Devon ke Dev Mahadev 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 28th April 2014 Written Update

At the Kailash…Parvati ma and Mahadev recall the time when they gave Usha to Banasur n Vani..and how she adorned Usha with great skills.
Now that USha has grown young…she has to go away to her parents.

The brothers wish to organize a food fest for special devtas and rishis for Usha’s farewell. Mahadev permits for it., but they have to note that the values and skills that Usha has learnt in the Kailash should be the most remembered memory for her, for she is in a very delicate state of mind as of now..and after meeting the devtas that shouldn’t get influenced that might cause peril to the world.

Parvati ma says that this will be good for her ..she’d be blessed by the revered ones and would always find her inspiration in them.
Mahadev agrees to their wish.

Back here Vani thanks Mahadev n devi Parvati for helping her and Usha out..for doing the right thing in the right time even if it looks wrong at that moment..Usha brought great stability n change in her father’s life which she couldn’t understand at first..she is excited to see her daughter.

Ganesh n K discuss abt the guest list- that no one should be missed.
Parvati ma inquires if they have sent invite to Dwarka..ganesha says that the first invite was sent to Dwarka as she has ordered.

Brhmdev comes to meet Mahadev, he talks abt the preeti bhoj thats gonna be the reason of the potential wreckage of havoc..shouldn’t they be stopping it?

Shiva says that there is nothing in this world which can’t be solved…and it will be wrong if they dnt fulfill a promise after giving a boon
Shiva says that one forget the determination, discipline and goodness after getting their boon..and get disillusioned by maya..when they can chanalizes that power n boon for the benefit of the world.
The question is how will Banasur misuse his boon…Whatever Banasur thinks..the ultimate culmination of things will be he will be face to face wid Naaryan.,
Behmdev tells that there will be fights among ppl …Shiva replies that he’ give Banasur options…but at the end its his choice.

At Kailash, CHitrlekha helps Usha dress up..when the latter feels she is too decked up for the evnt. Parvati ma comes and tells that all this is for her farewell as she’ll leave this place to go to hr father’s place..
USha asks Parvati ma which trait does she likes the most in her..she repleis thta USha is very determined…whatever she takes up she completes it
Usha says as she was in getting Mahadev as her partner..Parvati ma says in love one can surrender to another.
Usha asks how does one do it..?
Parvati ma tells that where their is question/ doubt love can never be there.

The Kailash is all decorated. The guests come starting with Saptrishis..Usha is clueless abt who is who,,she asks K abt it, he informs her that they are Saptrishis and are known for knowledge, wisdom and patience.
Then Devraj’s battalion comes and K gives an intro abt them to Usha..adding that Indr posses the most powerful weapon called ‘Vajr’
Then he intros the unbeatable – Naraya’s avtar Parshuramji. Dad has mentored him. Then Yamraj comes…

Usha realizes that the world is indeed huge and there are far more influential a nd great people in the world than her daddy.

Then comes Balram..(with a western bg music) he likes the decor n appreciates it.
K intros Balram as the one who is Sheeshnag avtra and is the best one in maze n plough usage in a war field.
Parvati devi inquires abtMadhav..Balram replies that its all Madhav’s leela..only he knows what he does.
When Chandrleka says that K n Ghas done such awesome organization,, Usha feels bad that she couldn’t d anything for them. How could she do that..

Then in the cave, Usha paces deciding what to gift them for the love they showered..then she comes to a conclusion that they should gift them a painting. Then CL paints..she after a while shows her painting of Mahadev and family. Usha feels that Cl has drawn her imagination on the sheet..its exactly how she thought..CL tells that its Parvati ma;s boon that has started to work.

Banasur n Vani arrive at the kailash and give their reverences to all…to take care of CL n Usha for so many years.

Mahadev informs that Usha has passed all the skill tests and he’d be proud of her…as they are.

Banasur n Balram give glares …
Ganesh requests all to bless Usha for her future and then have some prashad from Parvati ma’s hands.

Mahadev talks it out wid Banasur n Balram..he asks Balram to agree to the peace amends made by Banansur as even his brother Krishna sides pecace first..and Banasur has made genuine efforts to make peace…Balram says that asuras ahve made them suffer for so many yugas..its first time they are subdued ..if they dnt do..they’ll fight.
Mahadev asks them to make peace amends…Balmram disagrees..after a long discussion n arguments n reasoning they agree to no war rule..neither of them should start a war.
Both are v powerful and if they can be civil with one another as Banasur is backed by him and Balram by Madhav..and if they fight the war will go on ..but the world will suffer if that happens.

Ganes comes and reminds them its time to bid farewell to Usha.
Brhmdev tells that even if at one side Mahadev has been successful in making peace amends btw Banasur n Balram..the other side sees Usha getting influenced by the great ppl will challenge the amend soon.


Banasur is mad..seeing hi daughter sing other’s in war field.
Madhav arrives…

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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