Ek Nayi Pehchan 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sakshi is talking to Padma when Sharda comes to ask for her friend’s dad’s number. Sakshi talks a little loudly so that Shanaya can hear it. The number is in a black diary kept in my room. But I forgot to look for it though I am sure it is in my room only. I will look for it. sharda nods. He is such a big doctor who handles paralytic cases then maybe he can help us. Sakshi agrees to get it for her while Padma is confused. Who is this friend of yours? Sakshi agrees to tell her later. Padma apologizes to Sharda for trying to distance her son from her. I got selfish for my daughter. Sharda can understand her worries as she too is a mother. You did it all for your daughter only. Padma is going back to Ahmadabad but seeks her apology in case she has hurt in the past days. They share a hug. Sharda tells her that you don’t apologise to your loved ones, you just love them. Padma gets emotional as she hugs Sakshi.

At night, Karan asks Sakshi why she is sending his MIL back. She was doing everything for us only. She called sometime back to tell me that we can come there anytime we want to and the business is all yours. I can join it anytime but only after taking permission from mom. What is this? I dint expect it from you. She tries to explain but he lies down and bids her goodnight. She apologizes to him in her mind. I cannot tell you anything right now but I know the day you will get to know it you will surely forgive me. we cannot go leaving Ma like this. Ma is very naive and that Shanaya is trying to ruin her and this house because of her innocence only. Sakshi takes out a black diary from the drawer. Shanaya, you think you are too smart. now this diary will lay down the trap for you.

Sakshi knocks at Shanaya’s door. Ma is not here? Ok, tell her that I have brought this diary for her. she keeps it on the other side of the bed. Tell Ma that my friend’s name is Preeti Rathod and her dad’s name is Sunil Rathod. The numbers are written side by side in this diary only. Shanaya agrees to tell after which Sakshi leaves from there. How can you be so stupid Sakshi? Now this diary has come to me on its own. I will put my doctor’s name in place of your doctor then everything will happen as per my wish. Sakshi is outside her room. She puts her phone on the stand outside and starts the video recording. You will have to get up from your bed to reach out to that diary. Everything will record in my phone when you will get up.

Sharda comes to check on Shanaya. She is feeling a lot better. You can go and sleep now. I am perfectly alright. Sharda doesn’t want to take a risk. What if you feel uneasy again? She too decides to sleep there only. Shanaya checks if Sharda is really asleep and then removes her blanket. She puts her feet down. Outside, Sakshi is checking that everything is getting recorded in the phone. As soon as Shanaya put her feet down Sharda calls out for her. shanaya is shocked and falls down intentionally. Sakshi too comes in and both the ladies help Shanaya and make her lie down on the bed. Sharda is really worried for Shanaya. Shanaya cries. I cannot even stand using a support. You had told me to fight my illness. I was just trying that only but see what has happened. Sharda hugs her to console her and Shanaya smiles at Sakshi.

Next morning, Sharda wakes up and calls out for Sunita. She wants to take Shanaya to the doc today. Tell the driver to keep the car ready. Afterwards, help Shanaya in getting ready and give her her breakfast. Sunita nods. Sharda goes to freshen up. Shanaya is irked. I put on end on this topic after so many difficulties but in vain. I will have to stop Sharda somehow.

Sakshi is thinking about Shanaya. She can do anything to hide her truth. Ma is taking her to hospital but she can manipulate just about anyone to save herself. I too should go with them. sunita brings her diary for her. sharda checks with Sunita about the diary. Sakshi is reading pregnancy book. Sharda couldn’t read back when she was pregnant but she knew that three things are very important for to be mom – good food, ample rest and loads of happiness. A baby is happy only when its mom is happy. A mother’s life is from her kids only. Sakshi too wants to come along for which Sharda agrees. Sakshi goes to change.

Sharda comes to take Shanaya who makes up her mind to not go with her. sharda is checking her reports when she notices Shanaya’s sad face. Shanaya doesn’t want to go to see a doc. Sharda gets a call from someone from Inventive Media, Delhi. She thanks them for something but declines to come. Shanaya gets curious. Sharda explains that these people give award to someone from the field of textiles every year. This year they have selected me for my sarees designs. Sakshi hears it too and congratulates her but is sad to know that Sharda has declined to go. I cannot go leaving Shanaya like this. Shanaya requests her yet again that she doesn’t want to go see a doc. I feel suffocated there which is why I came home. You can give me the number and I will call him here. Everyone is here only. I will tell Sakshi in case I need anything. Sakshi agrees with Shanaya. Shanaya acts all emotional. My Ma has made me proud today. I am really proud of you Sharda Ma. Sharda is overwhelmed. I have got my award for real today. I will not go. Come it is important for you to go to hospital. Shanaya is irritated. How do I tell her how much I hate her! Think about Sakshi and how happy everyone will be when they will get to know about you getting an award. You cannot break their hearts. This is not your award alone but of all of us. Sakshi nods. We all will feel very good. Sharda agrees to go finally. Shanaya turns to Sakshi. Book dad’s ticket with Ma. I want him to be a part of her happiness too. I wish I could join them too but that’s not possible. Sakshi finds something fishy in her words. She is doing all this to avoid going to the hospital as her truth will be out then. Sakshi goes to tell Karan to book the tickets.

Sakshi shares the good news with Karan that Ma is getting an award for her new designs. Please book tickets for both Ma and papa. Karan remarks that everyone is achieving something in their lives. Even a housewife is getting an award and she is making her new identity. But I can never do it as my wife will not let it happen. Sakshi is shocked. You want me to book tickets for them? Good that you thought this loser capable of doing this much atleast. She replies that he is not a loser but you are very selfish. You should go and congratulate Ma. This is a very big achievement for you. She loves you so much. She will be incomplete if you go and you cannot be happy for her. All the time you are worried about yourself only. Why do you feel so much pity on yourself all the time? Everyone loves you so much and want your love in return only. Maybe they are asking for too much. She leaves from there sadly.

Latika congratulates her mom. Sharda is waiting for Suresh. Karan had a word with him. he will meet you directly at the airport. You must leave in 15 minutes as you have to reach there an hour before the flight. He goes quiet and she can sense that he wants to say something. He tells her that he is very happy for her. he folds his hands before her. please forgive me for hurting you. I have been very rude to you. She asks him again and he comes out of his reverie. He was imagining it. he only congratulates her and leaves from there. Sharda remarks that a mom has finally won over a CEO. After so many days my son has spoken to his mom. Latika nods. You should go now as it is getting late. Sharda tells Sakshi to take care and also asks Latika to stay back tonight. Sharda leaves and Sakshi looks on proudly.

Precap: Latika is sitting with Shanaya. Sakshi comments that Shanaya has been sitting like this since so many days. I don’t feel good as I have not been able to help her stand back on her feet again. this is why I have done what Ma had wanted. Ma wanted Shanaya to be treated from a very good doc and I have brought him here. Shanaya is taken aback. Doc makes an entry.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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