Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav sees Abhiman misbehaving with Deepika and asks how dare he is to touch his family. Deepika says it is just a misunderstanding. Abhiman asks him to stay out of his personal issues. Raghav says Deepika is his family member and he will not tolerate any misbehaviour with her and says Abhiman cannot understand it as he does not have a family at all. Abhiman angrily holds his collar and asks him how dare he is to comment on his personal life. Raghav also holds his collar and they both start fighting. Ratna comes there and asks them to stop fighting.

Anjali happily comes home after shopping. Khushi asks her to show what she has in her bag. Anjali pushes her on ground and she gets injured. Rathi sees that and asks Anjali how can she push her sister. Anjali says she did not push her and instead she was hold her and asks why should she show her personal things to others. Rathi asks her how can she misbehave with her and asks her to show what she is hiding. Anjali says she does not want to show. Khushi says Anjali has changed after coming to this house.

Ratna asks Raghav and Abhiman to stop fighting and says Raghav he cannot comment on Abhiman’s personal life, says he cannot misbehave with his employees for his personal reasons. She asks Deepika to not talk about this issue at home and to keep it in he cabin itself. Once they both go, she thinks she cannot see her both sons fights and then gets happy that Abhiman is getting away from Deepika, soon Soniya’s sisters will leave her house.

Anjali and Khushi start fighting. Anjali says Khushi is dreaming big and is thinking about costly 3D animation course, though she is not capable. Rathi asks them both to stop fighting and says Soniya is there to take decisions. Suhasi sees their fight and think Ratna’s plan is working well.

Raghav calls Soniya and asks her to come home immediately as he wants to talk something important. She waits for Chintu come. He calls her again and asks her to come immediately. She leaves towards home thinking what must have happened.

Fruity eats choc cake pieces continuously. Rathi asks her to stop eating as she has already eaten 5 since morning. Fruity says she will not and runs from there. Soniya reaches home. Rathi says it is good she came home as she is getting mad sorting our sister’s fights. Soniya says she has to go and meet Raghav and runs towards room. Raghav tells her what happened at Ratna’s office. Soniya says he is very possessive and protective about her and her sisters, so he fought with Abhiman unnecessarily, says Abhiman and Deepika are competing for a creative director position, so their fight is obvious. He says everyone is right and he is wrong. She asks him not to think about is husband like that and asks him to smile, jokes that they can do a mock interview for Vanity magazine and even call Samaira here. He smiles and asks if he can call Samaira now. She throws pillow on him and he runs.

Deepika sees Abhiman in his cabin and asks why is he still here instead of going home as he is ill. He asks her not to talk to him, else her jiju will misunderstand him and start fighting again. She says she forgave him and wants to compromise, but he is still adamant. He says he does not want her friendship and asks her to go from his cabin. She says she will also be professional with him and will show where his place is and will win creative director’s post. Abhiman says that position is only for him and she will know about it soon. She ways we will see and walks out of his cabin.

Raghav and Soniya call Samaira home and start mock Vanity magazine interview with sisters and Suhasi. Raghav says sisters will have to ramp walks and Samaira will show it. Suhasi says she will become a Dubai judge. Samaira does cat walk. Raghav watches her carefully and Soniya gets jealous. He says she can also cat walk for him. Soniya ramp walks and everyone claps for her. Suhasi gives 10/10 marks for her. Raghav calls Deepika’s name next. Soniya says she has not come home yet. He calls Khushi next. Anjali gets worried that Soniya will scold her now and says Khushi is in her room and is not feeling well. Soniya goes to bring her. Anjali apologizes Rathi and asks her not to tell Soniya about her fight with Khushi and says she will make up with Khushi. Rathi says what if Khushi tells Soniya about your fight. Anjali gets worried.

Precap: During photoshoot Fruity pukes and falls unconscious.

Update Credit to: MA

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