Desh Ki Beti Nandini 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 3rd January 2014 Written Update

Only Nandini parts..

DKBN starts with the entry of Rajvir and Nandini reach at mumbai they are in car Nandini asks Rajvir that why he is not talking atall Rajvir still silent .. just then Gayatri calls Rajvir and she tells him that if they reach properly ? Rajvir in low tone say yes Gayatri tells him that she knows that he is upset with her but not to worry and she will tell nandini the truth in 4 days… Rajvir not in mood to listen and he cuts the phone…(some drama going on in other show as bride is not there)

Rajviq and Nandini reach at modi house they meet karan(lead of ENP) Rajvir congrats karan for wedding karan also congrats Rajvir for his merriage .. karan is worried so Rajvir ask him about his worry… karan explain the situation and

Rajvir tell him that he and Nandini handle the situation here and he should bring back sakshi(lead of ENP) Nandini tells karan that a girl trust her husband the most and he should not break that trust…(karan went to bring sakshi) Rakvir and Nandini enter in modi house mr. modi welcome them and introduce them to entire family..karan’s mom padma came Nandini touch her feet and padma praises Nandini and gives her blessings… Rajvir and Nandini in sakshi’s room..Rajvir tells Nandini that they have to gide the metter of sakshi till karan comes… just then some lady knocks thedoor.. Nandini tej her lie that the door is not opening… that lady went and Rajvir thanks Nandini for handleing the situation… Nandini tells him that she is his wife and stand by him in every situation of life…

(dance perfomance by ENP’s cherecter’s) Nandini then try to open the door but its stuck Rajvir help her and the handle of door breaks Nandini about to fall and Rajvir handle her Romantic BG music… Rajvir suddenly leavs from ther (scen shifted) Nandini talking to padma and tells her that not to worry as she is like her datghter not guest and she will handle the work.. padma tells Nandini that Gayatri and Rajvir are lucky to have her…Rajvir listen all this and he is guilty…karan bring sakshi back … and Sakshi thank Nandioi for handleing the situation…Nandini tells her that karan is honest person…

(in bitween Nandini’s dream siquence of dancing with Rajvir) Karan and sakshi’s wedding going on padma tells Rajvir-Nandini to do the Gath bandhan and they do that…(pandit ji’s big dilougs about the importance of merriage) phera’s going on Rajvir is worried he leaves from there and padma sees that(scen shifted) padma… Rajvir and Sakshi at one place padma told both of them that trust is most important in merriage and honesty also… a person should always be honest with lifepartner..its always should be there in reletion… Rajvir understand decide to tell the truth to Nandini and Episode Ends…

PRECAP :- Nandini asking Rajvir that why he worried…Rajvir tells her that he done something wrong he about to say something

Update Credit to: divya

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