ronit says come on drive. Prerna says you refused to him. Inspector asks do you have any problem. Anurag asks how far is the highway. Inspector says its too far, like 4 hours away, this area is low signal one. I will try to send a taxi if possible. Anurag thanks him. Anurag says I didn’t like that driver. Prerna asks really, walk for four hours now. He says sorry, I didn’t get good vibes from that driver, he looked weird, sorry.

She gets tired and sits. Anurag asks her to get up. He lifts her and says you were asking me to go to gym, think I started it today. She smiles. He says don’t look at me like this, I will fall in love with you. She says let it happen. He says maybe its going to rain, we shall go to that house and stay for some time. Ronit asks driver to stop the truck. He says this is the only way, Anurag and Prerna will pass from here, they have to face me now. Anurag and Prerna come to some house and get inside. He calls out someone and gets no answer. He lights a lantern. She rests to sleep. He says good night and lies down somewhere far. Dhadak….plays… It thunders. She doesn’t get sleep. She asks can you come here and turns to see. She finds him next to her. He says sorry, I thought you are feeling scared. She says I m scared of two things, darkness and thunder. He gets her in arms and says don’t get scared, I m here, good night.

Mishka comes to Inspector and says Ronit didn’t answer my call, maybe he doubts that I m against him, he can harm even me, do something, find him inspector, he has got dangerous. Nivedita says relax, you will stay with us now, promise me. Inspector says Ronit won’t get saved, don’t worry, go home and leave this on me. Constable says Ronit’s phone is traced. Inspector rushes.

Its morning, Anurag wakes up and doesn’t see Prerna. He goes out and calls her out. He worries. She says I m here, why are you shouting. He hugs her and says I was so worried. She says I went to see where we are. He says you should have told me, I was scared. She hugs him. Ronit and his goons come. Ronit claps and says you fit in Laila and Majnu’s role so well, its time to die like them. He gets a knife. Anurag falls down. Prerna shouts no. Anurag stabs him stomach before Ronit could stab him. Anurag stops the goons from reaching Prerna. Ronit sees police coming. He runs from there. Inspector shoots and follows him. Police takes away the goons.

At home, Everyone hugs Anurag and Prerna. Anupam asks servant to call Mohini. Nivedita says we were so worried for you. Prerna says as long as Anurag is with me, I m fine. Mohini comes and cries seeing Anurag. He says relax, I m fine. She says I was scared. Moloy smiles. He says see Prerna is fine. Mohini says I was so restless, see Moloy, our Anurag is back. Anurag says I informed Veena, they will be here. Veena comes with her children. Veena says I m glad seeing you. She hugs Prerna. Veena greets Moloy. Anurag asks servant to get sweets. He says I have to give you all some responsibilities, none was present when Prerna and I got married. Mohini says yes, marriage happens with all the rituals, why are you saying this now. He says many people don’t accept this marriage. Mohini thinks thank God, he also doesn’t accept this marriage, he called Prerna’s family so that they take her away. He says Prerna also thinks the same, that marriage happens with all the rituals, what’s it called, a social marriage. Mohini gets shocked. Everyone smiles.

Anurag says this is your heart, connected. Mohini says Prerna can never become my bahu. Anurag asks who are you, where are you Mr. Bajaj. Mr Bajaj is seen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. SsiyAa

    how many of you feel ronit only oes overacting?… i felt so..

    1. naruto uzumaki

      prerna does overacting she’s a b*t*h

      1. yes i agree

      2. Even I agree

    2. lol prerna is a fluke

  2. SsiyAa

    also, ronit was good person in 1st episode where he said,” shivani i love you but i need to protect you from sister komolika…etc. etc.” and today he’s like this. Any reason for transformation? or he was always like that?…

  3. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today’s episode was good
    It’s not fair Ronit the bhalu man easily escape from the cop
    Mishka is scared of her own brother that means she is going to stay basubari leaving her unwell father alone at home
    Bajaj is going to enter Anupre life
    Anupre wants social marriage
    Maybe Mishka and Anurag
    Bajaj and prerna on the way
    If I’m not wrong
    Afterall it’s kasauti zindagi kay
    I have never seen such egoistic mother like Mohini
    She doesn’t care about her children happiness only care about the dignity, status, money
    She is an pathetic and money minded woman
    Precap :I like the way Anurag gesture ♥ symbol through prerna
    Mr Bajaj entry ?
    Thanks Amena for fast update

  4. Bajaj and komolika better than mohini.mohini is main villian.

  5. Everything is good.wat abt prerna pregnancy.we have to wait for anurag mis understood that child is Bajaj child.dhow some reality rubbish

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