Kumkum Bhagya 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sarla saying Daadi and other family members that she cannnot see debtors in front of her house and will accept booking of her marriage hall. Bulbul comes in. Sarla looks at her and says she cannot believe anyone. Daadi says if something happens to her, she will shut her marriage hall. Sarla smiles.

Mitali writhes in stomach pain and says Raj servant gave her some juice and she got diarrhea and stomach pain after that. He asks her to stop her drama as he cannot get servants for her care. She says soon she will get servants and everything. Raj asks what does she mean. She says she saw all this in dreams. He says she has gone mad and walks out. Once he goes out, she thinks she will get bungalow, car, servants, etc., soon.

Bulbul calls Pragya. Pragya thinks if Abhi knows that she is talking to Bulbul, he will try to harm bulbul more and acts as talking to Sarla and says she is going with Abhi to Poona. Bulbul thinks they will come closer with this trip and she should not disturb them. Abhi asks her to keep quiet if she wants to come with him and starts his usual fight with her. Bulbul thinks whom to take help from, sees Rachna and asks about Suresh. Rachna says he has gone to our old house with mummy as there is some problem over there and will come after 10-15 days, asks if she has any work. Bulbul says nothing and asks her to take care.

Abhi asks Pragya to hold paper over her face. She says she does not want to read paper. He says he does not want to see her unlucky face, else he will make accident. He then thinks of torturing her and touches her feet. she thinks rat is biting her and shouts. He asks her to stop shouting. She then sees him picking alcohol bottle and says he cannot drink and drive and during their fight he rams car into tree and falls unconscious. She gets worried, gets him out of car and calls for help, but nobody comes there. She then sprinkles water on him. He wakes up and starts scolding and alleging her that she wants to kill her. She says it is his mistake and not hers, says he cannot drink and drive, so she held steering. He says he was just trying to frighten her and starts fighting with her. He takes phone but does not get signal. She says she saw dhaba on the way and they should go there to take help. Abhi says he will go in opposite direction.

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Bulbul thinks whom to take help from and thinks of taking help from Purab, but then stops thinking of Sarla’s promise. she then thinks she is doing it for mom and calls Purab, but his phone is out of reach. She thinks of meeting him at his home and tries to walk out, but clashes with Purbi and her phone falls down. She says Purbi that she is going to meet Pragya and walks out before Purbi could tell her about phone.

Abhi walks out alone in jungle and thinks it is good Pragya is not following her. He realizes that he is deep into jungle and thinks what if Pragya is right and if I don’t get anything in this direction. Pragya follows him and hides whenever he turns back. He realizes that she is following her and hides. She calls him, he comes and touches her from behind and she gets afraid. She says they both are stuck in jungle now. He asks why did she come behind him. She says she is afraid. He asks if she is afraid of animals or animals are afraid of her and starts his usual witty fight. He asks her to walk first saying ladies first and forces her to walk in front of him. Once she starts walking, he climbs tree to find network. She asks what is he doing. He says he is signalling aliens to come and pick their group member. He slips and falls on her. They both romantically look at each other.

Purab looks at Bulbul and starts crying, thinking why did Bulbul did this to him and thinks he will make suicide if she is not in his life and tries to cut his wrist with a knife, but stops hearing a door bell. He checks and gets happy seeing Bulbul in front of him. She says she needs his help and gets into his house. She sees her pics and blood on it, sees his wrist wounded and asks what was he trying to do.

Bulbul asks him to reply. She asks what is it, showing the knife. Purab says, I was just……Bulbul says, I don’t believe that you were trying to commit suicide. She cries. Purab tells that it was just a moment. It came in his mind. He asks, why did you come here? Bulbul says, we will talk later and is going. Purab stops her and says he was committing suicide as he couldn’t control his emotions. He says you might be upset but I don’t want to hurt you. He asks her to tell why she came there. He swears on her saying I won’t do it again. Bulbul says I need your help. Purab asks her to tell and says I will do whatever you says. Bulbul cries.

