Ek Nayi Pehchan 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 23rd December 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with Suresh Modi from Sharda Saree Niketen unveiling Zip Up Sarees for Modern Day Girl on International Women’s Day. He gives the credit to his daughter Latika when asked by a reporter. Another reporter offers a suggestion that a book should be made on him and his struggles. You came from Gujarat with no money and now you give donations in lacs. Suresh says he owes it all to the Almighty. He makes an announcement that as per their tradition on Women’s Day he makes a donation to Sharda Shiksha Sadan. The lady shows the cheque. It is of 50 lacs. A reporter asks him how he feels as all his companies and everything are named after his wife. He makes a fun reply which leaves everyone smiling. He talks of respecting his life more than he loves her.

The scene

shifts to his wife Sharda’s introduction. She is doing puja. Suresh says it is a woman only who builds a home and society being a wife, a mom. Sharda is shown being busy with doing some household work. Suresh calls men egoistic. We owe our success to them who work hard every day and night and fulfil all their responsibilities at home. He keeps on complimenting women and alternately the scene keeps shifting to show us how Sharda is doing everything at home. He supports women education. He promises to support all those women who want to progress and want to be educated. A courier comes at home and Sharda is shown making a thumb impression on the acknowledgment slip.

The same reporter calls making donations and stuff like that an attempt to avoid paying taxes. Suresh Modi smiles. He picks up a glass half filled with water and explains his point. The television is on at his home. The maid is happy to see it. She asks Sharda why she doesn’t accompany sir at such places. Sharda calls her home her identity. What will I do there? She gets back to her work. She is trying to see / read some expenses (dry cleaner). Suresh’s mom comes there. She tells him to let it be. He has been working with us for long. He wouldn’t cheat us. She tells him about the expenses being wrongly calculated. He is surprised for he knew she doesn’t know how to read / calculate. She explains how it isn’t necessary to be educated to keep a check on daily expenses. Never try to make a mistake in a housewife’s calculation. He apologises. Dadi too forgives him. She tells him to come twice in the day from tomorrow as her grandson is getting married.

Scene shifts to Karan who is busy working out on his punching bag. He is also talking to his friend (Rohan) and explains how he doesn’t want to get married right now. He has high ambitions and want o do something big in life. This isn’t the time for marriage. His friend tells him to stop day dreaming as his wedding is due in 4 days. You will do what your dad wants from you eventually. He denies and calls his dad Mr. Sharda Saree Niketan (Suresh). Sharda comes there and asks him about it. He disconnects the call with Rohan.

He makes an excuse of sleeping as he doesn’t want to be lectured right now. She acts smart and he gets caught. They share a cute moment together. He doesn’t understand why his dad wants him to marry the daughter of his business colleague. I have become a joke among my friends. She supports her husband even though she herself has not seen the girl. He tells her how he can do anything for her but not for Mr. Sharda Saree Niketan. This isn’t the age to get married. She explains the value of marriage to him but he doesn’t take it seriously and goes in the washroom to take a bath. She wanted him to read out her ticked for her but her voice gets drowned in the noise of the shower.

She comes downstairs. Her other son, Chirag comes. She asks him to read the e-ticket but instead he asks for quiet a sum of money. She asks him to give explanation for the money he had taken day before yesterday. She doesn’t understand what all he keeps on using it for (paragliding). He walks off in a huff. Let papa come. Her e-ticket stays unread.

Latika comes there calling out for her. Her daughter Diya rushes to hug her grand mom. Latika is upset with her as she dint come to pick Diya early today. I should have been with dad at his press conference. Sharda did try her phone but Latika calls herself busy. But you could have called again or come home. I had so much to do (going to parlour). In the evening there is going to be an announcement of the mergers that are going to happen with Karan’s in-laws. Sharda tries to explain her situation but Latika cuts her off a little rudely. You stay at home only. You don’t manage both home and office like me. Sharda gets a little sad as her own daughter calls her a mere housewife. She reminds her not to exert herself with outside work so much till Diya grows a little old. Latika retorts how she cannot be a housewife like her for life. Dad made me study so much to waste it all? He is very right about you that you can never talk sense. Sharda is very sad and hurt. Diya feels sad for her and hugs her. She asks her mom to apologize to Nani. Latika looks at her mom’s sad face. Sharda explains it nicely to Diya and sends her off to call her Dadi. Latika doesn’t really apologize but she puts it all on how she behaves when she is stressed. Sharda forgives it. Latika notices the e-ticket in her hand and asks her about it. Sharda is telling it to her when Latika’s phone rings. But before picking the call, she reprimands her for travelling in train. What will people say if they see Suresh Modi’s wife travelling in train? Sharda tries to explain how she cannot do what she has never done before. I want to buy a beautiful Patola Saree for my DIL on which I will do beautiful embroidery. She keeps on talking but Latika is not interested. Sharda hides her disappointment. Latika tells her to go from plane but she denies. Suresh comes there and points out how she is scared of planes.

