Ek Nayi Pehchan 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shanaya smiles and Sakshi smiles as well. I feel very happy when I see you happy but I have come to put a full stop on your happiness. You will be a little shocked to know that you have burnt the false report. She shows her the correct reports and Shanaya is indeed shocked. Sakshi smiles at her expressions. I already knew that you had something in your mind when you sent Latika Di with Dadi. My doubts got confirmed. I was waiting outside the home only to collect your reports. The envelope that you got is from that hospital only but the report inside it was my pregnancy report but everyone can read this. Shanaya gets up and tries to snatch the report from Sakshi. Karan comes home and calls out for Sakshi. Upstairs, Sakshi and Shanaya are having a little fight amongst themselves. Shanaya falls in the process. Karan decides to check in Shanaya’s room. He is shocked to find Sakshi on top of Shanaya. She asks for his help. Karan picks up Shanaya and puts her on the bed. Sakshi lies that Shanaya was trying to walk and fell in the process. He gives Shanaya her medicines and leaves from there.

Shanaya sits up as soon as he is gone. Sakshi dint tell Karan anything as I dint want him to be angry because of your cheap stunt. You know his anger, right? Shanaya agrees. I also know that he generally harms himself when he gets angry. Good that you dint tell him anything. You saved him from me. if he would have done anything wrong with me this time in his anger then I wouldn’t have let him get a bail even. Back when he had put me in the storeroom nothing had happened to me. I was actually so angry that I hurt myself on the head from that table on my own. Sakshi is shocked to know the truth. Shanaya was not aware of a metal box kept nearby which hurt her on the head. I really had that paralytic attack. But I was fine the day we returned from the hospital. Then I did some research on the internet. You get such attacks if you fear too much. You must have heard about panic attacks! It was this only. The attack was gone as soon as my fear was gone. Shanaya laughs at her game plan. Just mind your own business if you want you and your baby to be fine. She has crumpled the reports already. Forget about this as well. Sakshi wants to tell everyone everything but she knows them and her too. You can manipulate any person or situation to any extent. You hurt your head to make me feel guilty, had BP pills and did so much. You are a psycho. You really need help! Shanaya laughs maniacally but is angry when Sakshi walks out of the room.

Latika and Dadi come back home. Latika calls out for Sunita but there is no reply. She goes to bring water but Sunita comes back just then. Karan joins them. He is hungry. Dadi has had food already. She appreciates Latika that she has learnt cooking really well. Latika gives credit to her mom for it. Sakshi joins them. She is thinking about Shanaya’s words and looks tensed. Karan senses it. He thinks to call doc but Dadi assures him that everything is fine. It happens in such times. She tells Sunita to switch on the tv as Sharda’s program is going to be aired. Sakshi takes Latika to her room to talk to her while Karan is somewhat confused.

Latika is shocked to know that Shanaya is not paralysed. Who all know about it? Sakshi hasn’t told anyone yet, not even Karan. You know his anger. She is shocked to see Karan at the door. he walks inside in a daze. Sakshi tries to explain but he doesn’t want it. you did what you felt was right. Sunita comes to call them all downstairs.

Everyone watches the award show. Sharda gives credit to her family, especially Sakshi, for supporting her all the while. I got inspiration for my award winning sarees from her only. With God’s grace she is pregnant. Every woman looks beautiful in this condition and undoubtedly Sakshi is looking really very beautiful. She inspired me to design a saree which not just enhances her beauty but gives her comfort as well. She is the reason behind this award, this happiness. I want to go home asap and give this award to her as she only deserves it. Everyone claps for her.

Suresh and Sharda come home. Everyone congratulates her. Sakshi is proud of her. you finally made your new identity. Sharda gives the credit to her. Sakshi says that one can show the way but it is really tough to walk on it and face all the hardships that come in the way. I am really proud of you. A woman is like peepal tree. Her branches grow stronger as she grows and makes new roots. Your achievement will become an inspiration for many more women. Sharda nods in agreement. But somewhere down the line this happiness is incomplete. I will be the most happiest when all my family members will be happy. Latika remarks that they will only be happy when they will have a reason to be happy. sharda is confused. Suresh thinks that maybe she is a little upset. You can sort your family matters. I will freshen up and come. Karan and Latika want to talk to him right now.

Latika complains to her dad and mom about a lucrative client that she had brought for their company. But Karan cancelled it without even consulting me. It isn’t new for him. If he continues to handle our business this way only then very soon he will ruin everything. Karan replies that one must know the previous record of a client too. It is actually you who is ruining it. Latika talks about business where records change every day. If a client’s experience has not been good with one company then it doesn’t mean that it is fraud. You need to grow up. They bicker and don’t understand each other’s point of view. Latika understands that she is his problem. You very well know that I am quite a successful business woman. Karan retorts that she is just that only (a successful businesswoman). You are neither a good wife, nor a good daughter and nor a good mom. Latika slaps him in anger. Everyone is shocked to see this. Karan too raises his hand but Suresh stops him. Latika instigates Karan to hit her. you are used to raising hands on women. You are not at peace after going to lock up once that you are thinking of going again. hit me! Suresh tells her to stop this time. Their parents cannot understand what’s happening. Can we not sit and talk about this? Latika denies. we need a solution now. I need my share. Karan too asks for his shares. They both decline to work with each other. Sharda tries to make them understand but in vain. Karan replies that there is an expiration date of relations as well. Think that our journey, relation was up till here only. Once I get my shares then I and Sakshi will leave from this house. He tells Sakshi about the same. We will start something new and will be away from these daily fights. He leaves from there with Sakshi following him. Latika too walks away in a huff. Sharda is really worried.

Lawyer has come to announce that Suresh has decided to divide shares amongst all his kids. Shanaya looks excited. I will get my share without doing anything. I will leave them all for forever and go my way. Latika stops her dad for a minute as she wants to say something to all of them. I have decided that Shanaya’s and Aarav’s shares will be on my name. Shanaya is taken aback.

Precap: Latika tells everyone that Shanaya trusts her only. I am sure I will handle her shares efficiently. Suresh has already signed the papers. Latika gives them to Sharda to sign them as well. Sakshi and Karan are anxiously waiting for Shanaya’s reaction who just walks up from her wheelchair and takes the papers from Sharda. You cannot do this. They all look at her in shock and Shanaya realises her mistake.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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