Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

During Mahabharath play, Karan/Raghav says he cannot fight with his own brother. Sanjay/Anjali then concludes the show saying if Karan and Arjun would have united like we showed, Mahabharath battle would not have happened. Everyone claps for them. Abhiman gets up and says though their moral of play is good, in reality mahabharath would not have happened if Kunti would have accepted karan and would not have vandalized him, so the main culprit is Kunti. He says whatever the reason is, a mother cannot leave her son like that and the truth is if a mother can builder her child’s life, she can also ruin it, this truth cannot be changed. He walks out form there. Ratna gets sad hearing that.

Sisters sadly discuss that their attempt of uniting Raghav and Abhiman went waste and they are still loggerheads with each other. Soniya says we will unite 2 brothers at any cost. Suhasi hears their conversation and thinks if they unite, her plan of extracting money will fail.

Ratna comes back to her room and sees furniture ransacked and gets angry thinking Fruity has done it. She sees a letter on bed by Suhasi who asks her 20 lakhs ransom for keeping the secret that Abhiman is her son.

Raghav says Soniya that Abhiman must have gone through a bad phase in life, so he was talking weird. She says he is right. Raghav then says why is he talking about that man like this, he is very arrogant. She says she will get water for him and goes to kitchen.

In kitchen , Soniya sees her sisters discussing how to unite Raghav and Abhiman. Anjali jokes that she thought after the play, both brother will hug each other, but they both are completely different. Deepika ask her to stop shouting, else someone will listen to them. Fruity sees Ratna standing there and says she heared it all. Ratna asks everyone to come to her room. In room, Ratna throws mone and jewelry in front of them and asks to take all this. Soniya asks what is this. Ratna says she also wants to ask the same and ask her not act like an innocent. She shows letter and says they sent this letter via Fruity to blackmail her and asks them to stop blackmailing them. Soniya says she is very intelligent, then how can she allege her like this. She is wife of Raghav who is legal heir of her property, so why will she blackmail her for just 20 lakhs. She says she knows someone is blackmailing her and tells her all the incident happened. She says even after marriage, she could not leave her sisters, so she wants Raghav also to unite with his brother, they did this play to unite them. Fruity says they even recorded Raghav’s apology and stopped Abhiman from resigning. Ratna cries emotionally. Fruity wipes her tears and says they are all with her. Ratna hugs all sisters.

Ratna says sisters that they are trying to unite 2 pieces of her heart and if they succeed, she will give whatever the need. Soniya says business is not made between family and says right now, we should find out who this blackmailer is. Deepika says if she has found letter in her room, that means someone from home has done this and doubts on servants. Ratna says servants are here since years and they cannot do this. Deepika says then only Suhasi is left. Ratna says she also doubted her, but she saw her in room when she came back home after giving ransom money. Soniya says they have to clear their doubt. Deepika asks where would Suhasi spend money, they have to find it out.

Precap: IT officer arrests Suhasi for buying jewelry with fake money and asks constable to arrest her. Suhasi says Ratna gave her this money.

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