Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soniya while traveling in auto sees Negi’s car and identifies it as a man’s whom Ratna met the other day on road. She gets out of auto, searches for it’s owner and waits until he comes.

Deepika hurriedly gets into office and searches her presentation papers. She sees Abhiman’s hard disk in her drawer, thinks someone must have hidden it, checks on laptop and finds it empty. She thinks who must have hidden it and what will they gain from it. Peon comes and informs that Ratna has called her conference room.

Soniya does not find car’s owner after a long wait and gets into auto. She sees someone opening car’s door, gets back near auto, and identifies man as someone working in Ratna’s company. Negi says he left that job long back and leaves saying he is in a hurr. Soniya reminisces all the incidents where Negi was present. She thinks when he left company, why was Ratna meeting him and he was even present outside Anjali’s party venue, thinks there is some connection between all this.

Deepika hurriedly gets into Abhiman’s cabin, keeps his hard disk and gets out of it. Abhiman catches her coming out of his cabin and asks if she was checking her hard disk to copy his designs. She tries to explain what happened when Ratna comes and asks them to get into conference hall soon as it is the biggest moment of this life. Soniya calls Deepika to warn her about Ratna’s plan, but she gets into conference hall and cuts it. Conference starts and Ratna asks who will start presentation. Deepika says Abhiman as he is senior to her. Abhiman says he will start conference. Soniya reaches office and asks receptionist where is conference room. Receptionist shows way and says there is meeting going on. Soniya ignores her and walks towards conference hall. Abiman starts his presentation and is shocked to see someone else’s designs. Soniya sees designs from outside cabin and realizes those are Deepika’s designs. Abhiman says Ratna that he cannot start presentation as it is his his designs. Ratna asks if he wants to say someone tampered his presentation. He say yes. She asks who will do this in our office and if he has any doubt. He looks at Deepika and then says does not know who is behind it. Client says it is a case of forgery and she should call police. Ratna remembers deleting Abhiman’s designs, gets tensed hearing police’s name and says she will handle it herself as she does not want he company’s name to be ruined by media or police. She asks Deepika to start her presentation. Deepika says she could not prepare her presentation. Ratna asks then why was she confident about her presentation till yesterday. Deepika says it was her childishness and she cannot take such a big responsibility, so she wants Abhiman to become creative director and she can learn a lot under him. Client asks who will be CV now. Ratna says Abiman. Abhiman says as per wish, he and Deepika had to compete. Ratna says since no one is competing, Abhiman will get CV position on a seniority basis and asks him if he has any problem. He says no. Everyone congrats him.

Deepika tries to congratulate Abhiman but stops and walks out. Abhiman sees her walkout out. She sees Soniya in her office and asks what is she doing here. She says she wants to talk something important and takes her to a cabin and asks how did Abhiman get her designs. Deepika tells her the whole incident happened and says someone is trying to trap her and asks why will they do this, says her SMS and upbringing helped her take a right decision and says she has a long way to go and she defeated a person who was trying to trap her. Soniya says she is proud of her and thinks who is doing all this and there is some problem here.

Precap: Soniya calls Negi from Ratna’s cabin. He thinks it is Ratna and tells her that soniya has started doubting her and all the incidents he was involved in.

Update Credit to: MA

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