Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Raghav saying Khan chacha that he will convince his mom first to accept Soniya as her daughter-in-law/bahu and then he will inform Soniya that he is Raghav Roy, Ratna Roy’s son. Khan chacha sees Ratna standing behind Raghav and gets tensed. Ragha turns back and sees Soniya. Soniya says Raghav that she wants to talk to him and asks if his mom is coming tonight? She then shows him his mom’s anklet and says it is her mom’s last evidence and says when her mom comes, she will gift he this anklet and will feel that her mother has come back. Raghav reminisces her mom’s hatred towards Soniya, but promises that his mom will accept her gift and is lucky to have a bahu like her. He thinks he will speak to Ratna about it.

Daada/daadi comes back home. Daada asks Ratna why did not she speak to Raghav before arranging his engagement. Ratna says Raghav has not denied her decision till now. Daada asks if she ever tried to know whom Raghav wants to marry. Ratna says if he is in love with someone, he would have informed me. She sees Samaira’s parents and goes to greet them.

Soniya gets ready for tonight’s meeting with Raghav’s mom. Sisters see her and praise her beauty. They joke that she will set Raghav’s heart on fire with her beauty, says they have prepared food, sweets, etc., for the guests. Soniya gets emotional hearing that. Sisters ask why is she getting emotional. She says her sisters have grown now. Fruity jokes that they drink milk, so they have grown soon. Deepu says jiju’s mom will like her and our house.

Ratna shows jewelry to Samaira and her parents. Samaira says she would have informed Raghav once. Ratna says he will not disobey me. Raghav comes there and looks at the decoration surprisingly. Ratna says she has a surprise for him and shows engagement rings. Raghav is shocked see them. She then says she knows his choice and gives his hand in Samaira’s hand saying she has chosen Samaira for him. Raghav is shocked to hear that and tries to take back hand. Ratna sees his tensed face and gets serious. Raghav says Samaira is just my friend. Ratna says she thought you like he. Raghav says he likes her, but not as a life partner. Ratna says Samaira is rich, well cultured, classy and is capable of becoming my bahu and she has promised her. Raghav says even he has promised someone and cannot break it, says there is someone else in his life. Ratna is shocked to hear that and asks who is she. He says Soniya ji and he loves her. She asks why did not he tell her before and who is this Soniya, is her family richer than Samaira’s and if she is capable of becoming her bahu. Raghav says love happens between 2 hearts and not bank accounts, says Samaira is my friend and soniya is my love. He apologizes Samaira and says he knows he is her culprit and asks to forgive him, says she will be her good friend forever. Ratna says life’s decision are not taken in a hurry. Raghav says decisions taken by heart are not wrong. Ratna says Samaira is his childhood friend and he would have thought about her before taking a decision, asks if he has an answer for this. Samaira says she will answer and says she is Raghav’s best friend and is angry on him as he hid about his love to his bestfriend. She hugs him and says she forgave him and wants to meet the girl and thank her for protecting her from this monkey. Raghav smiles and thanks her. Ratna asks Samaira how can she give her rights to someone. Saamira says rights are taken in war, not in love. She asks her parents if they understand her decision. Dad says he understands her and says Ratna that if we forcefully get our children married, they won’t be happy, it is their life and decision should also be theirs.

Precap: Soniy dances with Raghav in dandiya competition on nagare sang dhol baje….song.

Update Credit to: MA

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