Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soniya’s sisters see a man standing in their house and try to identify him. They are surprised to see Soniya searing half male blazer and half salwar kameez. She tries to cheer them up with her drama, but sisters are not convinced and stand still. She gets sad seeing them not cheering up. Raghav watches them hiding and gets sad. Fruity hugs Soniya and says she loves her. Soniya gets emotional. Other sisters also hug her and profess their love for her. Raghav gets happy seeing sisters hugging each other emotionally. Ek rishta…. song plays in the background. He gets down and Raheem informs him that his had called him many times. He runs towards home.

Ratna and dada eagerly wait for Raghav. Abhiman who is also present says they can have a meeting later. Ratna says she is worried about her son and must know where he is. Abhiman says every mom was not like her. Raghav reaches home and says every mom is same, maybe his mom must be having her own hindrances. Ratna asks where was he. He says he was with his friend who is having some problem. Ratna says hope his friend’s problem is solved. He says to the extent.

Soniya’s sisters enjoy pizza and see khan chacha’s hotel logo on the tissue paper. Soniya says their jiju prepared it as an apology. She then shyingly stops and says Bobby ji prepared it as an apology. Sisters say hope Bobby was their real jiju and say they would have enjoyed pizza daily. Deepu says though the story has ended, they cannot get jiju like Bobby ji again. Soniya tries to cheer them up and asks them to sleep now.

Abhiman shows his costume designs to Ratna and Raghav and hopes they will like it. Ratna asks servant to bring sweets and says her company and desingers will attend international fashion show and asks Raghav and Abhiman to work together on the project. Raghav says he can work alone. She says he can work better with Abhiman and gives an example of 1+1 = 11. He says it can be either 1-1 = 0. She gets irked hearing that and asks why is he opposing her decision and says must be because of his bad internship. He apologizes her and says he believes her. He then shakes hands with Abhiman. Ratna sees that and gets emotional. Abhiman says he will not break her trust.

Sisters while sleeping talk that they can try to restart Soniya and Raghav’s love again. Soniya on her bed reminisces her fake engagement with Raghav. Raghav in his room looks at moon and remembers Soniya. Daada sees that and asks what is he thinking. Raghav says nothing. He says even he was young and knows what is going on. Raghav says he cleared misunderstanding of Bobby ji today. Daada says a person gets happy when something like this happens. Raghav says he wants to sleep peacefully now and asks daada to go now. Dada smiles and leaves.

Chintu asks sisters to come out and see what is happening at dhaba. They see neighborhood girls flirting with Raghav and think all boys are same. Chintu then asks them to look at soniya. They see Soniya getting jealous seeing a girl flirting with Raghav. Sisters discuss why is did getting jealous seeing that. Soniya gets down and starts cleaning floor looking at Raghav angrily.

Precap: Sisters see Soniya getting attracted to Raghav and think if Raghav is also getting attracted to her.

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