Ek Nayi Pehchan 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 30th January 2014 Written Update

Epi begins with Sakshi telling Sharda that she will have to go to coaching classes from tomorrow. No more excuses now. Sharda declines. It is Karan’s birthday tomorrow. Sakshi gets happy. She also corrects Sharda on her pronunciation of the word birthday. You go attend your classes and when you will be back we will celebrate it together. You will go, right? Karan will be very happy. Sharda agrees. They both share a hug. Sharda sweetly calls her stubborn.

Karan, in his room is enjoying watching a cricket match on tv when Sakshi comes. She comes to talk to him but he asks her to imagine a scene. A husband comes home at night all tired from office and sits down to watch a match. Just then his wife comes do you know what she says? She is clueless but is sure that he will tell

her and he does. Wife says how come you are home so early? she lists down all the work that she has done at home in the whole day. I am coming back from a meeting. I am not interested in your daily routine. She gets happy. My day was very boring. I wanted to tell you to go out and enjoy with your friends. Its been so long don’t you miss them? he says guys don’t miss each other. She suggests him to go out and meet them atleast. He declines being a slave to his wife. I want to watch this match. She gives up and gets to go but stops. She too sits down to watch it. I am also a very big fan. We will watch it together it would be so much fun. He switches off the tv. She teases him. now that you have gotten up from watching the tv lets go out. He makes up an excuse of meeting his friends and then going to attend a meeting too which might take time. You will get bored. She makes a sad face. He heaves a sigh of relief as he leaves the room while Sakshi is super happy. now I will make preps for Karan’s birthday. It will be very special.

Karan is at his Rohan’s house. They are going for some bike racing. Karan wanted to start his day this way only. I have already arranged for special passes. A parcel in Karan’s name comes at Rohan’s house. There is no name of the sender on it. It is a box full of chocolates. His friends guess it to be Tasha or T but he denies as she is irked with him. She will anyways not send me a girly gift. People who know me know that I hate chocolates. They decide to go to cafe. As soon as Karan leaves from the room, Rohan calls Sakshi and tells her about it. The plan is on but there is a problem. His phone’s battery goes dead and he is not able to tell her anything. He is not able to charge is as Karan comes and drags him along.

Sakshi is decorating their room with balloons and flowers. Diya likes it. Sakshi isn’t sure if Karan would like it. Diya likes it and asks her to decorate her room similarly on her birthday too. Sakshi agrees. Sakshi thinks of calling Karan’s friend to ask him if Karan got her gift. When he will be back at 12 then I will surprise him. she tries to call Rohan but his phone is switched off.

Karan is enjoying with his friends. Let us eat it first and then we will enjoy on our bikes. Another gift is delivered to him. Karan doesn’t like flowers as well and is irritated. His friend point out that only a girl can send girly gifts like these. You have already lost the chance for that as you are married now. He again cheers for bike riding program. Rohan suggests doing something different this time. Lets go to your home to have some family time. Karan is amused. Its good that you dint ask me to come along with you to temple and do puja. It is about to strike 11 in the clock. Lets eat fast and then go for the racing. Rohan asks for his phone as he needs to make a call.

Sakshi complaints to Sharda that Karan isn’t home yet. It is so late already. Sharda says I know him well. He wont be back yet. She asks him to sleep. Sakshi gets a call from Rohan who tells him about the bike race. Sakshi tells Sharda about it. Sharda asks her to sleep. Once he has decided, he wont change. But Sakshi is adamant that she wont let her plan fail. She calls Karan and calls him home as there is an emergency and cuts the call. Karan leaves asap.

Karan comes home. His room is all dark and he is confused. Just when he is about to go out while calling for Sakshi the light comes back. He looks at the decorations and there is a flower petal shower on him too. Sakshi comes there with his birthday cake as she sings the birthday song. Karan is angry. You said it was an emergency. Sakshi states that everything is fair in love and war. Did you like the room and decorations and all those gifts? It was all my planning. He asks her to stop it calling her an idiot. She is hurt. How dare you? You are joking right? He denies. You have any idea how much I was waiting for this bike race? Your girly birthday surprises ruined it all. She cannot believe he could be so selfish. I did it all for you. He retorts you are selfish not me. You did all this as you like celebrating a birthday this way. Only you can think such stupid ideas to celebrate my birthday. You dint think for once that you should do things which I like. Tears fall off her face. You wont be able to understand me ever while he asks her to stay away from him. she too asks him to do the same. He walks off from there in a huff.