Everyone sits on the dining table. Chirag makes a complaint against Sharda for not understanding him. Sharda only wanted an explanation. Dadi takes Chirag’s side. Suresh agrees to give more than what Chirag had asked for. Chirag gets happy and thanks his dad and Dadi but boos his mom. Sharda tries to reason out but Suresh cuts her off. By running after small expenses you remind me of that small town in Gujarat where we had nothing. He doesn’t let her say another word on that topic. He relishes the butter made by Sharda. This is what I come home for every afternoon and night. Chirag jokes that this means you will miss mom only when you wont get to eat the butter made by her. Sharda’s smile disappears.

Latika and Suresh talk of press conference. He asks her why dint she come and Latika looks at her mom. Suresh takes the cue. I have made your name a brand. It is everywhere but you are still stuck there. Keep doing embroidery work on Patola Sarees that’s it. Sharda feels bad. She tries to diver the topic but fails miserably while spelling press conference. Chirag tells her to let it be.

Karan joins them on the dining table. Latika teases Karan about her would be wife’s latest pics being uploaded and if he wants to see them. He declines and teases her back calling her Lattu Di ( 😛 ). Sharda wants to see but Latika gets a mail regarding the merger documents to she doesn’t get to see them. Karan behaves nicely with the servant which irks Suresh. He talks about responsibilities and how he is used to run away from things. Hope you don’t run off from your wedding. Hope you know the meaning of marriage. Karan nods. He calls it a merger of two hearts but then recalls his mom’s words. Sharda is happy. Everyone laughs as he compares it with pure cotton sarees. Suresh is not happy with it. I will be stupid enough to keep any hopes from him. karan agrees to go to the station with his mom but Suresh denies. You can disappear with your friends from there. Go to office. Karan agrees and calls him boss. Karan leaves to get ready. Chirag too goes after reminding his dad to talk to his manager about the money. Everyone leaves one by one except Sharda and Suresh. The servant even brings water there for him to clean his hands. The medicine is kept next to him but he asks for it from Sharda and she obliges. He appreciates his food.

She asks him to tell him about her ticket. He assures her the manager will take her to the station. He cannot understand why he wants to go to buy a Patola Saree now …that too without him, which she has never done before. There is so much to do at home. She agrees to come back early morning. He calls it a merger and how beneficial it would be for their company. He gives up as he realises it is not her cup of tea and goes from there agreeing to talk to the manager to call her. She stands there all alone and sad.

Sharda is feeding pigeons. She talks to them very sweetly about not being able to see the outside world. He is lucky he can fly. I have not seen my DIL. You can go out and check. Go, see and tell me how she looks.

A girl (face not shown) is talking walking down the stairs towards the station. She is talking excitedly to her friend about meeting Aditya. I am carrying all my lucky charms with me. from here we will go to court and get married. She has run off from her home. This is a very big day for me as my life will change from today onwards. She ends the call and walks off from there but crosses Sharda on her way and mistakenly hits her a little. She apologizes to her and Sharda nods. The girl leaves from there. Sharda is worried as the manager hasn’t come yet. She tries to ask a few people but gets pushed in the process. No one knows any idea about her train. She even asks the tc who asks her to check the reservation chart. A group comes there talking loudly about checking their seats from the reservation chart. Sharda follows them and asks for their help. They ask her questions and she doesn’t have any answer for any of it. They tell her not to book an e-ticket if she doesn’t know how to read it. She tries to ask them again but someone pushes her mistakenly. Everyone watches it from far but no one offers to help except that same girl. She extends her hand and Sharda takes it.

Precap: That girl encourages Sharda to study.

Update Credit to: pooja

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