Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soniya looks at Raghav’s pic and reminisces disguising as Radha/krisha with him, their engagement, etc. and smiles. She thinks all the problems are because of this pic and tries to throw it, but stops and starts looking back at it. She then hides it in a book, thinks her sisters will find it and then hides it under her pillow, thinks sisters will think she keeps Bobby’s pic under her pillow and is in love, takes it out and starts looking back at it. Deepu sees that and smiles. She says her sisters that she saw Soniya holding Bobby’s pic and talking to it. Sisters say they forced them to part ways and hope an angel comes and fixes their problem. Deepu imagines Abhiman and thinks he is an angel and he is he lucky charm, prays god to send him tomorrow morning to temple.

Soniya gets ready after bath and sees Raghav standing behind her. He says she looks beautiful without makeup and applies bindi on her forehead. She then realizes that it was her imagination and thinks why is she thinking about Bobby ji. Deepu calls her and she goes out of her room.

Raghav takes his daada/daadi’s blessings by touching their feet. Daadi prays for his peaceful longer life. Daada asks him to listen to his heart. Raghav says okay and tries to walk out. Daada asks Daadi if Raghav will take a right decision. She says he has to listen to his heart just. Ratna stops him. He touches her feet. She asks if he is alright. He smiles and leaves.

Soniya and Raghav reach temple with sisters. Soniya gets her ankle sprained and limps. Raghav lifts her, she asks him to get her down, he says it will take just 10 min and performs rituals looking at her. Sisters watch that and get happy. She reminisces his concern for her earlier. Ek rishta…. song plays in the background. After pooja, Soniya asks him to drop her down as she wants to pray herself. She gets into temple with pooja thali, limping while Raghav and sisters follow her behind. Raghav stands next to her, looks at her romantically, and reminisces daada’s words. Fruity asks sisters why no one is telling anything, don’t know what will happen. Raghav reminisces then daadi and Deepu’s words. Soniya tries to remove engagement ring sadly. Raghav says Soniya that we both are foolish not to listen to our heart and today he heard his heart and says I love you Soniya ji. Ek rishta… song plays in the background. He holds her hand, but she pulls her hands back and says when we tell story to kids, they will think it as true and firs time, story teller is thinking story as true. She says we both told lie, then how can he consider it as true, she does not have feelings for him. Raghav and sisters get sad hearing that.

Precap: Raghav asks Soniya why she cares for him. She says he is her friend and nothing more than that.

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