Ek Boond Ishq 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 30th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with, Mrityunjay and taa are huging each other outside the temple.. Kalawati is in temple doing pooja.. MJ asks tara where were you, tara tells him that I got afraid seeing police, mithi told me that police came to find you and MJ says when she says after we left bhopal. Tara says lets find radha and go back, MJ says rdha is not in ram nagar she was not in haveli.. Rdha is hiding in temple and says to god that god please save me from this kinar and make me meet MJ… Radha goes down and there she sees kalawati’s mens. MJ and tara turns and they see rdha..MJ goes amd hugs radha, tara sees them.. Radha and MJ cries hugging each other… Kalawati is doing aarti in temple. Tara sees a man with gun shouts for MJ tara pushes that man and takes is gun, she points the gun

on them and asks MJ and rdha to take away radha.. But MJ says I will not leave you.. MJ starts fighting with them, one of them points gun on tara and radha but tara throws sindoor in thier eyes.. MJ, tara and radha are running from them and the goons are following them.. The enters the jungoe and goons are Still following them, they hides behind a tree but one of the goon sees a show behind a tree and goes to attack but nobody is thier.. The goons says now what we will say to kalawati. Kalawati finishes her pooja and the goons are behind her, they tell kalawati that rdha has ran away.. Kalawati says what, radha ran away.. He says that we were keeping an eye on him but that boy and girl saved her.. Kalawati says that koi baat nahi, its a mistake you can ask for forgiveness and they falls on her feet but she says ask forgiveneaa from god and in her heart she says that I am not the one who will forgive you, its not in my blood. Nirmala is talking to daijaan that thakur has gone somewhere from such a long time and haven’t returned yet. daijaan says that he must be good, but I have seen that after that attack you worry very much and she says that its the matter for concern, I will find who did that.. Kalawati is going in her car and suddenly stops her car and all the goons were tied behind her car and they asking for forgiveness. Kalawati slaps one of them..and again starts driving.. Tara and radha are sitting on a stone and MJ brings water for them, tar stand to take the water but MJ directly goes to radha and gives her the water.. And says to her that I cannot believe you are back, I am afraid that if I will touch you this dream will break.. He says that I wasnt thier when you needed me the most.. You know what baba will be very happy to see you.. And tara is watching them with tears in her eyes.


Adi is sitting on his bed and mithi brings soup for him, mithi puts the tray down and adi holds her hand.. Mithi says that do you had some work, adi says I dont have any work just sit with me. Nirmala knocks on the door and comes in, and asks adi about his health. Nirmala asks mithi that have tra called yet, she says no and its good that they will spent time together and get more close.. Nirmala says do you think they will comes close you are wrong, he only loved only one girl and that was his best friend radha.. Adi and mithi are shocked.. MJ and rdha are talking to each other about thier childhood and both are very emotional.. Tara is watching them with tears in her eyes…she is crying too

.. -Break2-

Mj says to radha that I missed you very much and I know how much I did.. MJ stand up and says my quite room, or jail or maria’s asthabbal It had your sound only and I knew that you were gone forever and I just hoped to listen your voice one.. Radha wipes MJ’s tears and he wipes her tears.. Both of them hugs and tara turns her face slightly. ? Tara is going but MJ holds her hands and stops her and turns his face towards her..

Precap- Kalawati is saying to herself that her kismat is pictured and says no to herself that kalawati think positive I will make my own destiny..

Update Credit to: WingsOfHearts

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  1. No,i can’t sew tears in tara’s eyes,mj how can u do this,tara has done sooo much fr u n now wen u found radha u frgt about tara,she loves u soo much don’t leave her fr this stupid radha..

  2. Noooooooo

    I don’t want MriAra relationship to end because of a random girl
    MJ should realise that he should not get rid of Tara the one who is more caring and supportive about him but that girl Radha justs wants protection from him and I don’t want her to ruin someone’s else’s relationship

    Like in Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
    Sheet all tries to separate Arshi

  3. Sheetal

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