Ek Nayi Pehchan 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aditya says Sakshi that with only marriage, one cannot become one. Sakshi says marriage unites two souls and asks him to do whatever he can, she loves Karan and will only love him. She says she hates him and not to think even in dreams that she will say him I love you. Karan hears their whole conversation standing behind the tree. Aditya sees Karan and says Sakshi that he too loves her. Karan comes out and claps. Sakshi gets worried and says he is thinking her wrong and to let her explain. Karan kneels down and asks her to forgive him. He says a man bends in front of god, mother and wife. He says he should have believed her than believing anybody else. He says I love you and hugs her. Sakshi also emotionally cries. Aditya says Karan that he does not deserve Sakshi. Karan says he deserves one thing and slaps him. He asks him not to come in between Sakshi and him, else he will kill him. Aditya goes from there embarrassed.

Sakshi and Karan get into their car. Tu hi zindagi…. song plays in the background. Sakshi asks him sorry. Karan it is good she told everything, else he would not have understood her love. They both reach home. Sharda sees them happy and gets happy. Karan gets phone call and Sakshi signals him to pick his phone. He picks the call and Lathika asks him to come to office soon. Karan leaves for office. Sharda thinks after so many days, her children are smiling and thanks god.

Sharada sees Sakshi engrasped in thoughts and shakes her. She says Sakshi that she read what she wants to says and says she knows everything is right. Sakshi says everything is fine now and says Aditya tried to create misunderstand between her and Karan, but Karan came on time and heard their conversation and slapped Aditya.

Lathika explains Karan about the new project and says it is very important. Karan just looks at mobile and thinks why did not Sakshi call him yet. Lathika asks him to concentrate.

Karan comes home and sees Sakshi sleeping. He looks at her romantically and kisses her on her head. He says I love you Sakshi.

Sharda checks laptops and gets a honeymoon website popup. She asks Lathika about the popup. Lathika explains her about it. Sharada says she should plan about honeymoon getaway for Sakshi and Karan. She asks Lathika that she wants to plan a getaway for Sakshi and Karan. Lathika says Karan is not concentrating on his work, now with this he will lose his total concentration. Sharda explains her the reason for it. Lathika agrees and books tickets for Sakshi and Karan. Sharda says she needs some more help from her and says she wants Karan and Sakshi to go away from home and says she wants to give them romantic surprise and tells her plan in Lathika’s ears. Lathika likes her plan and smiles.

Lathika asks Karan to meet a client and gives him client’s address. Karan says he has a lot of work pending. Lathika says it is Suresh’s order. Karan says if it is dad’s order he will go. Lathika wishes him all the best.

Sharda says she is going out, but acts as having headache. She says she has to get some forms. Sakshi asks her to rest. Sharda says her teacher will get angry if she does not get forms. Sakshi says she will get forms for her. Sharda asks her to get dressed well and go as she is Sharda modi’s bahu. Sakshi agrees and goes from there. Sharda gets Lathika’s call and informs her that Sakshi has left home.

Precap: Karan and Sakshi reach romantic getaaway spot. They get romanticand consummate their marriage.

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