Mahakumbh 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra shouting on inspector Chobey. Maai signs him stop and scolds Chobey. Chobey asks them to leave and pushes Maai. Rudra runs to her and falls by her leg. Punnu holds Maai and Rudra sees her fallen on the ground. He gets angry. Punnu asks Maai to come with him, and takes her. Rudra’s eyes fill with rage and he takes down Chobey and his staff. They all beat him with Lathis. Rudra is unaffected and beats them. The staff tries protecting Chobey, but Rudra does not spare him. Kumbh me ek tu utha hai……………plays………………. Maya comes there and sees Rudra beating Chibey violently and killer ways. She says leave him, he will die. Rudra turns and sees her, while holding Chobey’s neck with the wooden stick. She says leave him.

A constable comes and hits Rudra on his head. Maai senses it. Rudra shakes and sees Maya, as the police holds him to take him to police station. Maai asks what are they doing, leave him, where are you taking my son. Maya stops Maai and says come with me, nothing will happen to run after him, I will say what to do. Maai asks who is she. She says I m Maya. Swami ji meets some criminals as his helper tells him about their crimes and how they are ready amd just waiting for two more. Swami ji says how to tell them I m not ready and can’t go out without them, two people are still coming. He says leave it now, they are those people who make me Swami, if I don’t help them in cleaning their sins, who will help them, we will use them, they are not criminals now, but my servers. He makes the criminals take the look of their serving people.

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Maai comes to Chobey and asks him to leave Rudra, she will move her shop. Chobey says I won’t leave him, he has beaten me a lot, and he will put some cases on him that he can’t be free. He makes some cases on Rudra and asks Maai to leave. Maya looks on. Maai says he did this as he could not see his Maai in problem. Maya starts talking to someone and says yes Mama ji, just check about sub inspector Chobey. Chobey asks what did he do that she called someone. Chobey gets a call from his senior. Maya says we are waiting outside, like you brought him here, leave him. She takes Maai outside. Punnu asks Maya will Rudra be free. Maya says why not, if he has beaten 20 policemen and was killing the inspector. She asks Maai why did she leave Rudra free, he beats people like free bull, is this ordinary thing to beat policeman.

Rudra looks at Chobey with anger and shakes the chair. Chobey gets tensed and recalls the beating. He asks him to leave and Rudra leaves. Maya says I managed today, but be careful form next time, ask him to control his anger, else he will be in jail. Rudra sees Maya talking to Maai and comes to her. He holds her by her neck and Maai and Punnu ask Rudra to leave her. He says first you got me caught and now scolding my Maai. Maai says this girl has freed you, leave her. Rudra leaves Maya. Punnu and Maai explain Rudra and ask him to go home. Rudra leaves and Punnu goes after him. Maya uses her asthma pump. Maai says Rudra is grown up around dead people, he does not know how to behave with live people, I m sorry. Maya says no need to say this, I m fine, he is hurt, you go to him.

Maai asks why did she help them, as she is not related to them. Maya says help is done on need, not by seeing relations, I was going home and saw all this. She says when anyone gets hurt, we should not think to help or not, I have a problem that I can’t see anyone hurt, lets go, even I m from your locality now. Maai smiles. Swami ji tells Chote that he has sent the new DM, who is trying to make him weak. Chote says the one who has cheated us. Swami ji says we have to be alert, jailer is under the DM, and DM have the count of how many people come in Kumbh and have CCTV camera, you also control your anger, you are powerful, but don’t bring anger out, go and manage arrangements, I will announce the beginning of Mahakumbh to people.

The people say Jai Swami ji. Swami ji welcomes them and says today will be the beginning of Mahakumbh, which is happening after 144 years which will take us to the life’s amrit. Maai comes to Rudra and says it was not Maya’s mistake, she has saved you and apologize to her. Maai cries and starts emotionally blackmailing him. Rudra asks tell me what to do. She smiles and says why are you talking in anger. She says I know you did all this for me, and your anger went out of control, how many people will you fight with. Rudra says we lost Udiya, we don’t care about anyone now, if you get even a scratch, I will burn this Kashi. Maai looks at him and holds him.

Maya asks Rudra to come with her to Allahabad. Rudra gets angry and shouts on her. He hugs Maai and says he will never leave her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Mahakumbh show is one of the biggest television show that ever seen before.

  2. wow gautum ur awazing yaar.when u get angry u look superb.iam impressed.looking forward for more scene of gautam ka rudra.thanks for update amena.and happy new year.i wish this happy new year brings smile on everyone face and happiness.

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