Ek Nayi Pehchan 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 28th April 2014 Written Update

Sharda is worried that Sir is going to take a very tough test today which is why even the door is closed. Shirish comes and asks them all to come in. They all go inside hesitatingly. He tells them to choose one partner each and share one desk with them. Sharda and Rukhsar make a team. They are told to open the bag kept on their tables. They are all very much surprised to see laptops. This is what he had planned for them. We are living in a world ruled by computers. We must know how to use them. He explains the advantages of computers technology. Today they will learn how to chat using a laptop. Mrs. Bhalla offers to show it to Sharda how a computer works.

Suresh comes to his cabin and reminds them of their meeting. Karan shows him his presentation and Suresh is impressed for he dint expect him to put in so much effort in it. Latika is not happy hearing this. Suresh asks Karan to come outside with him to talk about something. He leaves after reminding Aditya and Latika of their meeting which is due in 7 minutes from now. They both nod. Aditya picks up Karan’s laptop. Latika tells him it is unethical to hack someone’s laptop. Even Latika is impressed with the presentation. They both decide to make a much better presentation now.

Shirish tells his class about the benefits of internet. He encourages them all to make their own identity on the web. Sharda types her first name but cannot find any info about herself. He asks her to type her full name and there are a whole lot of items available on the net. She is pleasantly surprised. He says these all names (representing your various companies) is an identity that your husband has made for you. YOu will have to make the rest of it by yourself.

Suresh, Karan, Aditya and Latika discuss about the modules for their new project.

They will all open their accounts so as to access the internet, says Shirish. Sharda naively asks about the money to be paid for the same. He tells the difference between a bank account and an account on the net. She now realises why Chirag spends his whole day browsing the web. It is so much fun after all. Everyone is enjoying the class. Sharda never thought she will be doing this one day. Only I and Ma ji don’t use computers otherwise everyone knows how to access it at my home. Sharda wants to send her first message to Suresh. She doesn’t have his e-mail so she decides to check at his office.

Suresh gets Sharda’s call in the midst of the meeting but he doesn’t pick it. She calls up Sakshi who gets happy on knowing about the recent development. I am sending the first letter to him. Sakshi corrects her that they send e-mails through the net. She shares the e-mail id as well. Sharda logs in from her id. Mrs. Bhalla is happy to see Mr. Modi online. She wants to know what to send as her first message. Sharda has never addressed him by his name ever (as Mrs. Bhalla was about to send that). She praises him. Mrs. Bhalla sends it – suniye ji, my first message…you are very good!

Sharda’s message pops in on the screen in the middle of the presentation. The family members are surprised to see it and so are the rest of the team. A team member exclaims that bhabhi ji is missing him. Suresh continues with the presentation.

Rukhsar is sure uncle would have liked the message. Mrs. Bhalla sends a kissing emoticon. The whole team laughs seeing this. Karan finds it very cute (though he keeps his thoughts to himself). FInally you too have an internet account now. Suresh is not at all happy with this. He calls for a break.

Sakshi and Diya are heading towards their car after doing loads of shopping. A girl comes running and collides with Sakshi. She hides behind a car as she notices a car with some goons. They seem to be looking for her. They ask Sakshi if she has seen that girl. Sakshi misleads them and sends them off towards the wrong direction.The goons drive off. Sakshi tells that girl to come out as the men are gone. The lady thanks her for helping her. You are very brave that you helped me in a situation like that. She is Kaanchi from Uttaranchal. Sakshi is confused as to how she is here and about the men too. Kaanchi wants to fight for justice. Sakshi calls her brave too. I have full faith that your story will be an inspiration for many people who will be able to raise their voices against what all wrong is happening in the society. May God help you in your mission. Kaanchi thanks her and leaves. Diya wonders how will they know what happened with Kaanchi aunty. Sakshi tells her about her film which has already released. Diya gets excited that she will get to see Kaanchi aunty fight with those bad men. Sakshi smiles and they head off to finish their shopping.

Sakshi shares her experience with Dadi. We can see the whole universe through this. Dadi wants to know if bhagwad gita is on the net too. Sharda asks Sakshi about it who answers in positive. Dadi gets happy. She doesn’t want to learn it but is glad that Sharda is learning it. Sakshi has brought tea and snacks for them.

Sharda is surprised to see Suresh home so early. He is upset with her for her foolish act. YOu kept messaging me while I was in a meeting with my clients. You made a joke of me in front of everyone. You wanted to talk to me which is why you kept messaging me. He has left his meeting and has come here to give her a nice lecture. She tells him about the class and how someone else did that just to have some fun. He gets irritated. We do important work in office but you wont understand as you haven’t done anything in your life till now. Sharda are Sakshi are taken aback.

Precap: Karan is sleeping in his chair. Sakshi goes to cover him with the duvet when she notices that he has high temperature. Sakshi gets worried and runs off to tell her MIL about it. Sakshi shares that he dint sleep yesterday as he was working on that presentation.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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