Hamari Sister Didi 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the morning, Karan laughed and asks Gobi Kaka why he didn’t wake him up from lawn. Kaka says he saw him sleeping a good sleep after a long time. Sooraj comes to Dr. Karan, and says that he warned him yesterday that his granny is a trustee at the hospital and sister didi is his mama. Karan says that he told him he is the boss here. Sooraj hands him a letter saying he was. Karan reads punishment list, Sooraj takes away the paper saying this was by mistake. He hands him another letter, his suspension. Kaka smiles and takes him away. Karan asks him to let him read this letter; he reads it. Sooraj leaves, while Karan laughs to Avi that firstly he was crazy, his wife is crazier and now his son is also crazy.

Sooraj calls Amrita inside in Mrs. Kapoor’s room. He asks granny did she read the letter, it is a punishment list. She can give his mummy any punishment she wants to give her; is she angry with his mama. Amrita stops him, Khushi also points at him to stop. Mrs. Kapoor requests them to leave the room for a while, Khushi takes him away.

Karan comes downstairs. Sooraj was saying that I gave a good advice to dadi mama, once she will punish mama, they both will talk to each other. Karan heads to Mrs. Kapoor’s room. Mrs. Kapoor was saying why she is making Sooraj a sourse. She should have told Sooraj that she is nothing to her. She will never forgive her ever; Sooraj won’t understand this, she must have told this to him. Amrita says that children can see and understand themselves. Mrs. Kapoor let her understand that she doesn’t want to see her face. Karan thinks about the agony of Amrita when she said hasn’t she lost all what was hers. Mrs. Kapoor was saying that if the hospital can’t provide her with another nurse, she will change the hospital. She tells her to leave.

Amrita comes out of the room, closing the door. Karan stood aside, and thinks he hopes he could help her. She turns back to look at him, tears filled in eyes. He tells her to wipe her tears, and tells her these are Mrs. Kapoor’s discharge papers. Karan says that she needs care, and can’t travel. Amrita says that she must bring the children from café. Karan tells her to insist, but Amrita says that she must think about something.

In café, Sooraj asks didn’t dadi mama gave her a punishment. Amrita says she doesn’t want to punish her even; but appreciates Sooraj’s plan. He was sad that it failed. Khushi calls Dr. Karan as Dr. Dian. Amrita scolds her. Khushi asks was she given the discharge. Sooraj says that she must stay here, he will share his room. Amrita says that she can’t travel. Khushi says that we will take her to the house. Amrita says that we will try, but don’t be so hopeful; she might not listen to her. Sooraj heads to tell her, Amrita says that they must not pressurize her in any way.

Malika was determined to send Mrs. Kapoor to Amrita’s house. She calls the nursing staff, to nursing station. Dimple asks what is happening here. She tells them that they have no right to interfere in Mrs. Kapoor’s life; the patient has been discharged already. Karan takes Dimple aside, and says that it is his idea and this has to work. Karan says that she is not a patient now, but Avi’s mom.

Mehr argues how they will say it to her. Vaijanti asked them that her patient Avinash wants to meet Mrs. Kapoor. Bobby tells Mrs. Kapoor that an Avinash wants to meet her. Malika appreciates that she did right. Avinash tells Mrs. Kapoor that in every corner of this hospital Avinash’s life reflects. He tells her that this is his family, she must adopt this. Mrs. Kapoor says that you don’t know the Avinash who was my son, and the Avinash who is a part of this hospital is unrecognizable to me. Patient Avinash leaves.

Malika comes to Mrs. Kapoor that these days free nurse can’t be found, she must think about it. Mrs. Kapoor asks her to leave. Vaijanti tells her that very few people get this opportunity that their own’s serve. Bobby says that anger and annoyment is to set apart. Mehr says that she must agree for the sake of Dr. Avinash. Mrs. Kapoor says that they must not black mail her taking her son’s name, he wanted to live away from her and did, with that girl. She has listened to everyone, now she is going to Delhi- her home. The staff leaves.

Mehr comes out of the room, and closes the door behind. Karan stood out, and saw the reactions.

Amrita was with a patient, Karan comes in and says that she shouldn’t have saved Avinash; you brought him back from death-bed. He tells her that her stubbornness wins, as she has been stubborn that she won’t let Avi’s mom go. She asks when is she being stubborn, she has asked her loss. Karan says that the whole staff has tried, but all have failed; Amrita can do what no one can. Amrita says that this time, Amrita is helpless.

PRECAP: Amrita shows Mrs. Kapoor their album, she asks her to be a part of their lives till she is ill. Mrs. Kapoor gets disturbed and closes the album.

Update Credit to: Sona

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