Balika Vadhu 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Alok and Anoop arguing with each other. Alok says I bear him and suffered losses in my business. He tells that he will stop him as he snatched Anandi’s business. He confronts him for not seeing Daddu’s pain when he does the partition. He asks Anoop to return Anandi’s workers back to her. Anoop refuses and gets angry at him. Daddu tries to calm them down. He asks Alok to let him leave. He says when I am not stopping him, then why you are stopping him. Alok says I am mad to shout at him. I don’t wish to take the blame on myself for ruining home peace. Daddu says you knows well why I said that. Alok says I have understood well that we can’t stay under the same roof. Shiv and Anandi try to reason with him. Anoop applauds for him and says well done. He says you are acting and blaming me for everything. You are actually asking me to leave indirectly. He decides to leave with Meenu.

Meenu tries to talk to him. Subhadra smirks. Daddu cries and breaks down saying he will live alone. Alok tells daddu that he controlled himself since many days but couldn’t control longer. Daddu says I stopped my emotions, but today it came out. I have to unite you both. I am worried about Anoop being a father. I talked to a psychiatrist and he said Anoop wants to get everything fast as he was away from us. I wants you both to be united. He coughs, Subhadra asks him to let Anoop go. Shiv promises Daddu that he won’t let Anoop go under any circumstances. Subhadra thinks Shiv may splash water on her hardwork to separate the brothers.

Nandu recalls Dadisaa and Niranjan’s words and thinks he can’t keep the wallet with him. Jagya comes and snatches the wallet from him. He scolds him for stealing the wallet. Nandu says I didn’t steal his wallet. I just wanted to teach him a lesson. Gehna comes and hears them. Nandu tells them that Niranjan is a bad man and that’s why he did this. He didn’t take the money. Dadisaa scolds him. Nandu shouts and tells them that Niranjan is a bad man. Ganga calms down Gehna and asks Nandu what did he see about Niranjan. Nandu says I don’t want to say anything and leaves.

Meenu tells Anoop that he is not doing the right thing. Anoop says he has decided. He says Alok always insults him. He says he won’t listen to her and can give her a place to live. Shiv comes. Anoop tells Meenu that he can’t give her Shiv. Shiv says he can’t live without his family and asks them to stay for Daddu’s sake. He will be broken. Anoop says I can understand my father’s pain, but do you feel my pain. Shiv says I don’t understand. Anoop says you cares for Daddu, but did you realize that I wants to hear Papa from your mouth. Shiv says you knows that I call Papa to Alok and calls you chote Papa.

Anoop says I feel hurt. I accept that Alok Bhaiyya gave you everything. When I came back home, you should have called me Papa. My big brother hates me so much and my own son refuses to call me Papa. Why should I stay back. He starts packing his stuff. Shiv says if I call you Papa then will you stay back. Meenu says no. you won’t do anything like this. Anoop tells Shiv that he will stay back if you stop calling Alok and Ira as Papa and Maa. He asks Shiv to call them Bade Papa and Bade Maa instead. Daddu blesses shiv for changing Anoop’s decision. Shiv says Anoop will not go now and leaves. Anandi senses something is wrong.

Anoop informs everyone about the agreement between Shiv and him. He tells them that Shiv has decided to call him Papa. Alok and Ira gets shocked. Shiv says he will call Papa to Anoop.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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