Ek Hasina Thi 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hasina Thi 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Durga and Akash finding some clue at Raima’s house. They are shocked seeing Rajnath come and hide. Rajnath sits calmly and calls Sakshi. He threatens her as Akram Rahmat Khan. Durga says it means its Rajnath who is blackmailing Sakshi. Rajnath says she has to get the tape. Sakshi asks where she has to come. Rajnath gives her the address and time. Sakshi asks what if he cheats her. He says take the risk, as you are doing this to save your son. He ends the call and says he will end Sakshi’s game soon. Durga’s phone falls. Rajnath gets alert. Akash takes Durga and leaves hurriedly. Rajnath goes to see and does not find anyone. Durga says thank Lord, we are saved. She gets Kangana’s message and says its good news, she found Mrs. Basu.

Durga calls Kangana and thanks her. She says we will go and meet her. Akash asks is she sure Anuradha will help her. Durga says yes, before that, we have to make plan to take tape from Rajnath. Akash says Rajnath called Sakshi out of city, I will keep mic there. He asks how is he blackmailing her, Durga says by something that is risky for Shaurya, I want to know everything, we will keep GPS tracker in Sakshi’s car, I can’t take any chance. Akash says he will manage, and when to expose Rajnath. Durga says she has an idea and tells him. (Muted)

Dev thinks about Akash. Durga comes home, and Dev asks her about Akash. He asks is Akash more than her friend. She says their marriage is a deal, and he does not have right to ask personal questions. Dev says I know you are hiding something. Durga says Akash is more than her friend. Dev is shocked. Durga goes to washroom and cries. Dev thinks he can see Nitya is lying, and wants to make me away from her. He says he won’t go far from her, he knows Akash worked as her informer, and his loyalty was for her. There is no truth than this. Durga says I m sorry Dev, I can’t risk your life after losing Baba. She says she is ready to pay this price of keeping him away from her to save his life. He thinks about Dayal’s last words . She says I m sorry Baba, maybe he wanted to tell the truth to Dev. She says she can’t do this, and cries.

Sanjukta leaves from centre and goes back to take her mobile. She is shocked seeing Shaurya work out and completely fine. She asks how is this possible. He stops her and says he is a bad guy, and they don’t let girls go. She says I m sorry. He says its good if he stays paralyzed. She asks did he go out and kill Dayal, when his parents came here and asked the same. He says he is fond of her and gives her two choices. Sakshi signs on papers. Rajnath comes home. The manager says her sign is wrong, and shows Rajnath. Rajnath reads Sakshi Rahmat Khan, and she is stunned.

She asks the manager to get all office work at office. He leaves. Rajnath asks how did she recall her past. Sakshi says we should not forget it, and reminds him his past. He smiles and thinks its affecting. Shaurya comes home on wheelchair and greets them. Sanjukta is tensed. Sakshi asks what is he doing. Shaurya says she said he can come home when his legs get well. They are surprised and glad seeing Shaurya. Sanjukta says Shaurya wanted to come home.

Sakshi says she is happy that Shaurya is back. Rajnath asks her how can she stop his treatment. Sakshi says he can’t understand. Rajnath thinks she will keep her son close and he knows how to take advantage of her weakness. Sakshi asks Shaurya not to joke like this again. Shaurya says he is happy to see their happy expressions, when he comes back to meet them after he gets fine. He thinks that he has made Sanjukta take him home, and say she is going out for two weeks, and drop him home. Sanjukta agrees. Shaurya asks her to leave. She leaves. Shaurya says he was missing everyone, and Durga Bhabhi.

Sakshi is shocked to know Dayal and Durga’s DNA does not match. Sakshi looks at her pic and asks who are you, if you are not Dayal’s daughter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Supb…durga…
    U always rockz…

  2. dalvir bains

    wow!!!!! durga,,,,,superb

  3. Im really going to miss this serial!!

  4. Really the story is too good. Episodes r running unlike other serial. Really missing these scenes

  5. Really the story is too good. Episodes r running unlike other serials.Really missing these scenes.


  7. Mein ek nanha sa, pyara sa, chota sa bachcha hoon says Shaurya to Durga.
    Time to pack up guys.

  8. Really gonna miss dis show…..

  9. Awesome story. Will miss the show.

  10. Why evry 1 is saying that we will miss this show ???

  11. Mindblowing and beat ever show son indian tv. Plzzz guys lets make it no. Show based on trp b4 it goes air off

  12. If durga met dayal in his last minutes… Couldn’t he tell her n the cops tht Shaurya has shot him??

  13. durga you rock and you will rock always

  14. Gud gng akash n durga!!!
    expose evry1 b4 sakshi finds U:-)
    Devga u were too emotional:|
    love u both:-)

  15. Hey horia!!!
    we wil miss it,b’coz the show is going off air b4 22nd dec:-(

  16. Yup PC!!!
    I also thgt da same
    bt may b dere is sm more interesting to watch dan dis!!!
    hope 4 da best 4 devga n offcourse akash!!!

  17. true pc evn i thought d same cudnt dayal jst utter shaurya..durga cud hv guessed..

  18. i jst hope nw sakshi dsnt relate payal n guess dat durga z nitya herself..oh god..!!

  19. good serial ever. Hit suspense soap opera

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