Gangaa 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thumki curses her luck that Shiv just reached, and was upset that she is really hungry. Shiv sits to have food. Savitri says had he informed them, they could have waited for him. Shiv says he doesn’t like everyone wait for him. Savitri accompanies him during the dinner, while Ganga and Thumki stood there. Muneem ji comes to take Shiv back as a few employees are leaving job. Savitri complains Muneem that Shiv only reached home, he may take Pratab. Kushal says only Shiv’s signatures work. Savitri was curt when Muneem and Kushaal insist only Shiv will take his father’s place. Shiv leaves. Savitri also leaves the hall curtly. Thumki hurries for dinner. She forbids Ganga to sit and eat, as her husband hasn’t eaten yet. Ganga hears angrily. Thumki says when her husband has eaten, she can only eat in his left over plate. Ganga replies she has no problem in looking forward to his return, but she won’t eat in a left over plate. Thumki asks if she seems to be an owl, Ganga must mind it that everyone must abide by the rules of this house. Ganga leaves the hall. Thumki calls from behind, that eating the left over increases love. Shiv used to feed Parvati with his own hands, but it seems it’s not her fate to eat this way. In the room, Ganga drinks water to calm herself down. She was upset about Shiv’s cold behavior. She lay on the bed, then sits up upset that these people appear to be strangers. She cries that she herself is a stranger, she doesn’t recognize her own self.
Shiv returns home late at night, he finds Savitri’s room light still on and goes to her. He massages her legs, and holds himself responsible for bringing this loneliness to her life. Savitri considers this her fate, but now she realizes what Shiv must have bear after Parvati. She also understands he has to bear Ganga as a burden now. Shiv says he would never be able to give Ganga the rank and place of a wife. Savitri assures her side to Shiv, just like his father. She goes to get a box full of laddu; like his father did. She will continue his tradition now and places a laddu in Shiv’s hand. Shiv massages her legs for a while, then leaves the room.
There, Ganga has a dream about drowning, and Sagar’s call for Ganga and Krishna. She wakes up sweating and notices allergy all over her bed. There were pests over her bed, she gets down screaming. Thumki and Ria enter, Ganga points towards the ticks on bed. Ria goes to get an ointment, Thumki cheers this seems to be Radhika’s mischievousness. Radhika smiles from behind.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Shiv was slowly closing to ganga but not ganga become close to ganga because gangas sol met is only Sagar and hope Sagar will come back to show

  2. I found it shocking that the house rules, DIL are not to eat at same time as everyone else. They have to wait after their husbands! Its very obvious there is a hierarchy pyramid, note where the Mother sits – on a gold throne!?! Other members of the family on the floor! The Chaduvetri family dines together using table and chairs in a civilised for all members of the family to gather around and to enjoy each others company.

    Something tells me that Step Mom (Shiv Mum) has something to do with Parvita’s death. Maybe Ganga will expose her and find evidence against her?

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