Ek Nayi Pehchan 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi starts with Sharda telling Padma that the bigger the mistake, the bigger the punishment. I hope you would have understood it now as to why I sent my son Karan to jail for Shanaya. Padma shakes her head angrily. Suresh goes from there. Dadi notices Sakshi standing there and calls out for her.

Padma asks Sakshi if she heard her Ma’s views. Sakshi tells her mom to stop it. This is my family matter. You have no right to speak in between me and my Ma. Padma cannot understand why she is still supporting Sharda. I feel pity on you. Sakshi asks her to leave. Padma walks out of Modi house. Sharda asks Sakshi if she understands her atleast. Sakshi supported her but this doesn’t mean she is with her in her decision. She heads towards her room while Sharda looks worried / sad.

Sakshi calls her lawyer asking him to do everything on time tomorrow. you have to bail Karan tomorrow anyhow. He assures her that there wont be any problem. You come on time. She agrees.

Next morning, Suresh tells Dadi that he got a call from Karan’s lawyer. He told me that Sakshi was standing outside his house since 6 am to make sure she is not late for bail today. he offered to come along but the lawyer declined. Sharda serves them breakfast. Chirag too joins them. suresh tells his mom that Sakshi is all shaken because of whatever has happened with Karan. Chirag notices Karan who just enters inside with Sakshi.

Sharda wants to meet him but stops. Chirag, Dadi and Suresh meet him. Karan looks at his mom and goes to meet her. Please forgive me. He folds his hands before her but she moves it back. Who am I to forgive you? You are Shanaya’s culprit. Her life was in danger because of your one mistake. I cannot forgive you. Karan is taken aback and so are all the other family members. She begins to go but Sakshi stops her. Till when will you not forgive him? you were there. You very well know that it was an accident. It all happened because of anger. He dint commit a sin. Sharda replies that anger is the biggest sin. Everything starts from there only. He is the eldest son of this house and Shanaya’s brother but he forgot everything. He fell from my eyes because of his anger. I cannot forgive him. sakshi cannot believe what she just heard and feels bad for Karan. Even he is in tears while the family members look on helplessly. Sakshi takes him to their room.

Sharda prays to Lord. I cannot understand anything. My Karan has made a very big mistake but I felt like hugging him when he came in front of me today. I wanted to kiss his forehead and assure him that everything will be fine. I am mom. He will always be that small Karan for me with whom I cannot be upset for long. But the truth is, he has grown up now. He has made a very big mistake. Till he realises it and apologizes to Shanaya I wont forgive him. Please give me strength that I can support the truth. Dadi comes to talk to her. You are punishing him for his anger then you too should be punished for your mistake. You are doing the same thing what he did. The one who can forgive is much greater than the one who punishes. He has got his punishment. Sharda declines. Shanaya has got punishment for his anger / mistake. He has hurt his own sister. He wont become a good human being till he realises his mistake. She leaves from there. Dadi knows she is punishing herself for Karan’s mistake. She too prays to Lord as only he can show them a way out of this.

At night, Sakshi wipes Karan’s head using a towel. Karan recalls how his mom used the do the same for him when he was a kid but with a little love. She is sure Ma will do the same with him today as well. I know her. she might be upset but no one can change her love for you. She will still come to caress your head.

Sharda feeds fruits to Shanaya who thanks her. Sharda says it is a mom’s duty to take care of her kids. Shanaya replies that it isn’t her duty to not talk to her own son for her or to go against Sakshi’s mom for her sake but you supported me so much always. You have done so much for me while I always behaved rudely with you. I could never accept you. I am really sorry. Sharda tells her not to apologize. To accept something you must trust it first. There must be some problem in me that I couldn’t win your trust. Shanaya shakes her head. Sharda tells her to talk all this later. You should rest for a while.

Karan doesn’t feel that mom will come this time. I went against all that she had taught me (her values, her ideals). I don’t think she will forgive me this time. He holds her hand and puts his head in her lap sadly.

Shanaya lies down to sleep. Sharda tells nurse to go have food while she sits beside Shanaya on her request. Sharda is worried for Karan. I wonder if he has eaten anything or not. She goes to check on him as Shanaya has fallen asleep.

Sakshi is taking food for Karan when Sharda comes to kitchen. Sharda adds halwa in the tray as Karan loves it. sakshi is in tears as she can see the love in Sharda’s gestures. Sharda goes out of the kitchen and Dadi comes in. Sakshi wipes her tears. Dadi feels bad for Sharda. A woman can hide her tears but a mother’s eyes are always wet. Sakshi knows it too well. If Ma forgives Karan then everything will be fine. Dadi has never seen Sharda go against her ideals. Karan has gone against it. give her some time. Time heals / erases everything. Sakshi dint knew that for Ma her ideals will be greater than her son. She takes the tray to her room.

Karan looks at his mom’s photo and is in tears. He notices the pregnancy kit on the bedside table and goes to check it. he is ecstatic when he notices that the result is positive. Sakshi is pregnant! Sharda comes to the kitchen and notices that Sakshi has forgotten the halwa bowl. She takes it for Karan.

Sakshi brings the food for Karan. He hugs her and thanks her for giving him this happiness. She thanks him for trusting her. I was so scared but I knew that you are with me. he promises to be with her always. When did you do this test? She did it yesterday. He hugs her saying she dint share his life’s biggest happiness with him. sharda comes there and hears them. sakshi dint say anything owing to the circumstances at home. We are getting the biggest happiness of our life for which we have been waiting for since so long but its incomplete. Sharda hears this and feels emotional. Sakshi continues that their every happiness is incomplete till he and Ma are not together. Karan apologizes to her. I know you would have shared it with Ma first but I ruined everything. I am really sorry. She tells him not to apologize. You are not at fault here. He knows he has made a mistake by hurting his Ma. I wont sit quietly till I bring smile on her face. I promise you. Sharda is excited at the news that she is going to be a grandmother. I cannot be upset with my kids today. She turns to say something but finds Sakshi lovingly feeding Karan.

Shanaya sees another bad dream and wakes up screaming for her mom. Sharda is there only. She asks her if she saw a bad dream. Don’t worry I am with you. Shanaya realises that Sharda was here overnight. Suresh notices this and feels bad. Sharda is doing so much for Shanaya. My thinking is too low in front of her thinking.

Karan makes puja arrangements which surprises Dadi. She knows that he is trying to bring a smile on his Ma’s face. He nods. My life is upset with me as my ma is upset with me. She helps him in the preps. Sakshi smiles as she looks at them.

Precap: Sharda ties a thread on Sakshi’s wrist. I don’t want you or your happiness to be affected by anything. Karan applauds her Ma. You don’t want your son to be a part of your life but you are ready to be a part of my baby’s life. Sakshi cannot understand why he is talking like this. Karan tells Sharda that she has no right over her baby. Sakshi and Sharda are shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sharda is such a hypocrite, shanaya did so much wrong but not once did she punish her, karan did something to save his wife and suddenly he is such a horrid person in her eyes. Karan and sakshi needs to give her cold shoulder then she will realise her mistake.

  2. i started to hate Sharda now

  3. I hate sharada! Congrats Sakshi and Karan!

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