Gustakh Dil 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras seeing blood and thinking about Arohi’s death. Mili’s hand cuts and Lajjo asks Sagar is there any first aid box. Sagar is unable to talk to them and is tensed. Lajjo wakes Mili. Sagar comes to his bedroom and sees Arohi. He says what did I do, I promise nothing will happen to you, please wake up. He gets angry thinking about Arohi’s death and breaks down crying. Lajjo comes to him and sees him crying. She asks what happened, are you fine, Mili is fine, I felt you got scared seeing the blood. He says get lost and shows her the door. He pushes her out and says go from here. He shuts the door and cries.

Lajjo can’t understand. Nikhil gets a new customer. The man says I have to propose to my girlfriend, show me a good ring. Nikhil shows him a ring. The man says my whole month’s salary will go in this. Nikhil convinces him not to value money more than love and sells the ring. Mamta says I have observed that you love someone really from heart, keep it up. He says yes, I wish all my customers to get their love. Thanks. The manager praises Nikhil and asks him will he do any other job with his boss. Nikhil agrees and says I would love to work with him.

The manager thinks its good if he knows less and smiles. Barkha is on the way and sees Lajjo. She stops her and reminds her of the promise. Lajjo says I know, I will work hard and become something. She says I have started giving tuition. Barkha says that’s good for you, you can earn a living, don’t think I will be proud of you and make my bahu. She says leave Nikhil. She says Nikhil has forgotten you. Lajjo says this can’t happen, I trust him a lot. She says about my promise, I will fulfill it, I will come in the house when I become something and make you proud, but I will surely come. She greets her and leaves.

Ayesha thinks of seeing money at Adhiraj’s house and how he scolded her. She cries. Gunjan comes to her and asks what happened. Ayesha talks to her. Gunjan says Adhiraj is cute. Ayesha says I don’t know anything about him. Gunjan says tell what you have in heart. Gunjan says you are in love. Ayesha says go and make tea for me. Gunjan laughs. Lajjo comes to Mili. Mili is angry on some people and cry. She says some women said my dad is a murderer. Ahuja says no, this is a lie. Sagar sees this and says Ahuja, I told you don’t send Mili alone to such people.

He says Mili can get affected by this talk. He sees Lajjo. Some people come to meet Sagar. Sagar meets them. Sagar says don’t take the car, I will pay the installments. The man says we know your show is cancelled, how will you pay now. They say you are bankrupt and pushes Sagar. Sagar raises his hand to beat him but sees Mili crying and being scared. He leaves the man. They take the car. Sagar goes inside. Mili hugs Lajjo. Ahuja says I had sent Mili there as I knew these people are coming, what will we hide and till when. They take Mili to the garden.

Nikhil tells Mamta he will come back in half an hour. Mamta asks are you not well. Nikhil thinks how to tell I can’t afford my lunch. He says I m fine, I will go for a walk. She says fine, go. Lajjo thinks about Mili’s words about Sagar and about Ratri’s words. She goes to bring a balloon for Mili. Mili runs and Ahuja attends her. She meets Nikhil and says I m Mili Khurana. He says nice name. He asks with whom did you come, alone or with mum. She says mum went to Lord. She says I came here with my teacher. He asks where is she. She says there, she is very nice. They have a talk. Lajjo turns.

Lajjo hides seeing Nikhil. He walks with Mili towards her. Nikhil meets Ahuja and thinks she is her teacher. The man asks Lajjo to pay the balloons price. Nikhil looks on. Lajjo gets tensed.

Sagar locks himself. Singh gets worried. They enter the room and are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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