Devon ke Dev Mahadev 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with rohitang thinks about realization when he called “OM”. He got power blessings from tridev. Mata laxmi says to mahadev, rohitang didnt expect this before. Mahadev says, new chapter is going to start and nobody will leave with this. mahadev says to rohitang, you always think that i will feel pain and i will accept it. Rohitang calls his mother then mata prithvi arise. Rohitang hugs her. Rohitang says, i will left alone one day. Mata says, i will not leave you, my son. I will live you forever. mata parvati says, swami, if rohitang will want to know about you then he has to leave his angry.
Here indra waits for nigas. Devta taunts about nigas taht he will not come. Nigas comes. Nigas says, as per pre-commitment, i didnt come with weapons. indra says, ok, i just want to say that support me, so that i will not kill you. Otherwise i will kill you. Nigas says, what do you want? INdra says, i want revenge, Personally. andhak and rohitang wants revenge from me and then they use tund to take revenge from me and mahadev but tund is no more. Mahadev killed him. Nigas says, i am not without weapon but i can harm you. Indra says, after your brother death, will he support you. NO, he moves away and done another summit with shankchur. He dont need nobody. if i was on your state then i will not support him, so that i will also win and i will also win. I also want to take revenge from him. You and me will fight together. Nigas says, i dont like him and i happy to see that mahadev has killed him. Rohitang has didnt do anything wrong with me then why will i harm him, if you will know something then tell me.
Mata prithvi says, today you realize about power of tridev and this power is in whole world and this type of power cannot get easily. People will worship for years for this kind of powers but you get it easily. Rohitang says, i again come back in same state. Mata says, i also get exploitation and i get a lessons from them. We have recover back from our exploitation. Rohitang says, you have said to me that you will with me forever. I have heard today about your story. mahadev make you free from pain instead this you will help me.
Mata says to mahadev, what kind of examination is for devi prithvi. I can feel her pain. when rohitang calls om then i felt that his false behaviour will turn. But i was wrong. mahadev says, parvati, somebody worship for whole life but they didnt get anything but rohitang hate me and he wants to hurt me and whenever he feel right then he got the right truth. Mata says, then we will wait for it. Mahadev says, i was expecting that it goes in right path.
Shankchur waits for order of rohitang and says, we have completed our work and most important thing is that i have given oath to rohitang. Minister says, we have completed all task. Devi tulsi says, wait, something is left. Tulsi put jewellery on shankchur. Shankchur says, i dont believe you but i trust you, thats why i will wear it.
rishi biblarth worship mahadev and dev kampan comes. biblarth says, rohitang didnt come. dev kampan says, i was expecting that you can tell me the answer, i have told him about om power. Dev kampan says, didnt it give wrong effect on rohitang. Rohitang comes and says, no guru dev. now rishi biblarth come and told me about something special. somebody is really important in mahadev’s life. Ganga or gangadhar. Biblarth says, tiryambkashwar.

Precap:- Rohitang says, no mahadev, none of the power can distract my power. Dev guru inform to indra that shankchur is coming here with his force.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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