Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav wakes up in the morning and does not find Soniya next to him. He comes out and asks servant if he saw Soniya. Servant says she went out in the morning. Sister also come there and get worried hearing that. Suhasi thinks Ratna wanted sisters to go out, but instead Soniya walked out, she must inform Ratna about it. Fruity says she wants to meet Soniya right now. Khushi says she must have gone to a place where she usually goes when she gets sad. Raghav asks if they know about it. They say they don’t know. Raghav then says he may be knowing that place and says he will get her. Sisters insist that they will also accompany him and apologize Soniya and convince her to come back home. Raghav agrees and takes them to their old house.

Raghav and sisters reach Soniya’s old house and see Soniya praying god and blowing shank. All sisters surround her and ask instead of scolding them, why did she come here. Soniya says she came here as they all belong to this house, though Raghav’s house is very big and has full of luxuries, but this house had the peace which they needed always. She reminds them of an incident where they fixed sofa covers themselves after carpenter asked huge amount. She ells them that she did not have money for their tuitions, but they all helped each other in their studies. She says after their parent’s dead, she did not have enough money to get them shoes or bags, but they saved their pocket money and bought gifts to each other and were living happily. She married Raghav then and took them all to his house and they started changing themselves seeing the luxuries of his house and were dreaming big, lost each other’s trust and love and started fighting. She now wants them all to smile and be happy. Anjali hugs her, apologizes and says until she forgives, how can she get happy. Soniya says she knows she must have not got inebriated purposefully and will never do that, she believes all her sister. All sisters hug her and get emotional.

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Raghav plays Itti si Khushi, itti si hasi….song and starts dancing will sister to console Soniya. They all start dancing with Soniya and apologize her for their mistakes. Soniya forgives them all. Soniya thanks Raghav for helping her in uniting her sisters back. He says he promised her to help her in every aspect of her life and says that everything is alright, he will go to office. Soniya thinks her sisters used to share a single roti, but after going to that house, they all changed and somebody must have brainwashed them, she should find out who is it.

Deepika sees do not disturb sign on Abhiman’s desk and asks colleague why he has fixed it. He says everyone needs silence here and it is obvious to maintain silence if someone wants to earn creative director’s post. He says she is Ratna’s relative, so Ratna has offered her creative director’s post in 15 days of job, else Abhiman is very hard working and is struggling to get that post. Deepika gets irked and says it is not like that. Once he walks out, she thinks he was just rubbishing, Ratna selects only talented people. She sees Abhiman walking in front of her for coffee and purposefully drops files in ileu of picking them and getting noticed by him. He walks out without even noticing her. She gets sad and thinks she did not do any big mistake that he is ignoring her. Ratna calls her and asks if she has finished her presentation and she has to present it in front of client tomorrow. Deepika thanks her for trusting her, says if she desires CV position she will get it and asks not to be partial. Ratna says she does not mix professional and personal life and will give position whoever does the best.

Precap: Suhasi tells Ratna that Soniya knows about their plan now. Ratna gets worried that she may tell it to Raghav and runs to check, sees them talking.

Update Credit to: MA

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