Abhi and Pragya continue to argue. Abhi blames Pragya as he slipped. Pragya says, you have fallen on me. Abhi blames her and says his phone battery is dead. Pragya asks, why you are scolding me. Abhi asks her to get up. Pragya’s leg start paining. Abhi asks her not to act. Pragya says, my bones are broken. Abhi says ok. He says, he will help himself first and then will help her. He gives her plant leaves and asks her to sleep there itself. He scares her. Abhi is scared too. He recalls Dadi’s words asking him to give happiness to Pragya. Abhi thinks Dadi was good before but now. He comes back to Pragya and asks her to come. He says, I came back because of my Dadi. He says that the dinner is cancelled. He holds Pragya and starts walking. Kumkum Bhagya music plays………..

Pragya tells Abhi that we shall go there as light is coming from there. Abhi says, you can’t look at the jungle and argue. Pragya says, I am trying to help you. Abhi asks her to take him in her arms and walks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. bulbul comes to purab only when she needs help -.-
    abhi is being toooo rude to pragya..he needs to learn to respect her :/ its sad n annoying when he blames her for everything 🙁 -_-

  2. Stupid stupid stupid! I have no interest ok seeing pragya and Abhi together. So turned off by the way this show is going. Before they shut down the show I hope purab and bulbul can come together.

  3. The show already lost its taste no matter wat they do they won’t get back there viewers…

  4. arey yaar abhi atleast being an human being dont do this pargya.and u deserve to be punished.and y this abhi talking about pargya face.arey abhi just wear glass and c how beautiful pargya is.no one can stand near her even ur tanu bhi.

  5. Really…if you want to see a change then just STOP watching. They will either have to change the stupid story line or take the show off. Either way – as it stands right now- I will be okay with it. The story line is AWFUL . The writer’s must think the viewers are playing. I am NOT!

  6. start watvhing bigg boss….TRPwill fall for kmkm bhagya and definately chutiyapa will get over in kumkum bhagya

  7. please dont seperate purab&bulbul.right now u r playing with viewer’s emotions…but we can’t take it anymore.

  8. Purab have sacrificed so much for Bulbul showing her the distance he is willing to go for her love yet she cannot reciprocate his feelings. she only uses him. Seems like Sarla will pass judgement again on Bulbul when she see her phone and thinks she went against her will to meet Purab. Now we have to look forward to another episode of dumb and dumber in the jungle.

  9. I’m assuming you guys didn’t see the Bollywood life update. They kinda thrashed the story line lol so hopefully there will be some changes soon !!!!!

    1. i have seen that tanu is going to reveal her fake pregnancy …so horrible…This is the example how a mindblowing story can be so misleaded…

    2. It better change! I watched it for the first time last night in a long time….it was disgusting. I usually read the updates here though, because I keep expecting it to change.

  10. realllyyyyyyyy romentic seeennnnn.

    1. romantic !!!oh really???i found it pathetic:(
      where abhi is leaving her wife in a lonely place alone at night…is he a man?a hero?what kind of character is portraying Ekta…?too much insensible and pathetic weak character,Pragya is so weak that after so much of humiliation she is taking all like a fun…shame of a female character…sometime she is tollerating her hubby with tanu in her bed room,sometime she even cant tell the truth sometime even she is digesting her abhi’s split on her face…OMG so DISGUISTING….UNBEARABLE…tanu and aliya are two b*t*h..the only thing we can see in this show is stupid misunderstandings…nonsense evil plans…Abhi’s character doesn’t have minimum sensibility ,his dialogues..so ridiculous,
      After so PROMISING start of this show we are so frustrated to see this kind of misleading,SRITI & SHABBIR both are very good actor dnt let their character fall like this…I dnt see any romance in this episode i can see the only thing is stupidity & humiliation.I miss OLD EKTA OF KUTUMB where story line was so strong…I left watching this show only reading these updates…

  11. Stupid show!! Abhi Is just a rude and stubborn jerk….replace a better show with this

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