Ek Nayi Pehchan 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 3rd January 2014 Written Update

Sakshi smiles looking at Karan and turns away. She asks him if they should leave and he tells her to do rounds around the idol with water but there is no water in the urn. Karan says “really” then he goes off to the nearby cottage to get water smiling secretly and Sakshi thinks he is really going.

Karan’s Dad is talking on the phone to someone and telling them that important guests are coming to the wedding. The scene moves back to Sakshi in the mandir and she looks around everywhere. She moves towards a nearby building and shouts for Karan. She enters the nearby building shouting his name and Karan is near that building and he sees her go in there. He is near the door and locks the building with the lock leaving Sakshi inside. He calls out her name outside

and she hears him. He keeps shouting “where are you?” Sakshi shouts his name. He says sorry and tells her that he wont let her go till 2 hours. She keeps shouting and he keeps shouting her name. She is confused on what to do and still thinks that Karan doesnt know she is here. The fuse box is broken and it looks like the fire will start to happen.

The Desh ki beti actors are in the car going to the wedding. (I wont be going into detail with this scene because I don’t watch the show my sincere apologies)

Karan is back at the Modi house and he meets his friends outside the house. One of his friends says that he feels something bad is going to happen but Karan says I stopped things from going bad and Sakshi is far away from the wedding. He tells them he locked her in the cottage and they shout at him. He says after 2 hours he will go and save her but his friends are not satisfied and they say that you have not done right with Sakshi. He said he had two options one was to marry her and suffer all my life or make her suffer for two hours and let her free and let myself be free. He is near the car.

Sakshi is knocking on the doors and the fire breaks out from the fuse. Karan approaches Sharda and she is happy to see him back. She asks him where Sakshi is. He is silent. Everyone gathers round and he asks them “Is Sakshi not here?” he then makes up an excuse that he thought that Sakshi didn’t want to stay at the mandir and he thought she must have come home. His Dad comes and he shouts at him for going to the mandir even when he said not to go. Everyone is silent. He asks him to speak up and Sharda takes the blame. She thought they should take god’s blessings on this good occasion. Karan’s Dad taunts Sharda. She wonders where he is and she is panicked. Sharda tells him off for leaving her alone. Karan’s dad tells Sharda off for letting them go and she is left speechless. He tells that Sharda should have gone with them but he continues to blame her that Sharda was irresponsible. Karan’s Dad blames Sharda for Sakshi going missing. Karan’s Dad shouts at Sharda and says if anything goes wrong in this wedding he doesnt want to see her face. Karan looks upset. He feels bad that for his mistake his mom is suffering.

The Desh Ki Beti Nandini actors arrive at the Modi House. They see Karan and they congratulate him and hug him. He congratulates them for their wedding. He introduces Karan to his wife Nandini. He asks him that Karan should be in the mandap for the wedding and he asks him his problem. He tells him that he has done a mistake and narrates the whole story. They are shocked. He tells them that no one knows and he doesn’t know how to solve the problem. He tells Karan to go and they told him that will handle everything. Nandini reassures him. He runs to get her in his car. They watch him leave. He speeds back to the mandir. The fire is slowly increasing and Sakshi doesn’t know.

Rajbir and Nandini enter the house and Karan’s Dad welcomes them both. He greets everyone. Karan’s dad introduces Sakshi’s mother to them. He says that they share a very good relationship and Rajbir says why his family hasnt come to the wedding. Karan’s Dad compliments Nandini. Mami wants to click a photo. Sharda intervenes and welcomes them. Nandini takes her blessings. She blesses them both. Karan is approaching the mandir and he thinks about Sakshi. He feels guilty hearing Sakshi and his dad’s voice. He drives faster. He runs to the cottage to get her. He shouts her name after opening the door. She hugs him and the BG music plays. She tells him she was very scared. He is shocked and he hears the fuse going off and spreading. He grabs her and they run out of the cottage. He then sees his tyre is punctured.

Desh Ki Beti Nandini scene.

Sakshi’s mother asks for Sakshi and Nandini tells her Sakshi is in the washroom. She tries to open the door but it is jammed.

