Nadaan Parindey 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nadaan Parindey 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Iqbal reminding Purab of the bullet shot on Sameer. Purab says what nonsense. Iqbal says he will start from the beginning and tells about Sameer and Purab. He says Purab has cheated Sameer for his selfish motives. Iqbal says you are Sameer’s enemy. Mama comes there and hears them talking. Iqbal says Sameer did not know Purab wants to kill him, and Purab has shot him on war mission and left him to die in between enemies. Purab thinks of that moment. Mama asks Sameer about whom are you talking. Purab says nothing, someone’s story. Iqbal says the time to lie is over, its true Mama ji, its about Sameer and Purab. He says Sameer was shot in war nine months before. Purab says no, he is blaming me, he is a traitor. Iqbal says no, I m exposing a cheap army man, who decided to separate mum and son, and then lovers.

He says you are marrying Minty to ruin her life. He asks Mama to ask him why is he marrying Minty, if he does not love Minty, to take revenge from Meher. He says Meher has rejected and insulted him. He says I have beaten you as you have tried to molest her, she brought shagun and you held her hand, and today I will tell everyone about the bullet mark on my chest. Mama asks Purab is this true, did you shoot your brother. Iqbal says you cheated your brother, lied to the world, Meher regarded you friend, but you cheated him, you are an animal. Purab shouts and says yes, I shot you, it was my mistake that I did not shoot more bullets. Mama gets angry and gets a gun. Purab brings out his jealousy. He says he loves Meher, but she loved you.

He says he hates him. Mama shouts Purab and aims a gun at him. He gets angry and shoots Purab disowning him. Iqbal is shocked. Purab falls. Channi comes there and is shocked. She cries. Bebe asks what happened, what did you do. She asks Iqbal to take Purab to hospital fast. They bring Purab to the hospital. The doctor treats him. Iqbal asks doctor to save Purab. He says its police case. Iqbal scolds him and asks him to first treat Purab. Bebe thinks about Iqbal’s words that he did this intentionally.

Mama thinks about Purab’s words. The police comes and asks him to come to police station. Mama goes. Meher and Nimmi covers Minty with the shagun dupatta. Meher praises Minty and blesses her. Minty taunts her. Nimmi laughs and thinks she is joking. She asks where is Channi. Meher says she will come, lets start applying mahendi. Balli comes and says Purab is shot. Everyone is shocked. Nimmi asks why. Balli says his dad has shot him, Purab is in hospital now. Minty cries and asks them to save Purab. She runs to the hospital. Mangal says why did he shoot his own brother.

Bebe sees Channi crying. She comes to Iqbal and asks if you are not Sameer, how did you know Purab has shot Sameer. She says tell me. He says whats the difference that I know it, Purab has accepted it, that Sameer went across the border because of him, he was jealous, do you trust him even now. Bebe says don’t know, why will Purab shoot his brother, everyone was happy, it all ruined because of you, why did you come here, to ruin our happiness, my son is there trapped in between enemies, and here another son is critical and my brother is in jail, all because of you.

She scolds him, and asks him to do his mission and leave this country, why is he after her family. She curses his mother. He stops her and says don’t curse her, she was not with me to make me walk on right path, I was away from her, maybe I m like this, but if I was with my mum, I swear I would have been like your son Sameer. He says its not my mum’s mistake. He leaves. Mehtaab comes to talk to Sameer and call him son. Sameer says don’t call me son, you are not my father. Mehtaab says please come to me, I have to show something. Sameer comes to him. Mehtaab says he will free her and he can take him to his Bebe. Sameer is stunned.

Mehtaab shows his pics and articles. Sameer says Bebe……… he sees the twin pics. Mehtaab tells everything to him. He says you are my son, I m your father. Rabba…………….plays………………… Sameer is shocked and says you are my Bau ji and …………. Mehtaab says yes. Nimmi consoles Channi. Everyone come there and is worried about Purab. Nimmi talks about next date for marriage. Mangal scolds her. He asks Channi why did Mama shoot Purab, what did Purab do. Meher asks Bebe what happened. Bebe says ask Sameer. Meher asks Sameer what happened.

Iqbal says he can’t hide anything, as he is ruining her life and Minty’s life. He says Purab has shot me in war, I can’t hide this that he left me to die and so I went in enemies’ clutches. He says he made me get into army, as I loved you. He did this to keep me away from you. Everyone is shocked. Iqbal tells everyone what happened, and Purab said Meher will only marry him and I n his hurdle. Meher says he shot you, what are you saying Sameer. She says what Bebe and I have tolerated is because of him. She says you were quiet and did not tell us till now. She says you would have killed him. Iqbal thinks he is also criminal, Meher thinks he is her husband Sameer, even my crime is like Purab.

He thinks to tell the truth. He says I want to tell something more. She asks what. Bebe looks at him. Meher says I just know you have told this truth and saved my sister’s life. Minty is angry and says she will still marry Purab, as she knows they both are lying. She says she will marry Purab when he gets fine, if anything happens to him, she will take revenge of this insult. Meher and Iqbal are shocked.

Bebe beats Iqbal and asks him to stop it. Iqbal calls his dad and asks him to talk to Mehtaab. Mehtaab talks to Bebe. Bebe is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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