Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ratna says daada/daadi that her second son hates her wherever he is. Just then Abhiman comes. She thinks hope he did not listen her conversation. Abhiman says he came to take her signature. Daada/daadi says she is Raghav’s mom, but should also let Raghav take his decisions. She says she cares abotu her son a lot and asks Abhiman about his opinion. Abhiman says it is her personal matter, but according to him, she should listen to Raghav once. Ratna gets irked and says she cannot push her son into well blindly.

Rathi says Soniya that she will not marry. Soniya asks what does she mean. Rathi says she is elder to her and should marry first. Soniya says time has changed and says Pavan loves her and she should not think about all this. Anjali comes there and asks if Pavan is like Raghav. Soniya says Pavan is not a lier like Raghav jiju, then says Raghav ji and asks Rathi to think about Pavan, says he is coming tomorrow. Rathi smiles.

Raghav reaches Khan’s dhaba and asks him if he saw Soniya. He says he did not see her. He then sees Raghav smiling and asks why is he smiling so much. Raghav says his moon out. Chacha asks where is moon. Raghav points out at Soniya. Soniya sees him looking at her and think he is shamlessly looking at her since morning. Raghav continues looking at her. Soniya sees an auto rushing rashly and trying to crash Raghav and rescues him by pulling him towards her. Raghav continues looking at her. Soniya asks him not to trouble her repeatedly as there is nothing between them now. He asks why did she save him then. She says she did it for humanity and would have done for someone else also. He says she looks more beautiful in anger and asks if she thought about marriage muhurath and says as she said earlier that she will marry along with Rathi, so she should fix Rathi’s marriage muhurath soon. She says she does not have waste time. He says he read his eyes and eyes say that she is telling lie. Soniya gets irked and walks from there. He shouts to get Rathi’s marriage fixed and even his.

Rathi and Deepu get busy preparing food for Pavan’s family. Fruity mimics as a bride and asks Rathi to do the same. Deepu asks where did she learn this from. Fruity says she saw it in TV serials. Soniya says she forgot to decorate thali and says she is forgetting things. Fruity says she is tensed now a days, so must have forgotten. Soniya asks her to prepare thali like she did it for Raghav. Fruity says it is reserved for only Raghav and says she will prepare different thing for Pavan. Khan chacha on the other side sees Raghav preparing special food and asks the reason. He says today Rathi’s in-laws are coming and he is preparing this for her sali’s special occasion.

Pavan and his family reach Soniya house. Fruity taunts Rathi and asks how is Pavan jiju. Pavan’s mom asks Rathi to come and sit with her. Soniya asks Anjali to bring snacks. Chintu brings snacks just then. Pavan’s mom asks who is he. He says he is Soniya’s brother and her business partner also. Pavan’s mom likes snacks. Chintu says he will bring special juice and leaves. Soniya gets angry thinking Raghav must have prepared all this. Pavan sees Soniya and gets mesmerized with her beauty, falls for her instead of Rathi.

Chintu says Raghav that Pavan’s family is praising his snacks a lot. Raghav asks if married is fixed. He says it will be fixed today for sure. Pavan’s mom on the other side approves Rathi for Pavan. She starts coughing. Soniya gives her water, but she says she wants to have special juice. Soniya gets down to Khan’s dhaba and calls Chintu. Chintu shows Raghav who is preparing juice. She gets irked. Chintu says Raghav jiju did not listen to him at all and prepared all snacks himself. Raghav says it is also his duty to get Rathi’s marriage fixed as he is her would be jiju. Soniya gets irked hearing that.

Precap: Raghav disguises with beard and moustache and reaches Soniya’s house.

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