Piya Basanti Re 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Neeta requesting Kabeer and Piya not to leave house. Kabeer says he does not want any problem and mistakes here, so he will walk out with Piya. Savita apologizes Piya and asks Kabeer when he used to do mistakes in childhood, they used to forgive him, now when they did mistakes, why can’t he forgive them. He says if it would have happened to him, he would have forgiven them, but they alleged Piya instead this time. Savita says Piya believes as her mothers and we have right to be forgiven. She says we troubled Piya and she did not utter anything and today we troubled Kabeer and Piya reacted, so it is proved that nobody can love Kabeer more than Piya. She folds her hands and requests, Piya forgives and hugs her. Savita then apologizes Baa. Baa also forgives her. Whole family takes Baa’s blessings.

Aditi sees Akshay crying and asks if he is crying for failing in exam or for being betrayed by Ayesha. He says he cannot believe Ayesha betrayed him. She says Ganga must have helped her as she is her mother in hiding her poverty and asks him not to tell it to anyone. Piya hears their conversation.

Whole Shah family happily enjoy dinner and both Savita and Neeta feed Piya food. Geeta comes there and gets happy seeing Savita and Neeta pampering Piya. Piya sees her and calls her in. Baa says Geeta is their relative now and asks Savita and Neeta to make her sit for dinner. They both make her sit in between them. Aditi asks Piya to sit with her. Akshay sadly comes down and sits for dinner. Kabeer comes with Ayesha and Ganga and Piya greets them in. Savita asks what is Ganga doing with Ayesha. Piya says Ganga is Ayesha’s mother. Whole Shah family is shocked to hear that. Piya says they both were town, so she asked Kabeer to stop them and bring here. Neeta asks when did Ayesha become Ganga’s daughter. Piya says they were leaving town as Ayesha broke Akshay’s heart and tells the whole incident happened. She tells Akshay that Ayesha loves you a lot and was leaving town for telling you lie, her way was different but not her thinking. Kabeer says Akshay that ups and downs come in every relationship, but he has to stand still and if he believes in Ayesha’s love, nobody in the world can separate them. Akshay and Ayesha hug each other and whole family gets shy. Kabeer reminds him and they part ways. Neeta and Savita then hug Ganga, giving their approval. Mahesh asks if they can have food now or any other love story is still awaiting. They all enjoy food happily.

Neeeta and Savita send Kabeer into his room and lock door from outside. Piya is waiting for him inside dressed as a bride. Their suhaagraat starts. Do anjaane ajnabi…..song plays in the background. Kabeer slowly removes her jewelry one by one and they both consummate their marriage.

The serial ends with whole family uniting.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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