Karan comes out of the washroom and finds Sakshi standing there. He is about to walk away but she stops him. she wants to talk to him but he doesn’t want to discuss anything with her especially about yester night. Let us go to mom and discuss our relationship with her. sakshi says this is the point where we have to think. She is making a new start by going to new coaching classes. Why to increase her tension? I only want that we don’t give her any more tensions for some time. We can pretend to be happy for some days. Karan agrees and goes out.

Sharda comes to Suresh. You have given permission to Sakshi that I can go and study. Shall I go today? if you don’t want then I wont go. He surprises her by saying he wants her to go. Go and prove it that you can study. Go and prove me and everyone wrong who thinks that you cannot study. All the best. I pray that you get successful in this. She smiles happily. Suresh calls out for her and she realises she has been dreaming. He asks for his coat. Make me wear it as I am getting late. Stop daydreaming. He tells her about Sakshi coming to his office yesterday. She seeks his permission to go. He nods. I tried to make Sakshi understand but she dint understand that she wont be able to make it possible. She is still young. People realise once they stumble she too will learn that way. There is no point in playing a game where defeat is already written. She tells him she wont study if that’s what he wants. He asks her to go and do what she wants to. It is also important so that your DIL understands that some things are out of reach for people. He leaves for office.

Chirag comes to kitchen. He wishes his mom best of luck for going to coaching once again. You know what you have to do when you don’t understand something? Call Diya as when we don’t understand something then we call our seniors right. This ways she is your senior. Am I right? She agrees. I will do that but I also have to tell you something. If you don’t pass this time then you will have to go to the principal office with your dad. Don’t worry about my studies. It would be good if you concentrate on your studies. He leaves for college just when Sakshi makes an entry. She is excited for Sharda’s first day at coaching. Make yourself strong. If you do so then your fear will go away. two tenants cannot stay in one room. Sharda asks her if Karan liked her surprise. Sakshi goes quiet initially but then lies. Leave all this tell me if dad’s mood was fine. Sharda notices her lie but doesn’t say it out loud. Sharda says not only him but everyone boosted my morale. Sakshi asks her if she is telling the truth. Sharda replies that she is saying truth just like the way she said about Karan. Sakshi goes quiet.

Sakshi gives Sharda her bag as she is getting late. Dadi stops them. this is the time for my bhajan. Sing it for me then you can go and study. Sakshi agrees to do it once she is back but Sharda stops her. it will take a little time only. Sakshi points out that they are already late. Sharda reminds her how they had decided that they will focus on studies while doing their household work side by side. sakshi agrees while making a sad face. Dadi tells them to go. There is no point singing a bhajan with a sad face. This makes Sakshi smile happily. They both leave for the coaching centre.

Sakshi and Sharda reach V.M. Coaching Centre. Sakshi tells Sharda not to worry at all. There is a surprise for you inside. There is a surprise for you inside which you will love. sharda wants to know but Sakshi asks her to trust herself too. Even if I am not near you still always remember that I am with you. She wakes her wear her id card. You have to wear it all the time. Now you look like a student. Now go! Sharda moves forward, shows her thumbs up and walks in.

As Sharda walks inside the corridor. She notices women all around her. she gets a call from Sakshi and tells her about it. Sharda is happy as this only was her surprise. Sakshi says I saw that you were more comfortable with women all around that’s when I decided that your class should be like this only where you can talk to people. Ask when you have doubts. You can even ask in hindi. Sharda points out that this is an English class but Sakshi asks her to do it as this is our mother tongue. Sharda agrees to do so. They end the call.

Sharda enters a classroom. She is happy as there are only women all around.

Precap: Sharda enters the class hesitantly. She looks around at her classmates. A few smile pleasantly at her while the rest of them are busy talking to one another. Sharda sits on a bench. A male teacher comes and introduces himself.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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