Ek Nayi Pehchan 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Constable tells them to hurry up as being a Saturday the court will be open till 2 pm only. Karan and Sakshi are taken aback. It is already 11 am. Sakshi wants to talk to Ma once again to see what can be done but he stops her. you should not run around so much. She cannot see him here for another two days. We have to find a new lawyer. She leaves from there.

Nurse gives medicine to Shanaya. Sakshi comes to the hospital running. She yet again requests Sharda to forgive Karan. He hasn’t committed a crime but has made a mistake. We cannot let him be in the jail for two whole nights. She begs her for help. Sharda tries to say something but then Shanaya starts breathing heavily. Sharda’s attention is immediately diverted. Sharda tells Sakshi to go out, they can talk later. Sakshi says you have so much love for your daughter but nothing for your son. I dint know that you could be so tough. She leaves with tears in her eyes. Sharda sits down beside Shanaya sadly and then sends the nurse to call doc. Nurse obliges. Sharda tells Shanaya to take some rest.

Latika talks to Pratik about what all has happened at home. Media reporters are waiting to talk to me. I cannot sit at home right now to handle Diya. You please come over asap. Pratik has gone for some meeting. I will take 3-4 hours to come back. I know you can handle things as you are a great multitasker. He ends the call and she is confused as to what should she do.

Diya watches the Mary Kom trailer (Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai) and asks her mom about it. latika tells her about Mary Kom while Diya eats food. They promote the show. Latika notices Sakshi coming in and heading towards her room.

Sakshi recalls that one of Karan’s friends is a lawyer – Vijay Kumar. It is 12 noon now. She tries his number but it is out of coverage area. She drops a message for him asking him to call her back asap. She also takes money from the cupboard for Karan’s bail.

A lawyer comes to bail someone and Karan was excited to know that it will be for him but then gets sad. Constable assures him that he too will be bailed if his wife comes on time.

Latika is telling story to Diya. Door bell rings. Sunita opens the door and reporters walk in asking for an explanation. She tells them to be at the factory if they want to ask something. You guys cannot just come in in our house. Sakshi was about to head outside but Latika tells her to take Diya to her room. Sakshi is stuck. Latika tells them reporters the same thing. I will not answer any of your questions here. Sunita sends them out and closes the door.

Sakshi gets to talk to Karan’s friend. She asks for his help. He tells her to come to his office asap. I will fax you the address.

Sharda is taking care of Shanaya who has just finished her meal. Suresh has sent everyone else home. Sharda recalls Sakshi’s words and talk to him about what Sakshi had told her. suresh knows it already. I have called my lawyer many times but he is not picking his phone. I alone have to do so much. My son is in lockup and my daughter is in such condition. The media is after me like anything. They have even reached our home. I cannot even go to police station because of them. Sharda tells him not to be afraid of the media guys. He knows she has no idea about how to deal with them. You have created a ditch for me now I will have to think how to get out of it. He leaves from there.

Sakshi is at Vijay’s office goes to his office but he is not there. She gets a call from him that he will reach court directly. He asks her to come there too. I have got the papers at my office, please bring them with you. Sakshi takes the file and leaves for the court.

She is on her way and worried as it is about time (1:30 pm). She tells the driver to drive a little faster. She finally reaches the court and meets the lawyer. She is late as the judge has left already. The bail can happen on Monday only now. She is distraught.

Sakshi comes to meet Karan at the police station with her lawyer. She tells him that she reached there late. It’s all because of me. I got late. He tells her not to cry. Mom wanted to punish me. Even God has to bend down before a mom’s wish. It’s ok. She tells him it’s not ok. She continues to cry and wants to be here with him. he tells her to stay strong as she is his strength. She wants to be with him. Lawyer tells her that this isn’t possible. Sakshi finally turns to go but then holds Karan’s hand and says I love you to him. He too is very much sad to see her leave.

Sakshi is on her way home. She cannot let Karan stay in the lockup for two nights. I will talk to Mom only. Maybe things can work out. She calls her mom. Padma heard the news already. Sakshi requests her to do something. I went to get his bail but the court closed down early as it is Saturday today. I cannot wait till Monday. Please do something. Padma says that she could have done it if she would have called her a little earlier. I will see what I can do. Sakshi keeps requesting her to do something. Padma is coming to Mumbai to meet her.

Doc tells Sharda-Suresh that Shanaya will have to stay at the hospital for a few more days. Her physiotherapy sessions will start from tomorrow. They both nod and doc takes their leave. Sharda tells Suresh to go home and rest for a while. I am here with Shanaya. He tells Shanaya to take care of herself and goes out.

Dadi and Suresh come home. Dadi asks about Karan and is sad to know that Karan could not be bailed. Suresh walks away helplessly. Dadi tells Sakshi not to cry. Karan will be home on Monday. Sakshi gets a call from Ma. Sharda asks her if everything is fine at home. Sakshi tells her everything. Sharda tells her to cook something and take it to the police station. Don’t know what he will get there. Sakshi wants to know why she cannot forgive him when she loves him so much. He can bear it for once if he has to spend some nights in the lockup but he cannot see you upset with him. why don’t you forgive him? she ends the call. Epi ends on Sharda’s sad face.

Precap: Sharda tells Sakshi that she is a mom. She cannot differentiate between any of her kids. You know how much I love Karan. When a kid is hurt then his / her mom is hurt. When a mother herself punished her kids then she herself bears the pain of it. mistake is Karan’s but I too am getting punished for it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. This show is fast approaching the stupidity level!!!

    1. I know. shanaya needs to be kicked out ASAP

  2. This show is becoming boring day by day the name is nahi pahchan n show has lost its pahchan

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