Desh Ki Beti Nandini Scene.

Sharda is looking at the door waiting for Karan and Sakshi and she is praying to god. Someone asks her about the pooja. She is still lost and confused. Nandini approaches her and tells her that she will sort the pooja out. She tells her that she will help her because she is her child and bless her always. She tells her that she knows why she is sad and disturbed. Rajbir is watching. Sharda praises her and blesses her again.

Karan and Sakshi are outside the car and Karan spots a horse and that too a wedding horse.

Karan’s sister is dancing on “Sasural Genda Phool” and everyone is enjoying. Sharda is still disturbed. Dadi also dances with her and Sakshi’s mother. Everyone is having fun. Karan’s sister gets Nandini to dance.

Karan is riding the horse with Sakshi in front of him. They are looking t each other and moving closer.

Nandini dances on “Titli” in a solo performance and again everyone is enjoying her dance. She imagines dancing with her husband Rajbir.

They are fast approaching the Modi House on the horse.

Again Karan’s sister and I think Karan’s brother in law are dancing on “Salaam E Ishq” again a cute performance with a bit of romance. The scene is changing with Sakshi and Karan on the horse. Everyone is dancing together on the song now. Sakshi’s mother realises that Karan and Sakshi are not together. Nandini realises and she makes her dance and forget. Karan has arrived with Sakshi on the horse and everyone is at the doorstep together. He helps her off the horse. Sakshi says thank you to him. Everyone is shocked to see them like this. Karan and Sakshi look at each other. They approach everyone. Sakshi’s mother questions her that she was not at home. She says I went to the parlour and her mom tells her that she should have told her. Karan’s dad changes the subject and all of them go in. Rajbir tells him to come in. Sakshi goes to Nandini and thanks her for her help. She tells her to start her new life and then thank her. She tells her that she has seen concern in Karan’s eyes. She tells him that Karan is very honest.

Sakshi thinks to tell her about her past love interest because he is so honest. They both go inside. Karan is stopped by Sharda. Sharda is happy he bought Sakshi home and fulfilled her promise. He tells her to be happy. His friend tells him that bringing Sakshi home made everyone happy. He says if this is in my destiny then so be it. Sakshi puts the garland around him and the wedding rituals start. Karan is asked to put the garland around her. He hesitates then does it. They look at each other. Sakshi’s mother is relieved. Everyone claps.

They are told to sit and the rituals for the wedding start. Sharda tells Nandini and Rajbir to tie the knot of Karan and Sakshi. They share an eye lock. They tie the knot and the priest tells them that this bond is for 7 lifetimes and they will live together. Everything will be equal-happiness and sadness. He explains the meaning. Karan and Sakshi look at each other.

The pheras start and the priest explains each phera in detail. They start the first phera. Everyone throws flowers over them and are happy. They complete the pheras. Karan is asked to put the mangalsutra on her and he does it. Sharda is very happy. Karan is a little disturbed. Sakshi touches her mangalsutra. Everyone claps and Sharda opens the vermillion box and he fills her forehead while she closes her eyes. They share an eye lock and Sakshi has teary eyes. She feels so happy. Rajbir walks away and Sharda sees this.

Rajbir bumps into Sakshi and Sharda too comes because she called them here. Sharda knows that Sakshi is disturbed and she asks Rajbir about his problem. He tells her that everything will be okay. Sharda explains to both of them that a person must trust his/her life partner always then everything will be okay. Nothing bad will happen to your relationship if you are always truthful. Sharda leaves. Rajbir tells Sakshi that I am glad I attended this marriage so I can know the importance of a marriage and Sakshi too realises she must remain truthful in this relationship.

Precap: Sakshi tells Karan that she wants to tell him everything about her past and Karan says it is good you told me about this I too want to share something with you. She asks him to let her go first. She tells him about her boyfriend and that she was going to run away with him. Nandini asks Rajbir about his problem and he tells her that this is not any normal thing to share. It ends on her shocked face.

Update Credit to: Duggukede

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