Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Naina holds a wooden log to beat the goons who flee now.
Raja sat beside Vikrant, who had a nightmare about Laila telling Raja to leave. Vikrant wakes up crying and requests Raja not to leave him, he would be a good boy and will every abide by his orders. Raja assures Vikrant nothing is his mistake, but Vikrant cries he is a bad boy and everyone including his mother, baba, and elder brother left him. Raja hugs Vikrant. Nani sat on the door clapping.
Vijay follows the ladies, as Naina and Rekha take their mother to a hiding.
Nani questions Raja why he made them both used to himself, only to own BS property. He made these relation, but now when these relations have become a burden for him he is leaving. If he leaves now, Laila would break and she wonders what would happen to Vikrant. She allows Raja to leave still if he wants to, but God would never forgive him for this.
Rani drives an auto with her mother and Rekha seated back, Vijay follows them on bike.
Raja knocks at Laila’s door and requests to come in. Laila asks if he is ready to cross this limit.
On the way, Rekha says they need someone for help who isn’t afraid of even the police. Naina thinks about Raja’s protectiveness. Mummy wasn’t ready to go to Raja, but Rekha insists only he can help them.
Raja tells Laila he is really tensed, he can’t even leave Vikrant but he can’t live with her. Laila asks why he wants to stay away from her. Raja tells Laila there was a girl in his life, infact she was his life. Laila asks can’t he forget her. He says a person can’t forget true love and true hatred in life, he had both relations with her. He has a stone in his heart, stones never connect to people. Laila hugs Raja happily, for sharing his past with her. Raja clarifies he can’t look forward until he gets rid of the past memories. They hear Naina’s call from outside and hurries to the hall.
Raja’s man informs him Vijay was stalking them, Naina narrates the whole events to Raja. She apologizes as she must not have come here, but he held a hand over her mother and requests him for help. They hear Vijay calling from outside, Naina fell to her knees crying. Raja drags her outside the palace. Guards held Vijay there, Raja comes out with Naina and her family. Vijay smiles victoriously, and says Raja would never go against police for a girl only. Raja tells Naina to slap him, Vijay was shocked and Naina and others taken aback. Raja repeats; he qualifies women are stronger than men. Naina recalls all what Vijay had done to her and her mother, then slaps him tightly. Raja walks between Vijay and Naina, and gives Vijay last chance to leave the city. He hates two kind of people, police and cowards. He asks the ladies to go inside, Naina turns to leave with her mother and sister. Raja sends Vijay with his men.
Raja walks into the palace. Naina’s mummy faints watching him. Raja calls the doctor, who inspects and tells Raja she shouldn’t get any trouble. Naina comes to thank Raja, Raja turns to leave saying he would have done this to anyone. Naina turns to leave, Rekha asks if she would go back. Vijay and his goons won’t leave them. Naina says she won’t be afraid anymore.
In the room, Laila asks Nani why Raja is so concerned about that girl. Raja comes asking why Laila is reacting, as she never did this before whenever he helped someone. Laila qualifies today, there was concern in his eyes; if she is connected to his past. Raja replies he also met that girl with Laila, and this was enough of questioning.
Vijay was beaten by Raja’s goons, he deters to bring Naina’s destruction back with him when he returns.
In the palace, Naina and Rekha bring mummy to Raja. She tells Raja she always taught her daughters to be brave, but what Vijay did to her was difficult to bear for a mother. Honestly, she didn’t consider him a good person but today he became a God to them. She bents to fell in his feet, but Raja holds her up. Mummy only blesses him to live in peace and turns to leave. Raja calls them to stop, they all turn out of fear. Raja says they need not to leave a fearful life anymore, from now on they will live here.

PRECAP: Naina curses her habit of waking up in the middle of night. She wanders around the palace and hits Raja, who holds her in his arm.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I don’t like what I’m reading. Going to take a break from this serial, will read comments….if any, won’t be watching. It’s not in the least bit interesting. Writers, you all have lost your way with this serial and no comments here means no one likes the current track ,you all better redo your episodes, then air them.

  2. this is silly i was expecting him to find imran alive in prison and a flash back of raj mata saying rani is dead and imran telling raja he is free and rani loved him
    raja feeling bad going to find raj mata living with jeevs then a glash back of her hiding rani and changing all as she has lost her memory and leaving amr khot to save herfrom harm
    but she doesnt know rani has met raja
    then slowly the memories would come back and she finds raj mata
    the end they all return but this is crazy no logic no plot whole point was she was amr khot rani

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