Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman taking along dimple and Ruhi with him to the award function. The party has started and Ashok and Shagun are already arrived. Next comes, Prateek and Ishita. Finally, Raman enters with Dimple and Ruhi. Dimple is super excited. The reporter run to Raman. Ishita and Shagun sees Raman with Dimple and looks on. Raman looks at Shagun and Ashok. Ashok says Raman got a company, he won’t get the award, so its good he has someone with him. Shagun tries to see Ruhi. Ashok asks what happened, did the old memories came in the flash. Shagun says please, my daughter is there, I m seeing her.

Ashok taunts her saying you care for her, really? Thats why you left her. Shagun says I did all this for you. Ishita says so Raman came even here. The award

function starts. Mr. Mathur tells Raman that this competition is between you, Ashok and me. Dimple talks to Shagun about her saree and asks can I take your photo. Shagun permits. Raman stares at Shagun. Mathur says let the best man wins. Ashok is over confident and says I will be winning again this year and I kept the party at my home. Mathur says congrats in advance.

Ruhi sees Ishita and Ishita shows Ruhi how to have soup. Shagun looks at Ruhi and gets worried. Ashok says someone help the girl, the soup is hot. Raman offers help but Ruhi says papa, I will do it, thanks. Ishita hears this and signs Ruhi how to have the soup. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein………… plays…. Everyone are amazed to see Ruhi’s manners and says I think your mum taught you this. Raman says Ruhi’s mum did not had time for her, my mum taught her this. Shagun gets this taunt and looks on.

The Best CEO of the year Award goes to………… it has been going to Ashok since eight years. but…….. the announcement is made and the award goes to Raman Kumar Bhalla. Shagun and Ashok are shocked. Raman shows his confident face and looks at them declaring them his victory. Raman gets up and Ishita also claps for him. Raman stops and tells Ashok not to worry about the kid and worry about himself, as even his soup is hot and might burn his hand. Ashok gets angry by this taunt. Mihir comes and hugs Raman congratulatingg him.

Mihir calls Mrs. Bhalla and informs her that Raman got the Best CEO award. Mrs. Bhalla is happy and tells this to everyone at home. Raman receives the award. Mrs. Bhalla says my Ruhi is lucky for him. She thanks the Lord. Raman thanks everyone and thinks how Ashok used to win and he used to clap for him. Ashok once gave the award to Shagun to feel it. Raman told him that he is lucky to have a boss like him. Raman was happy with Shagun but she cheated him badly.

Raman says its true that a woman is behind the success of a man, I want to give the credit to my wife, she always expected this from me, I think I m here because of her, I think we should clap for her as well. Shagun is shocked seeing Ashok leave in anger. Dimple sends the photo to Simmi and talks to her on phone. Simmi asks why did you send me this photo. Dimple says about the designer saree and she liked it. Simmi says do you know that lady, she is Shagun. Dimple does not understand Simmi. Smmi says she is Shagun, Ruhi’s mum.

Ruhi hears this that her mum is wearing the orange saree and goes to find her. Ashok is angry and leaving. Ruhi is looking out for her mum. Ashok is talking to Shagun. Ishita sees Ruhi is not seen anywhere, and thinks where did she go. Ishita asks Dimple where is Ruhi. Dimple says maybe she went to look out for her mum. Ishita asks is she here. Dimple says yes, Shagun, did you not see her, she was sitting here. Ishita asks are you sure she went to look out for her mum. Dimple asks why are you showing interest in Ruhi. Ishita tells Prateek she will be back in two mins and goes to see Ruhi.

Ruhi gets into a room and gets locked. Ashok argues with the jury members that they did not select him. The jury says Raman was better than you and challenge him to win next year if its possible for him. Ashok gets angry and argues with Shagun. The reporters ask Raman about his wife. Raman says she left me and is responsible for my success and her leaving challenge my potential. Ashok gets angry on Shagun for challenging Raman’s potential. Shagun leaves in anger seeing Ashok so rude. Shagun and Ashok have an argument over Raman. Ishita looks out for Ruhi and finds her locked in a room. Ishita talks to her trying to keep her normal and she thinks of making Ruhi free soon.

Ishita tells raman that she is taking Ruhi with her. Raman taunts Ishita and hurts her by his words. Raman sees Ashok kissing Shagun and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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